Restoran Tua Huat, Sec 19

When I clean up my hard disk last week, I realized I have loads of pictures I have not posted yet… I shall post them up as soon as possible before I forgets how the food tastes like! Let start with this restaurant, which I went to two months ago with WMW and Ekeng. But before that, I would like to apologize as I couldn’t attach the price to the food we had as I lost the bill.

Manned by a team of family members, Tua Huat is located at the same row as Nanking Vegetarian Restaurant at Sec 19, the place is air-conditioned but looks like some sort of a small town eatery that caters for families. According to WMW, they specialize in Ulu Yam Loh Mee but instead of ordering that, we had something else!

Yeah, we had something more sinful than Loh Mee, the Kau Yuk Meehoon or Stew Pork Meehoon. It was nicely cooked with shredded cabbage, stew pork slices and redolent with wok hei. A handful of crispy lard complete the dish (we actually requested for extra!).

Their fried rice was a bit special here, as they add in curry leaves for the aroma, apart from the usual ingredients. Instead of char siew, they used waxed meat (lap cheong) but I found the rice were a bit wet to my liking.

For side dishes, we ordered the Thai-style deep fried tofu, served with Thai chilli sauce, julienned carrot, onion and cucumber. Fried to perfection, the tofu has a crispy exterior but soft inside.

WMW also recommended us to try the fish cakes made of Parang fish. The meat were smooth, firm but springy and not greasy.

Overall, it was a good dinner, especially when you had it with good company, the food just tastes much better! Quick, friendly service and food arrives fairly fast to our table.



Restoran Tua Huat
50G, Jalan 19/3,
46300 PJ, Selangor.

Business hour: Opens daily.
Wednesday – Monday (9am – 9pm)
Tuesday (9am – 3pm)

Who else been here?

21 thoughts on “Restoran Tua Huat, Sec 19

  1. hahaha… another place for me to try. Wanna see how your Kau Yuk mee hoon fares against my mom’s cooking… lol!!! Drooling already!

    Very familiar with PJ area.. don’t need map!! thanks for the info anyway

  2. I love the ‘Kau Yuk’ Meehoon. Usually the ‘kau yuk’ are in small shredded pieces in the meehoon, but this one looked so yummy with the whole chunk of meat. I don’t think they used the canned ‘kau yuk’, looked like they precooked the meat themselves.

  3. Leo,
    Your mom can cook that?? Wow!

    No choice cos it’s almost full. πŸ™‚

    Ah… good question. Actually, I’m not sure as I don’t eat kao yuk normally.

    Er… siew yuk mee? I think they should have. πŸ™‚

    Hi, thanks for visiting. I think I only encounter once where the kao yuk were cut into smaller pieces but normally, they uses whole chunk in the noodle.

  4. Re: Its definitely easy to prepare besides the waitin time allocated for the batter!

    the food pics look so yummy. kau yuk beehon looks so tempting! its definitely making me hungry over here!

  5. come to think bout it , perhaps its not as hard. im sure u know they sell those stew pork n pork chop in the supermarket? mayb i can use the gravy to stir fry the beehon with some shredded cabbage n jst top it up with the stew pork…:P of course that’s the lazy man way of doin. another way would be to stew some baby pork ribs in the slow cooker n jst pour it all over the fried beehon when its done.. πŸ™‚

  6. Jason,

    you know your mind just do wonders when your stomach’s hungry πŸ˜› so that’s how i came about that idea, but again too much processed food’s bad for health so im definitely gonna try to stay away from it since we’ll be able to get fresh supply of poultry.

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