Klang One Day Tour, Part Two – Klang Cendol

*Continue from Klang One Day Tour, Part One – B.H. Bah Kut Teh*

After the heavy morning breakfast, we dropped by AEON Bukit Tinggi (claimed as the largest AEON or Jusco store in Southeast Asia. Or was it Asia?) for a walk. We then had lunch at BBQ Plaza which uses lard to grease the grilling pan. A chain restaurant from Thailand I guess, since the ads were showing Siamese language. It wasn’t really a good lunch, though.

Calvin then brought us into Klang town for a particular shop for cendol. He said the proprietor used to sell it at the roadside on his motorcycle but it has moved into a shoplot now. It’s easily recognised with its large green Klang Cendol signboard.

As you can see here, the original cendol costs RM 1.40, with glutinuous rice or ice cream will be RM 1.90 each. However, this photo was taken 3 months back. With the current economic slowdown and raise of food price, the price might have gone up a bit. Serving portion was slightly bigger than the one in Restoran Muar.

Nothing beats slurping a cooling ais kacang or cendol on a hot afternoon. All four of us had the original cendol which has a thick, creamy coconut milk with soft but not mushy cendol, red kidney beans and sufficient gula melaka syrup. For RM 1.40, it’s certainly a small treat everyone could afford.

And that ended our brief makan trip to Klang. I’m sure I will be back again.

Cendol Klang
78, Jalan Nanas,
41400 Klang.
Business hours: 11am – 7.30pm

24 thoughts on “Klang One Day Tour, Part Two – Klang Cendol

  1. i remember my fren telling abt this story..abt the man who sold cendol from his motorbike to a big shoplot..

    he also said..he managed to send all his kids to UK for education u knw..

    dun play play!

  2. wow the coconut milk that thick ar?? Sell cendol also can send kids to UK study :S those ppl study tinggi tinggi pula kena retrench…

    mushy cendol is when they rendam the cendol too long.yucks…penang dun add pulut wan…There is another chendol store at Barrack Road, Taiping. Everything made from scratch even santan also perah sendiri!

  3. SC: Really? Guess it’s really famous huh? 🙂

    Cookies_Cream: I have no idea too but yeah, it seems to be famous. I wanna try with ice cream, wonder how it will taste like.

    Kenny: Ewwww indeed!

    Chin: It was just as good as you described it. 🙂

    LotsOfCravings: Wow… that’s one inspiring story!

    Cumi&Ciki: With salt? I only have the original one all these while, never know that we can have the salty one. Interesting.

    Janvier: Plain is good enough. But once a while, can try the other types too.

    J2Kfm: LOL, your imagination is commendable. 😛
    I haven’t really tried PG/Melaka’s version, can’t compare *sad sad*

    Sbanboy: It’s okay since it’s near lunch time! 😛

    Tummythoz: Should have I guess. Else just drool?

    Jian: The thick coconut milk attract your attention eh? ^^ The Taiping cendol… must visit one day!

    Nic: Eh, got jagung??

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