Mighty Migas (as quoted by Rachael Ray)

Before I decided to cook this, I put it on my Facebook and MSN and all my friends asked, “What is migas?”

Pronounced as mi-ges (or also known as migajas in Texas) and meaning “crumbs”, migas is a traditional Spanish and Portugal breakfast dish using leftover bread or tortillas, eggs, vegetables and meat. Modern migas in Tex-Mex cuisine uses basically the same ingredients, with additional of cheese, spices and condiments. You can read more about migas here.

So, where did I got to know about this rare dish (which I think, can’t be found in any Tex-Mex cuisine establishments including Chillis’ in Malaysia)? As you can see the title, I first heard about it on the Rachael Ray show. It was previously aired on ntv7 every 11am (Monday-Friday but has been replaced with Ask Martha Stewart now), which comprise of daily topics ranging from parental guide, fashion, home improvement and lastly, culinary. Erm, in case you’re wondering, yeah, there’s a TV in my office room :p )

Rachael called it the Mighty Migas and after I watched how she prepares it, I think it’s quite easy to replicate it in my own kitchen, except a few ingredients that are difficult to find locally.

I used (for one person):

  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 small tomato, seeded and diced
  • 1 small green capsicum, seeded and cut horizontally
  • 2 pieces smoked pork sausage, sliced
  • 2 pieces smoked chicken ham, sliced
  • 3 pieces corn/wholemeal tortillas, torn into bite-sized pieces. Alternatively, get a pack of Chacho’s (any flavours will do)
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • 1 slice cheddar cheese
  • 2 tablespoon chilli sauce/Tabasco sauce
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • juice from half a lime
  • salt and grounded black pepper to taste
  1. Heat the olive oil in a pan, put in the pork sausage and chicken ham and let it cook till they were slightly browned.
  2. Add in garlic and tortillas and cook till the tortillas begins to get crispy (You can also toast the tortillas or deep fry them separately and mix them in later).
  3. Put in all the veggies (tomato, capsicum) and mix well till the vegetables begin to tender.
  4. Pour in the beaten eggs, chilli sauce and cheese. Stir until the eggs are closed to your preferred doneness and cheese melted. Season with salt, pepper and lime juice. Serve immediately.


*I substitute jalapeño pepper (ha-la-pen-yo) with capsicum. Jalapeño pepper is one of the hottest pepper from the US.
*I also substitute chorizo with pork sausage and chicken ham as chorizo is kinda pricey here. You can find various type of chorizo at major supermarket’s non-halal section.
*I didn’t add any condiments as I found it will be too wet for my liking. You can add sour cream or salsa before serving.

You can find Rachael’s recipe from her website here, complete with video clip.

Who else tried migas?

19 thoughts on “Mighty Migas (as quoted by Rachael Ray)

  1. love it !!,
    feels like chao lo pak gou with crackers !

    I think it’ll go lovely with some pineapple salsa.
    I shall try with mixed veal sausage and pork bacons. whoo hoo.

  2. Ryonn,
    Aiyer… apa loh pak kou *smack*. Yeah, I think it’ll tastes good with bacon!

    Precious Pea,
    LOL! Lemme plan plan 1st. 😛

    Leo & SC,
    It was good especially with lime juice, gave it a slight tangy flavour. But it sure filling.

    Just simple ones. 🙂

  3. it’s like how, if you live in a chinese household (as oppose to mexican), mum throws together all the liao from the nite before, adds rice and makes MEI TOW FAN! (just sayin.. hehe).. But back to the mighty miga.. i am really impressed that you, a guy, takes notes from the rachel show and then puts the recipe together again. tt’s really praise worthy! goodjob

  4. Then again,
    i don’t really like Rachel Ray.

    I hold my breath whenever i watch her show.
    it;s like Martha on helium.

    And i hate it when she says EVOO for extra virgin olive oil.

  5. Babe,
    Ahem… will do. 🙂

    Mei Tow Fan! Hahahaa.. okay, that’s Chinese version. Thanks thanks… Cooking is fun and trying new recipe is a challenge.

    Kinda busy lately, so hold on!

    Hope you’ll like it.

    Hey, I like her, especially the way she put all the ingredients without measurement, so freestyle! EVOO is cute. You just have to familiarise yourself with the jargons.

  6. Migas …. or Gigas, or whatever.
    you’re really addicted to the cooking part now, aren’t you? 🙂

    hahaha …. so when you gonna cook something up and let me try eh?

  7. i am from Texas and just happened to stumble upon this webpage. i found it humorous, since our cultures are so very different and we have all of these things at our local supermarket for cheap. i make migas a lot and use very spicy hot salsa on top of it!

  8. “Pronounced as mi-ges (or also known as migajas in Texas) ”

    Look I live in TX and I am mexican it is pronounced “Mee Gaa s”

    I have no idea where in Texas where we call it mi-ges or migajas.

    But good luck selling it to the masses

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