Baan Nok

It couldn’t be more better to a foodie who has a “sidekick” who also enjoys trying new eating places and occasionally start the conversation with “I just found out there’s a place serving nice fish dish, let’s go and try!”


So, when Kevin (a Thai food lover) said that he’s interested to try out Baan Nok, I couldn’t reject. As I’m not familiar with Pandan Indah area, I searched for the place on Google Map but it turned out to be quite easy to locate actually. The same street houses another two more Thai restaurants. The staff were all Siamese but can speak some simple English and Malay (impressive).

I ordered the Som Tum (papaya salad) on mistake as I always thought that Som Tum is mango salad. It’s quite appetising with a slight tangy flavour and mixed texture from the long beans, tomato and peanuts but we found it a tad fishy. Maybe they added too much fish sauce in it.

The stir-fry chicken with cashew nuts did not disappoint – full of “wok hei” surprisingly and well-marinated. The only comment we have is they didn’t remove the chicken skin before cooking.

We opted for the simplest vegetable dish, the belacan kangkung (water convulvus) which was also good. Full of wok hei and the pungent belacan flavour was just right.

Of course we just can’t miss to order the Tom Yum soup. Spicy, sourish and burst with flavour as we expect it to be, very similar to those we can find in Thailand itself. The slight difference here is the additional of coconut milk that made the soup thicker than the usual tom yum gong (prawn tom yum) or tom yum gai (chicken tom yum), hence it’s called tom yum nam khon.

After the fiery encounter with the tom yum, we seek refuge by cooling down with a bottle of Thai coke each, as if we’re actually dining in a particular restaurant in Bangkok!

One thing though, that we found a little uncomfortable about the place is the appearance of small roach juveniles on the table and chairs. There are not much but enough to make us changed our table to avoid them. Perhaps it would be better at daytime.

Baan Nok
43A, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6B,
Pandan Indah, Cheras,
55100 KL.

Tel: 03-4296 7525 / 012-327 5718 / 012-227 3586
Business hour: 9am – 3pm, 6pm – 12am

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27 thoughts on “Baan Nok

  1. Yet another serving of Thai food…looks spicy indeed! Unfortunately I am having a bad throat…
    Looks like a nice place but too bad about those roaches….yewwwww, I hate them!!!!~

  2. eh this Baan Nok is next to the Thai Orkid restaurant? that one also damn spicy, but authentic. however, the price’s slightly higher than usual.
    I like Pandan Indah! haha.. cz when I’m in KL I stay there. all within walking distance! 🙂
    next time come find me k? we pig out again …

  3. Christy: Yeah, those roaches actually dampen our mood but luckily the food are good and we didn’t end up with bad stomach!

    LotsOfCravings: Aiyer… it’s quite easy to find… somewhere nearby the Station 1 cafe. Look for Orkid, another Thai restaurant, it’s just next to it.

    J2Kfm: Yeah, next to Orkid. Orkid looked posh-er. When are you coming again?

  4. Allie: Tom yum for dinner? =)

    Nic: There were just two of us, hence we didn’t order much fiery dish. But the tom yum itself is enough to make us sweat like crazy! Pad thai – will order that on next visit.

    Anonymous: Em… pretty much the same but smaller bottle and somehow, I think it’s not as “acidic” as our local ones.

    Lyrical Lemongrass: Very authentic indeed. Yeah, the roach problem is a bit turn off though…. Maybe shall come for lunch instead.

    SC: Nope, just one type of coke. And the bottle is smaller, shorter than our local ones.

  5. I thought som tum is mango salad too? Haha. The last time I had Thai mango salad, I like it so much. Tangy and crunchy, love the peanut combination with the greens. I can totally forget about the baby roaches when I have that tom yum in front of me 😛

  6. Precious Pea: Not going to BKK anytime soon?

    Little Inbox: How was the tom yam turn out to be? 🙂

    Cumi&Ciki: Haha, we closed “half” the eyes.

    Mimi: Oh, why postponed?

    Durianberry: I love mango salad too, it really appetising. Haha, tom yum diverted your attention?

    LFB: Usually comes in about 170cm, in between 60 – 70kg, male or female :p

    Ai Wei: I thought you’re saying your stomach’s not well 🙂

    Simon: And tell us about them!

  7. the so called thai shop in ss2 called basil tastes something like 50 % thai if we remember corretly with thai names tho. we believe its quite difficult to get authentic thai food in KL as most of them taste closer to nyonya or penang

  8. WMW: Hm… daytime might be ok.

    BSG: Agree. But this one is quite good, summore cooked by Thai ppl.

    Jun: Hahaha ^^

    Christy: Okie, will check it out.

    JeromeFo: Remember to come!

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