Colourful Winter Solstice

I failed to make it back to my hometown last year for Winter Solstice but I planned earlier this year. Ipoh was still as quaint as usual but it rained heavily on Friday night and subsequently, also rained on Saturday and Sunday, albeit not as heavy as on Friday.

When Sunday morning comes, my sister and I volunteered ourselves for the tong yuen kneading work. Mom prepared the doughs with glutinuous rice flour, water and colouring (green is solely from pandan leaves juice) on the previous night (which is a mistake cos she kept them in the fridge!). The doughs harden and crumble during kneading process as they became too dry, except the yellow one, which was made from mashed pumpkin. We had to add some water to moisten them.

Some people tried to be creative but lack of idea of what shapes to form. Should have make one that resembles rabbit head. Or maybe bigger with plenty of colours like Easter Egg.

Colourful tong yuen aka glutinuous rice balls ready to be cooked.

And the end product, tong yuen in ginger and pandan syrup. My family used to make the sweet type as they find the savoury version weird. It’s my first time trying pumpkin tong yuen. They’re softer and not as chewy as the ones made from glutinuous rice flour but the colour is sharper though. I still like those with black sesame and peanut filling.

26 thoughts on “Colourful Winter Solstice

  1. So nice and colourful! I have never made any tong yuen from scratch before. Cos usually we have family gathering and my aunt will be in charge of the dough. Maybe next year (if am back) I shall volunteer to take charge.

  2. Chin: They still can boil the syrup with ginger and pandan and eat with the frozen tang yuen. πŸ™‚

    J2Kfm: You cabut liao, how to treat? Got mild pumpkin taste, not only for colouring.

    Tummythoz: Oh, kneading dough is call ’soh-nyii’ πŸ™‚
    It’s not that hard to make them actually.

    Precious Pea: Even if you’re not back next year, you can still make them in OZ right? Your nephew will help you!

    LFB: Awww… buy those frozen ones as compensation?

    NomadGourmand: Yep, it’s pumpkin flesh add with rice flour. Something new for this year.

  3. Wow, I’ve never seen tong yuen quite as colourful as these ones jason. Did they taste good?

    I prefer the sweet variety myself. Sometimes the ginger can be a bit too strong if you’re not used to it.

  4. Yiling: Happy Belated Winter Solstice to you too!

    Jian: Cool! Does it tastes good?

    SC: Poor thing. Did you get those frozen ones as compensation? But I think you can get home made ones at the wet market during that period too.

    Mimi: Yeah, my sis is trying to be creative.

    Simon: The red/pink one is not natural. πŸ™‚

    Little Inbox: Thanks and same to you too!

    Nic: Actually I like frozen ones too because of the filling.

    BBO: Happy New Year to you and Sunny!

    Ai Wei: Happy holiday and New Year to you!

    Neko-Hime: Thanks ^^

    Timothy: LOL, boys sure likes to play with food! Any pictures on that? πŸ˜‰

    William: They tastes pretty ordinary except the yellow one which were made from pumpkin. I don’t like ginger actually. We added pandan leaves to neutralize the ginger taste and still, I don’t drink the syrup. :p Your mom cooked that?

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