Rediscovered: Egg Popiah & Mo Mo Cha Cha

*Notice: The egg popiah shown here is no longer available as Mr. Wong, the proprietor has decided to retire some time back.

Gary drop by Ipoh two months ago with his mom while on their way back from Penang to KL and stayed overnight. Me too, was in Ipoh that time so I brought him out for a spin and then yam cha at my favourite place, Tong Sui Kai.

My favourite popiah stall is located inside this food court, which is just opposite the stretch of hawker stalls at the street called Man U (I assume that it means Manchester United since the live football telecast is always on here). SC tried to find this place during her last visit but failed, while WMW finally able to make her way here last August.

My usual practise will be: pack the popiah and then go over to one of the stalls opposite for my ais kacang!

At RM 1.70 per roll, the popiah was still very good; the aromatic egg skin made the overall difference here. Gary love it as he said that he never seen this version before and he packed some back to hotel for his mom.

As for tong sui (sweet soup), I usually will go to Stall No. 21 as they serve a wide range of drinks, ais kacang and sweet soup. The proprietor, an auntie and her daughter are very friendly and service was fast too.

Gary was kinda fascinated by the different names of the tong sui here such as this Bubur Cha Cha which is literally known as Mo Mo Cha Cha throughout Ipoh (most people here pronounce it as Oh Wa Cheh Cheh!). Confusing isn’t it? =)

Me on the other hand, despite having my usual ais kacang, I went for the mixed fruit with shaved ice instead (forgotten the price, should be around RM 4+). A medley of topical fruits were served on a bed of shaved ice, drizzled with syrup and topped with a scoop of ice cream. The pineapple cubes and lychees can be ignored as they’re canned fruits but the mangoes were fragrant and sweet, as well as the watermelon, honeydew, jackfruit and nata de coco.

I hope Gary enjoyed himself as I did. =)

Popiah stall @ Pusat Makanan Man U
Tong Sui Kai (outside SRJK (C) Sam Tet)
off Jalan Sultan Idris

Stall No. 21
Tong Sui Kai (outside SRJK (C) Sam Tet)
off Jalan Sultan Idris

Some other places where you can get egg skin popiah:

28 thoughts on “Rediscovered: Egg Popiah & Mo Mo Cha Cha

  1. wah … your last pic was a gorgeous shot.
    so rare to find good Mixed Ice. the one in Woolley very farny one. they stack them all in a small, tiny bowl. Then when you scoop them, the whole thing falls over.

    guess they’re obssessed with Uno Stacko?

  2. Wmw rave about it, you rave about it, so no matter how much i don’t like turnip, i will give it a try! OMG and you shaved ice with fruits looks sooo refreshing! And topped with my fav Paddle Pop Rainbow flavoured icecream. Jieng!!

  3. love that colorful icecream.. when i was little, i use to hope eating icecream that color would turn my tongue into a rainbow.. permanantly.. hahahah..
    oh.. btw, love the header photo.. u changed it rite?!

  4. Precious Pea: Aww… so sweet of you. =) When lah is our Ipoh trip by the way? Faster plan then we can go have the ice with Paddle Pop Rainbow ice cream!

    Cumi&Ciki: Hahahaha… when we were little, we don’t know what is dangerous but now, if that colour will permanently stuck on the tongue, we’ll freaked out. Such bliss to be a kid isn’t it?
    Yeah, I think the old one is kinda boring, so I changed it.

  5. Tummythoz: Hope you did drop by there.

    Cutie: Come come!

    Mimi: That is one of my favourite drink/dessert after ais kacang.

    Durianberry: Plan and come again during semester break? 🙂

    Ai Wei: My all time favourite too.

    Christy: I read the news, saying that the government is planning to relocate them… sigh…

    WMW: Em… end of November?

  6. I like the old town snap shot, so rustic and gorgeous, yet so well captured . . a scene which may face out in no time. back to egg skin popiah looks awesome, more fragrant compare to to does normal ones.

  7. nice pics… brings back memories of ipoh’good food…
    thanks for bringing me around jason 🙂
    did i mentioned that i bought like 5kg of taugeh on my last trip to Ipoh…hahaha

  8. have you tried indulgence restaurant in ipoh, near ipoh specialist hospital? it has one of the best western food around. even though i live in australia (but i’m chinese lah, studying there mah) i never fail to drop by indulgence restaurant because the food is seriously satisfying. do drop by and review it (:

  9. Really appreciative of this post featuring my comfort food when I was young. It looks much more richer and expensive. The common kin jai fun (economy fried noodles) I supposed are nowhere to be seen. I will eat it for old times sake! Remember the old Tong Sui area where there was plentiful of swifts hanging onto the electrical wires.

  10. Tummythoz: Ack! Okay, next time.

    BBO: Yeah, this version is more fragrant but ate too much will make you feel jelak. Best to share it.

    Jun: Yeah, it’s just in front of sam tet primary school.

    Gary: Haha, yeah, you told me and I was like “WHAT!?”

    LFB: Cute people… you mean me? 😛

    Simon: Oooo… thanks for the info, Simon!

    Christine: Hey girl, when are you coming back?

    Diane: Hi Diane, thanks for dropping by. Yeah, I’ve been to Indulgence before and after they moved but the quality seems to have dropped. We love the ambiance though, especially the couch!

    Christine Sinny: How about colourful? 🙂

    NKOTB: Maybe she didn’t thought of it? 🙂

    Chin: Oh yes, and the people were very careful that those birds might drop something from above.. haha. I don’t think there’s any economy fried noodles there anymore.

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