Christmas Comes Late in Melaka, Part 1

Let’s start the new year with my first food post. I’m sorry for the lack of updates; been busy lately with my relocation, Christmas dinners, New Year eve celebration and Internet issue. I’m now officially moved to Damansara from Cheras (but I’m still working in Cheras…), which is very near to WMW’s place! Henceforth, you will see more posts on PJ and its surrounding area in the future.

2008’s Christmas can be said as one of the best for me, so far. Same as the year before, we made our annual pilgrimage to Melaka on the 27th Dec. We invaded Paul’s house for a feast with his family members and his friends and his family’s friends. I was plain lazy to take pictures of all the food but there were tom yam spaghetti, lamb chops, nasi kerabu, tuna sandwich, steamed yam cake, red wine chicken, pork knuckle, gorgeous cupcakes from Audrey and so on. Seriously, the cupcakes were really good. If you’re interested to ask her to bake you some, you can contact her here.

We stayed overnight in Melaka and when the sun rises (that’s almost noon actually), we packed our stuff and ready for some food hunt before crawling our way back to KL. Thanks to Internet, we made our first stop here:

Based on SC‘s experience, we braved the traffic in three cars to Ming Sate Hut, located at the shoplots next to Mahkota Parade for the non halal pork satay. Very simple interior and furniture. They provide long tables which can sit 6 people at one time with wooden stools. The grilling stove is placed at the entrance of the shop, so one can spot the place easily.

The peanut sauce served here is different from the usual ones. Not so coarse and slightly sour sweet, we found that they added plenty of shredded pineapples into the sauce. Dip the skewer into the sauce and “scoop”, you’ll found strands of finely shredded pineapple on it. Each person get their own bowl of sauce, so no need to worry about hygiene issue. You can refill your sauce with the container available on every table.

Priced at RM 0.55 per stick, the pork satay is smaller in size but extremely juicy and tender, much better than the one in Ipoh. The four of us who shared one table; Alex, Jason, Alvin and me, ended up ordering 40 sticks of the pork satay and 20 sticks of the chicken version.

And yes, if pork is not your cup of tea, they also have chicken, liver, intestines and mutton too, all RM0.55 per stick. It’s not halal though, as they’re being grilled on the same grilling stove as the pork satay. The chicken version is lighter in colour, but nonetheless, still lipsmackingly delicious with the pineapple peanut sauce.

We left the place and decided to go for dessert (which will be in part 2)… anyone can guess what type of dessert?

Ming Sate Hut
G-33, Jalan PM4,
Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka.

Read more about Ming Sate Hut from SC’s post and also Jason’s.


23 thoughts on “Christmas Comes Late in Melaka, Part 1

  1. i was in melaka in recently and i’ve taste that pineapple satay sauce, simply yummy! its definitely more refreshin than the usual ones though n i cant help it but to like it much better than the ordinary ones!

  2. i think i have a rough idea on desserts. hahah … Nadeje? a few doors away only.

    i wanted to try Ming Sate Hut as well, but the place was eeriely empty and dark that afternoon.

    ended up trying pork satay at Xiang Ji near Jonker St.

  3. Alexis,
    Hello, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I kinda like the pineapple satay sauce, that’s something I can’t find in Ipoh or in KL yet.

    LFB: Very good satay babi but it would be better if the meat chunk is bigger!

    It’s always good to go to Melaka once a while!

    J2Kfm: So pandai la you. 🙂 It seems like you’re a Jonker St. fan huh?

  4. Jason,

    perhaps u can start one 🙂 so you can have half of the biz they earn from KLites that travelled down for it 😛

    my friend, a melaka born actually told me its of start fruit and pineapple in the peanut sauce, am glad to know its jst pineapple that has been added

  5. Chin,
    I haven’t stumbled upon any in KL/PJ too. Kong Heng’s quality not so good now… Melaka is better.

    KampungBoyCityGal & Precious Pea,
    Thanks! I chose this because of the white background on the blog post column. 🙂

    Really, maybe it’s Visit Melaka Month. 😛

    *points to picture*

    Good idea! Err.. starfruit? Hmm… I wonder if it will taste good.

    Thank you!

  6. FBB: Happy New Year! Yes, do go and try it out. There’s quite a number of pork satay places in Melaka, you just need to drive around and find them.

    Teckiee: Xiang Chi is at Jonker?

    CumiCiki: Happy New Year. Sadly, nope 😦 We went for something else which turned out mediocre.

  7. haha so nice! Everyone is feasting a lot these days. Satay babi must be very nice. I can imagine the pork fat melt on the meat with crackle sound. Fuiyoh…

  8. Mimi,
    Yeah, they’re smaller… that’s why we had 15 sticks each person!

    Thank you!

    Pork rocks indeed.

    You sure good in the imagination department. 😛

    Where is that?

  9. looking at this pork satay makes me drool again 😦 the sauce is interesting yet addictive eh? glad you enjoyed it too.. i went with 6 frens and we had 100 sticks..haha

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