Chunky Meat @ Chow Kiat, Klang

Hi, sorry for the long hiatus. Was really busy with my resignation, handover, my first trip to China (will blog about this soon!) and my new job at new company – it was a crazy period for me. However, things are starting to settle down and I shall take this long weekend opportunity to update this blog of mine a bit.

This happened before my Singapore trip last month where Calvin need to renew his passport and service his car, so he suggest that we go down to Shah Alam (to renew his passport) and Klang (for BKT and service his car). Sounds crazy huh?

After we had our first taste of Klang BKT at B.H. and wasn’t too impressed, we drove all the way into the town centre to Chow Kiat this time. According to him, this shop has been around for some time and it’s popular with Klangites who are not keen to drive to the new part of Klang town for BKT.

Come here early and you can ask for the best part of the meat, e.g “fah lam” (belly part I presume). But we were late that morning so the fatty meat lover asked for the fat parts *shudder*

I asked for the lean instead and I’m happy with my choice. The meat were VERY tender, I could just pick it with my chopsticks and it fall off from the bones easily. The dark broth has a stronger herbal flavour to it compared to B.H. and wasn’t greasy nor diluted. Good stuff. But at the end, I couldn’t finish my portion so I gave the remaining to Calvin instead. If you’re a small eater, you might want to share with someone else as the meat comes in big, chunky pieces.

If I’m correct, the meal for two with two BKT, two white rice and tea costs about RM20+.


Chow Kiat is located at Jalan Kapar, Klang, opposite Lembaga Tabung Haji. Read Julian’s post here.

12 thoughts on “Chunky Meat @ Chow Kiat, Klang

  1. yeah loh… I thought you’ve been kidnapped already 🙂
    Anyway, it seems that you had gone through a lot these days… no worries, take your time and I hope to read more of your posts soon…

  2. been a long time since you updated your blog! how are things and hows your new job? should catch up wth u and wmw over a plate of charsiew eh? :p

  3. Haha, drove to Shah Alam and Klang in a day? Hehe, we’ve tried driving at night to Melaka for satay celup, it was fun. But tiring, haha! Anyway, the food looks good. Wish you all the best in your new job! 🙂

  4. NKOTB,
    Yep, been busy with stuff and all. Glad to be back.

    Will be clearing my backlogs soon!

    No no… haha… I’m still in PJ.


    Things are still messy but gradually settling down. Oh, when when?

    Sugar Bean,
    It’s been a while since I see you around! Yeah, we spent half a day there actually. Thanks for the wishes.

  5. BKT is still a hot fav for traditional Chinese customers!

    Our main gripe is the hot humid air in this type of establishments , after the eating !
    LOL !

  6. CumiCiki,
    Then you must try lean at least once to test it. 🙂

    Maybe that’s why they say “Go early!”, to avoid the hot humid atmosphere. And sit outside!

  7. haha still remember ur msn message “Dusty and busy”

    KL-lites love their bkt in huge huge chunks hor? I went to have bkt at Pa Sang before. The amount of meat in that huge pot was scarily alot. Berbukit bukit lol…

  8. Oh, i like this place too, although have to be careful with the oily” floor. They serve nice “tua kut” or big bones with tender fat and lean meat stuck to it. 🙂

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