Went Down South, To S’poreLand

It was rather a quick decision, when CK, Pat and me agreed to fly south to Singapore end of March for a short 2 days 1 night trip. Reason is because Nick was there for business trip alone and since we can bunk in his hotel room, accomodation’s issue settled! It’s been many years ago since I stepped into the island and that was a brief, few hours excursion.

We took Tiger Airways (one of Singapore’s budget airline) as they were having promotion (can’t remember the price, sorry but it was very reasonable) and within one hour, we’re walking on the land of the Lion City. You can er… say this was my first trip to Singapore, no kidding.

And here’s our first meal in the city.

According to CK’s friend, Danny, the food on the island are basically tasteless and not worth mentioning (which were rather hard for me to believe after I watched several Singapore food programmes on AFC). He, however strongly suggest Xin Wang HK cafe to us.

Appetizer was the Prawn Paste Chicken (SGD 6.90) which tastes a bit like Nam Yu (fermented red beancurd). The outer layer was kinda hard to bite on but it made quite a good snack.

I, unfortunately was having a bad mouth ulcer that day, hence I just ordered Nissin noodle. Pat had almost the same stuff like mine, so I just don’t bother to post the pictures here. CK’s pork chop however, came in huge portion with two pieces of pork fillet, fries, baked beans and salad (SGD 8.50). Taste wise, he said it was nice as I didn’t try it.

Danny’s favourite Curry Chicken with Bread (SGD 7.50). He insisted that I try this although I was having mouth ulcer. The bread were fluffy and the chicken curry, very fragrant with just the right level of spiciness.

AS for dessert, we had the tallest Mango Snow Ice with condensed milk (SGD 6.90)! Shaved ice topped with mango puree at the base, mango cubes, mango jelly, mango ice cream and condensed milk. We swept everything in a jiffy!


Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe
6, Raffles Boulevard,
#01-04/05 Ground Floor,
Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Tel/Fax: (65) 6337 5297
Email: manager.xw@xinwang.com.sg
Web: http://www.xinwang.com.sg

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25 thoughts on “Went Down South, To S’poreLand

  1. a HK cafe in Spore? yeah, i was poisoned by all the shows on AFC as well. got me thinking, REALLY so much yummy food meh????
    the mango bonanza looks terrific. about to tumble anytime soon!

    • I was thinking the opposite… “So much not yummy food meh?? I saw on TV and it was plenty wor!”

      Won’t tumble cos it was kinda hard, not the soft shaved ice.

  2. Mango Snow Ice needs three people ideally to finish! The two of us had that last time and abandoned our glasses of water after that!

  3. I think you had not try other places for good Spore food. All these HK cafe are the worst place to eat. So i thing it is not fare to comment that Spore food is bland.

  4. Hmm… I don’t think there would be a country without good food actually. Hehe, read quite a lot of food blogs blogging good food in Spore. Haven’t been there for ages…

  5. Thule,
    Exchange rate is hight now ^^

    You sure understands me!

    I think only 2 of us can really finish this. The other two were stuffed.

    Hi there. Yep, I think that it’s not fair to judge a the localities based on other people’s perception. That’s why I didn’t really believe what my friend told me.

    Babe KL,
    I actually asked my friends who’re working there and they say “Follow the crowds in food courts. Surely won’t go wrong with that”.

    Sugar Bean,

    It sure has a high ceiling..


  6. .. u shud try cedele’s at wheelock, pretty awesome in my books of Singaporean restaurants. Food is good anywhere, you only need to find the right place 😉

  7. KBBoyCityGal,
    Initially I wanna go hunt for Katong laksa but we didn’t have enough time to do that.

    Helo! Some of the items in their menu are similar to ours here.

    That’s 3 slabs of pork!

    Neko Hime,

  8. is ur fren danny retarded?

    the best place to eat in sg is one of the many HK cafes around??

    geeez seriously too bad u didnt get a better host

  9. Jian,
    I don’t really believe that Singapore food are that bad actually.

    The host was a friend of my friend. I wouldn’t say he’s retarded, maybe he just have a “simple” tastebud.

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