Noodle Or Rice?

Don’t know what to eat for lunch or dinner? Don’t know where to go for lunch or dinner? Wanna save money and refrain from splurging on food, but at the same time, the food has to be good taste?

When it comes to save money on food, usually there are only a few choices. Rice and noodles are the most basic. Chuck away pasta, exorbitant meat dishes, seafood and sashimi and hawkers are the way to go.

For Lunch

I recently stumbled upon a shop in Damansara Jaya that serves decent wan tan mee. The stall is located in Koon Kee Restaurant, a corner shop lot. Behind it is the Atria Shopping Centre.

I’m not sure if this is the famous Koon Kee wan tan mee from the same place in Petaling Street or Damansara Uptown (all three shops bear the same name but different shop facades and location) but there’s a perpetual crowds queuing up at the stall. The noodles were cooked to the perfect texture but a bit dry. The char siew were pretty ordinary, nothing to rave about but the wan tan were juicy, can almost tell that the grounded pork they use are very fresh. Priced at RM 4.50 (if I’m not mistaken) for medium serving, they however, doesn’t serve pickled green chillies. They substitute it with cili padi instead.

I can’t recall the address for Koon Kee Restaurant but Atria Shopping Centre is just behind it. There’s a small Malay food court located next to the shop, if not mistaken.

For Dinner

Nasi lemak can be found almost every corner of Malaysia; foodcourts, Malay stalls, mamak, cafes like Little Penang Cafe, higher end eateries such as Madam Kwan and so on. Many different version of nasi lemak appeared, tweaked to suit every tastebuds. But how often did you see nasi lemak served the typical Chinese style (meaning: non-halal) with the side dishes of your choice?

It looked rather like an usual chap fan (economy rice) hawker stall with about ten side dishes to choose from to go with the fragrant and fluffy rice cooked in coconut milk. Upper shelf are the trays of Chinese sausages (lap cheong), luncheon meat, fried eggs, some kacang buncis and others. Pots of chicken curry, wild boar curry, prawn and petai sambal, ikan bilis sambal and other fiery hot items are lining up below the shelf, all screaming “scoop me, scoop me!” But I didn’t succumb to the seductions – I opted for the original, with a bit of the chicken curry gravy. Every spoonfuls of the rice has the home-cooked feel to it, like how Mom used to cook it. Price? Depending on the side dishes you choose, the price varies (especially when your inner self is yelling “I want a bit of everything!”).

Nasi lemak @ Jalan San Peng
Off Jalan San Peng, KL

More San Peng at A Whiff of Lemongrass and Lushia.

25 thoughts on “Noodle Or Rice?

  1. Glad you enjoyed the wan tan mee. Over here ,some wan tan mee tasted more of the boric acid than anythin else, which is a total turn off!

    Its been a while since i last tasted Wild Boar curry. I would say that’s the best curry ever! With lotsa curry leaves , star anise and some other spices made it addictive!

    I think nasi lemak is best served like how it supposed to be served. With too many side dishes , it would be more like the Economy Rice.

  2. aiyo, one glance at Koon Kee, I also mistaken for the petaling St one, from the thin strands of noodles to the char siew and the PRICE! *_*

    but CILI PADI? how can?!!!

    Penang has a few outlets serving non-halal nasi lemak, with dishes and such, like economy rice stalls.

  3. I usually like nasi lemak for breakfast or brunch, esp. on weekends. Wan Tan Mee, I’m more selective… I normally stick to my hometown favourite… along Jalan Bunga Raya for those who know Melaka well. The dry chili sauce that goes with the handmade wantan noodles are to die for! 😀

  4. Alexis,
    You mean alkaline taste? Yeah, I like wild boar curry too as the meat were very tender.

    You can find any combination here… even though they’re weird.

    Then how about your fav place for wan tan mee in PJ/KL?

    Precious Pea,
    I find it quite ok. 🙂 Is the claypot chicken rice good?

  5. Well, if you don’t mind paying more for a good bowl of wanton mee… head to Canton-i at 1Utama or The Garden Mid Valley. But I prefer the former due to its spaciousness compared to the latter. The mee texture is bouncy and chewy… not forget to mention that the char siew is delectable too 🙂 the downside?? Cost RM12.80++ for dry one. Good news for Direct Access cardholder coz you get 10% off.
    But if you want economical wanton mee… Section 17 where Mel’s Corner is the place to go!!! Located very near the morning market and shouldn’t be too hard to find!
    Nasi lemak… Park Village @ Damansara Utama is the place to go!! You normally have to queue just to dine or takeaway. Jalan San Peng – ah!! remind me of my early years working there sometime in 2001 and 2002…

  6. yalor, ya lor, when i saw the signboard, i assumed that it was a branch of the infamous koon kee at petaling street. the sui kau will be able to tell the different, i think cos the ingredients they use are different. will check i out if i’m in the area. 🙂

  7. Jason & Pea : The Claypot Chicken rice shifted out already, a little further up the road. It’s really good 😉 Be prepared for long wait when dining there! I normally call in advance to tar-bao.

  8. eh, i use to live in DJ and no la..the wantan mee here is not really that hot. We found it bland most of the time. Also,this DJ koon kee is not related to the famous koon kee petaling st. at all.

    The claypot rice is not bad. Also during the day, the chapfan (husband n wife team) is not bad either. Cheap, fresh and really tasty. Value for money, i.e. 3 dishes can still get under RM4 (rare these days) !

  9. Thule,
    I been to Village Park but the nasi lemak’s expensive. I don’t understand why the place is so crowded on weekends.

    The sui kau can tell the difference? :O

    Thanks for the info!

    Neko Hime,
    Some say yes, some say no… who to trust?

    We found the wan tan mee not bad actually. The chap fan stall was closed that day when we arrived 😦

    Is there any similar stall in Kepong?

    Go and try!

    But they’re hard to find!

  10. Mimi,
    You just make me drooled…


    Little Inbox,
    At least Penang is much nearer to Alor Setar than us here.

    Ok, noted. Will update soon!

    Let’s go and have nasi lemak at San Peng one day.

    Bottoms up!!

    Oh yes… the nasi lemak is kinda pricey.

    Tar pau for you?

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