Lim Kee, Behind FGA Building, off Jalan Kuchai Lama

*Notice: Lim Kee has moved to its spanking new premise at Kuchai Business Centre. Click here for the address.

*Rewind back to 8th November 2008

I was in Damansara that day. Not know what to have for dinner, I contacted WMW (my nearest flogger neighbour!) and glad that she was free to entertain me that night. It was quite a last minute decision actually and based on the Good Food Guide from Flavours, we decided to venture into the unfamiliar territory of Kuchai Lama (I’ve always wanted to explore areas like Old Klang Road, Puchong, Kepong, Segambut and so on as I believe there are many hidden gems waiting to be discovered).

The place doesn’t have a signboard (but the book says that the place is called Lim Kee) but if you know where the Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) building is located, Lim Kee is just behind the building. Opens only for dinner, parking could be a issue here especially if you arrive during peak hour.

We were lucky that we managed to get a table without long wait and we got more excited when we realized we were seated just next to the kitchen! (we don’t really bother with the smokes and fumes anyway).

Initially, we would like to order their specialties which were highlighted in the book but we ended up ordering more and more stuff! We had the Fried Sweet Potato Noodle (recommended by the book), done in Hokkien style with prawns, squids, vegetables, pork slices and topped with a handful of fried, crunchy lard bits. Being my first time trying this delicacy, I find it a little bland. The potato noodles were quite nice to chew, though. (I just realized that both WMW and I were using the same picture!)

Lim Kee dish out different types of side dishes every weekend and we were lucky that night as we managed to try the braised pork in special gravy. The gravy has a fruity taste and the pork, juicy and fork tender (or maybe you can call it, chopsticks tender!). There wasn’t much fat on the meat, so we had more meat to dig in and we literally mop the plate clean.

Another recommended item – Fried Glass Noodle with Bitter Gourd. Both of us initially thought that the bitter gourd would be stir fried with the noodles together but actually, it was served on the side. Stir-fried with prawns, squids, pork slices and topped with chopped spring onions, fried shallots and crunchy lard bits, the noodles has a nice “wok hei” and not greasy (the lard bits do not count!)

I guess WMW liked Abacus Seed as she seems excited upon hearing about this dish from the lady boss. The stir-fried abacus seed here was different from the one I tried at Nam Chuan (notice the difference in colour and cooking style) and I would say I prefer this version, which was cooked with dried shrimps, minced meat, spring onion and wood fungus. The yam abacus seed were quite firm, yet still managed to deliver the QQ (al dente) texture when biting into it. Good stuff.

It was a fruitful trip, I must say. Exploring new eating places is more fun with someone who share the same passion and I’m glad that we made it here despite the excitements and uncertainties while driving to the place (we accidentally got onto a elevated highway and both of us were screaming and blaming each other for too busy talking and didn’t pay attention to the signboards!) but we still managed to arrive safely.

Lim Kee is located behind FGA (Full Gospel Assembly) Building
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
Tel : 03-7981 1972,
Opens from 6pm-12 am,
Close on alternate Mondays.
(details above are from WMW)

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22 thoughts on “Lim Kee, Behind FGA Building, off Jalan Kuchai Lama

  1. From the look and the colour of the abacus seed dish, could tell how tasty it is. Yes, it looks yummier than Nam Chuan version which i didn’t really like. Must coax my Makan Gang to try this place soon.

  2. I’d been there twice with my wife… actually Chui Ling of One Day Five Meal had introduced this place a few months ago.
    Staying in BU and having to drive here twice without success can be frustrating. So for the third time, we decided to beat the dinner crowd and arrive around 6pm…
    We’d tried most of the things that you blogged here… and we thought that they were good… as we are not really a fussy eater!

  3. Aiyah, we got ‘scream’ and ‘blame’ at each other, but that’s what brother and sister do I guess! Hahahaha…but definitely not in the drama way! Hahah….

  4. Precious Pea,
    I think the Nam Chuan’s version is boiled?

    Thule aka Leo,
    Chui Ling recommended this place? Not bad! And that’s very patient of you to try to make it here three times! Not everyone willing to do that.

    You shifted to Old Klang Road? Yay, meaning more OKR reviews!

    Haha, just marah-marah, we didn’t get into a fight 🙂

    Hope you’ll like it.

    I don’t like bittergourd too but the noodles actually counter the bitterness of the gourd.

    Scrumptious indeed!

    If we get too drama-ish, other people will think that I’m your toy boy!

  5. I can imagine the crazy banters between the brother n sister. hahahah …. unlike Moonlight Resonance?

    nice dishes, something different from the everyday Chinese cooking.

  6. i guess both you and wmw decided to post much later eh? i recalled reading her post recently too :). hey, you moved to PJ area already? need to catch up with you and wmw one day..maybe at charsiew? :p

  7. J2Kfm,
    Moonlight Resonance? You watched too much drama la 😛

    Yes yes, the abacus seeds were nice. Wish there’s some place that sell the raw ones so can buy back home to cook.

    I eventually wanna post earlier but because we shared the same camera, I have to wait till she blogged about it first so I will know which photos I shouldn’t use (but it ends up I’m using two of the same pictures as hers!).

    Yeah, me officially in PJ now. Yay, char siew! When? 🙂

  8. when you’re free lor (and when is that ar?) need to arrange with wmw since she’s good frens with the charsiew owner.. we’ll get better treatment..hehehe

  9. actually there’s another stall before Lim Kee… I think it’s in Taman Goodwood which is on your right side when you turn in from Old Klang Road… you will see a lot of cars parking by the road side in the evening. It’s very near to the famous Cao Cao grilled lamb…
    Had dinner once… food was great but like I said, you have to be there early… coz the cook takes forever to whip out dishes. Went there 2nd time… my wife got frustrated and left immediately when the staff there was so arrogant… like tak mau buat business saje.. sigh!

  10. SC,
    I’m free on most of the weekends but she might be busy!

    You can try and let me know the verdict. 🙂


    Thule aka Leo,
    So that place is opposite the main OKR road? I’m kinda lost when it comes to OKR cos I’m not familiar with it.

    Ahh… that’s too bad. I think I might just do like what your wife did too.

  11. If you go to OKR through Federal Highway, you’ll have to turn left into Jalan Kuchai Lama right??? The stall by the road side is just one your right after you turn in about 50 metres or so… before Lim Kee junction. you’ll see a lot of cars by the roadside..

    It’s best that you go on Saturday evening… as most of the stalls are opened. If you are still confused, google Taman Goodwood..

  12. Yup, I have been there before also. PArents recommended it. Tried the bitter gourd tung fun only. Now really have to try the abacus beads!

  13. Thule,
    Oh yes, I know that stretch of shops. Since I know how to get there now, maybe shall give them a try next time. Thanks!

    If possible, try their fruity pork ribs too. But that depends on luck.

  14. The food here is good overall, but don’t you guys think that its a bit pricey? it’s getting more and more expensive so i decided not to patron there anymore. I feel they proprietors are taking advantage knowing that customers flocks they place. Should teach them a lesson by boycotting them!

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