Happy Lunar New Year

I’m taking this opportunity to wish ALL readers and fellow bloggers an early Happy Chinese New Year; may the Year of The Ox brings you health, more delicious delicacies, never ending wealth and stay youthful and pretty all year round.

I’ll be heading back to Ipoh tonight and be back next week, so here’s a big


*Photo taken at Sunway Pyramid, Old Wing.

18 thoughts on “Happy Lunar New Year

  1. Happy New Year! and let’s hope we can bump into each other this time around …. or I could still be poisoned to the bone by Persona 3.

    no thanks to ‘who’ ….. =P

  2. Happy New Year!!!

    I’m typing this on the 9th day of CNY when everybody may not be in CNY mood anymore.

    So what, the CNY greeting from Jason “never ending wealth and stay youthful and pretty all year round” sounds too tempting to ignore 🙂

    Anybody interested to lou sang with me? Ha ha ha …

    My CNY Wish…Peace on earth, Healthy, And with a STABLE Job, Great Business (For business community). As for the singles like myself, may this year of ox bring you your dream love…

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