Vegetarian For Chinese New Year

It’s good to be back after the Chinese New Year celebration back in Ipoh. In fact, I can’t wait to be back to KL again as the weather there was horridly warm. Was surprised too as the streets were kinda empty and there was no traffic jam in most areas in Ipoh except when night falls in. Basically, there wasn’t much to do back home; eat, watch TV, sleep and repeat the cycle for 3-4 days.

I didn’t have my first yee sang this year until 31st January, which was the sixth day of CNY. My family doesn’t practice the yee sang tossing tradition, so I only got to have it when I’m back to KL. A few of us went to this vegetarian restaurant called Ba Xian (Eight Goddess) in Kepong for a small CNY dinner gathering last week, so here’s my first yee sang for 2009!

I think most restaurants came up with set meal during festival season to minimize confusion and maximize the serving time, so does this place too. We had a 6-course set dinner for 5 person, including yee sang. The Superior Soup, resembles shark’s fin soup consists of glass noodle, sliced vegetarian ham, crabmeat stick (it’s vegetarian!), bits of fu chuk (substitute for egg swirl) and some minced mock meat (chicken perhaps). Flavourful, not starchy and brimming with ingredients.

The Mock Herbal Chicken is a little weird for me as I couldn’t distinguish the “chicken” and its other ingredients (the “chicken” doesn’t seem alluring enough) but the texture is very much alike the chicken breast meat. The herbal taste was mild and sadly, the herbal (evangelica roots or dong guai, ginseng etc) were more than the chicken and they’re not edible! (well, not really edible for most people).

The Butter Prawns tastes more like curried prawns, no hint of butter at all (but then, butter is not a vegetarian food, I guess) and they looked like some corn crackers (think Twisties) with slightly chewy texture.

Mock sweet and sour chicken was not bad; the deep fried mock chicken were still crispy despite drenched in the sweet sour gravy.

And finally, some stir fried vegetables with mock meat which was pretty ordinary but the ginger smell was a little strong. The mushrooms were very, very tender.


Ba Xian Vegetarian Restaurant
12,14,14-1, Persiaran Mergastua,
Kepong Baru, 52100
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-62778052

24 thoughts on “Vegetarian For Chinese New Year

  1. Wow…. although it’s vegetarian but the food absolutely looks delicious! I wonder how it tasted… so far, the vegetarian restaurants in Jakarta that I’ve eaten, are quite disappointing…

  2. don’t worry, I’m with you… I also didn’t get to “lou sang” until the 5th day of CNY… that was in KL as well.. lol!!! My family is just not really into this tradition.. maybe I’ll ask my siblings who are in KL to lou sang again sometime this weekend.
    Wah lao eh… so healthy! vegetarian meal… frankly, I can’t really survive without meat. But still I exercise to keep fit.. lol!
    CNY is always about staying at home doing nothing… except for occasional poker or mahjong games with relatives. Also catching up with friends from secondary schools or primary schools..

  3. This place is in Kepong! Very very popular place ler; they started off as a hawker joint and then this restaurant shoplot.
    It’s always crowded:)

    The vegetarian dishes look really good; but seems your comments were not that good about the taste though. I recall their food is always laden with MSG as I always felt very thirsty last time when I tried out. We never went back so far…

    How much was the overall damage for this course set meal?

    And the cycle at home…hahah, pretty normal huh….LOL!

    Happy NIU year to you Jason:)

  4. Nic,
    I think better to try them out after CNY. Hahahaha… one week! I can’t even stand for another day >.<

    I quite like vegetarian dishes as I don’t have to worry about the stuff I don’t normally eat such as internal organs.

    Is it? How come I didn’t notice?

    So, how many times you have lou sang so far? Yeah, my family also don’t like to lou sang… no idea why. I only got to meet friends at night as most of them are busy during daytime…

    Yeah, that’s what I heard from one of my friend too. He’s a vegan and he’s been eating here before they shifted into shoplot.

    Well, the food were good mostly except the herbal chicken. And maybe it’s a little weird for the prawn to shaped like crackers. I don’t recall we got thirsty after the meal, maybe cos we used to eating out often. If not mistaken, total damage was about RM 130+.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you Christy!

    Mock meat can be good. You don’t like eh?

    Lol… it’s okay…. blame the work? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Little Inbox,
    Happy CNY! Oh yeah, the Eight Goddess. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i’ve havent had my yee sang for this year :(. Before i forget, GONG XI FA CAI!

    some vegetarian stuff does actually taste like meat. I’ve tasted this meatball, made by my friend , a vegan, she uses soy chunk to create such mince meat texture and it was really good! your post made me wanna go for a vegetarian treat now!

  6. so far… just ONCE!!! lol… but thinking of the 2nd time this coming Saturday with my bro and sis… since they are all in KL & haven’t really “lou sang” yet. My mom also asked me to bring them all out… hoping that this year will bring more luck to them after the “lou sang” thingy… hahaha!
    Like you, most of my friends are either working or just plain busy during the day… wanna meet them??? Normally weekend night…

  7. LFB,
    Maybe they are. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Of course not! I still love my meat. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gong Xi Fa Chai to you too!
    Mock meat that taste exactly like real meat… I wish I could try.

    Yeah, that’s true.

    Yes, “lou” more “sang” to induce more prosperity during this economic crisis! Hope you’ll have a good time catching up with your siblings!

  8. Hahaha i can see those MSG berkumpul-kumpul jadi sebuah bukit. I will toss around with headaches and die eating those everyday due to MSG+chemical overdose ๐Ÿ˜›

    On second thoughts, it doesn’t make much difference eating the hormone infested meat either :S

  9. does anyone know where did the veg restn next to the police stn on jalan TUN HS LEE moved to?It was on the same stretch of the hindu MARIAMMAN temple about 15 years ago. miss the food.if anyone knows ..pls email me the new address,
    WIITH thanks

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