Chef At Home @ Tamarind, Sentul East

*This article has no relation to Chef Michael Smith aka Chef At Home whatsoever.

They say looks can be deceiving, and that is so true.

That’s what crossed my mind when I met Jared at Patrick’s kitchen in Tamarind, Sentul East one week ago. The 21 years old fella (his birthday just passed last Tuesday, woohoo!) who is working for a famed F&B outlet in Pavilion was busy whipping up a 3-course dinner meal for 8, with deep concentration.

“Tonight we’ll have salad as appetizer, one pasta and dessert as ending, all Italian-style, ” he quipped.

Watching him “perform” in the kitchen somehow made me ponder, what would happen or where would I be if I were to take culinary arts instead of business information system when I first left school.

The fresh salad consists of arugula (rocket leaves), mixed coral leaves, cherry tomatoes and oranges, tossed with balsamic vinaigrette (olive oil, balsamic vinegar and finely chopped red onion) has a refreshing and tangy flavour. The al dente pasta exudes a lovely garlicky smell while peppercorns lend a spicy edge to it.

Most of us would agree that no dinner is complete without dessert. Jared’s tiramisu was oh-so-good with every spoonful loaded with fresh mascarpone cheese, fine coffee liquer and dark chocolate powder. A perfect sweet ending to a simple yet elegant Italian-style home cooked dinner.

I’m pretty much looking forward to the next dinner. Else, I could just drop by Godiva at Pavilion to sample his creations.


37 thoughts on “Chef At Home @ Tamarind, Sentul East

  1. Oh my,
    i ponder as well if i should have gone to LeCordon Bleu, instead of doing a business degree.

    Argh. It came to a point to myself that the love for culinary doesn’t necessarily had to go thru formal cooking schools. We’ll have to work hard Jason ! Let’s go thru trial and error and most importantly PASSION.

  2. Ryonn,
    Sure! 😉


    Certainly will be more exciting than your current one. 😛

    Ai Wei,
    Don’t let it spill!

    Chef @ Home,
    Can’t wait!

    Other than chocolates, they also serve desserts, pastries etc.

    That’s good… right?

    You’ll be a baker now I guess. 🙂


    Little Inbox,
    Yummy indeed.

  3. am available.. who wants me?? open for public betting now.. pls hand in the application form, together with 2 passport size photo as well… 😛

  4. FBB,
    Haha, Tamarind sounded like a restaurant’s name isn’t it? He was a friend of my friend and he was generous enough to whip up dinner for us that night. 🙂

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  6. Hi, I am Yuki. I found u thru ur blog. So sorry to ask u, I got plan to buy Tamarind sentul condo, do u might help me take note to who want selling the condo? If I thru agent I need to buy the higher condo, but if u no idea on this then is ok 🙂 thank you.


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