Klang One Day Tour, Part One – B.H. Bah Kut Teh

Sorry for the long hiatus, was busy with gym and another freelance web project for a friend lately. Both of them have been draining my time and energy for the past few weeks and I finally got the time to edit some pictures yesterday and put this up.

This happened almost 3 months ago, when Calvin, me, Janvier, Chief and David went down to Klang on one fine Sunday morning for BKT. Both Calvin and Janvier personally hailed from Klang (but working in PJ), so it wasn’t difficult for us to get around in Klang. According to them, Klang town centre is having a major construction project so it would be good to avoid that part. Lucky for us, the particular BKT place that Calvin suggested was in Pandamaran, somewhere nearby Bukit Tinggi which can be reach by taking the Kesas Highway.

Also, according to Calvin, the place is packed and normally the BKT will be sold out by 9.30am, so it is advisable to go really early (just look at the crowd!).

The version of BKT served here were different from the usual claypot style. Served in an individual bowl, it doesn’t consist of tau fu pok and doesn’t served together with fried crullers (yau char kuey). The herbal taste is very mild and not much broth were given. The pork chunks, however, were really tender despite the size. You can choose to have only the lean meat or half-lean, half-fat.

Also available here is the braised pig intestines, served in the same broth of BKT. I’m not a fan of internal organs but the rest seems to enjoy it. I normally see intestines were hollowed but this one, it seems like they stuffed something else into the intestines before being cooked.

It was a nice outing and good to know another style of BKT but if you ask me, I feel it resembles more like braised pork, rather than BKT. I still like stronger herbal broth with yau char kuey and also, a serving of blanched vegetable with garlic oil. Fussy eh? :>

B. H. Bah Kut Teh
Jalan Batu Unjur (off Jalan Young),
Pandamaran, Klang

Direction: If you take the Kesas Highway after Sunway toll, exit to Klang and you will reach Aeon Bukit Tinggi. Go straight, go up the flyover and turn left immediately after the flyover. Go straight and you will see this place before the Perodua service centre, in front of the traffic light on your left.

31 thoughts on “Klang One Day Tour, Part One – B.H. Bah Kut Teh

  1. no, really. I like mine with lots of YCK and garlic as well. funny as I’ve always thought the ones served in bowls are more powerful, in terms of fragrance, and herbal aroma.

    hmmm … mis-conception?

    I still like Teluk Pulai’s version. But Jackson thinks otherwise though.

  2. J2Kfm: Er, what makes you think that those served in bowls are more powderful? Try Jackson’s recommendation and see the difference? 🙂

    Christy: I’m no 100% BKT fan too. 🙂

    CumiCiki: Wah… I think it’s kinda geli.

    LotsOfCravings: That means I gotta go again and try the real strong one.

    PG: I like lots of soup too but cheong… can pass to you 😛

    Tummythoz: Hahahaha!

  3. mimi: Yeah, I was kinda sad when my friend told me that they doesn’t serve YCK. 😦

    Christine: Then that means I need to get to Klang town for the strong ones? I need directions!

    Nic: You porky dude 😛

  4. I like all versions of BKT! The thick gravy type, the strong herb infused type and with lots of mushroom varieties type 😛 But my favourite is my mom’s version with lots of ingredients.. haha.

    I hear to eat BKT in Klang, best is in the morning. Sadly everytime I go is at night

  5. I think my nose will bleed if i have bkt in the morning 😛 hahaha all the abbreviations…BKT,CCF,ABC now YCK…wahahaha

    recently I like to eat cheong also and I was joking with my friend if I can have a whole pot of cheong with soup only…lol…i think like tunmmythoz, the boss will kick me out 😛

    eh din know u do web and going to gym now. I must be a lousy fren :S

  6. i like the stronger, bitter, herbally ones too. biut it’s quite common in klang to serve BKT in bowls too (other than claypots). in fact, i recalled my first taste of klang BKT years back, it was served in bowl too 🙂

  7. There are some fine BKT in Tiong Nam ( Batu Road ) area . Some of which stays up all night all morning ! One good one is in Jln Ipoh near the Sentul police station. as are some excellent ones too in Jln Imbi.

    BKT is everywhere in KL ! ( seriously some are better than many in Klang )

  8. Durianberry: My mom never cook this at home before as my dad doesn’t take pork. Why always go at night?

    Neko-hime: I wondered too. Not sure about the TV part though.

    William: Early breakfast!

    Jian: Eh, how come will nose bleed? Yeah, all those abbreviations hehe.

    I think the boss wont mind about the “only cheong with soup” part. Don’t be sad, you’ve been missing quite some time aren’t you? :p

    Christine: Can get BKT spices there? At least can satisfy your cravings. 🙂

    SC: Oh really? This is my first time having BKT in bowl too…

    Little Inbox: It seems popular with the locals. We saw those who come after 9.30am, have to leave with empty stomach.

    BSG: Where’s Batu Road ah?

  9. BSG: Oh, I get it. 🙂

    Cutie: Same here too!

    NKOTB: Now I’m a little confused of the REAL Klang BKT. I think there’s more than one type now.

    KampungBoyCityGal: Same same!

    Janvier: Fuyoh. This was 3 months ago. 😛 I just had BKT last night in Subang by the way.

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