Oriental Spoon Ramadhan Feast

*Notice: Oriental Spoon moved out of Sooka Sentral to its new location in One Bangsar with a new name, House of Tang.

*An official invitation by Food Street and Oriental Spoon. Original pictures were used on both sites.

While the Muslims were having ‘buka puasa’ during this Ramadan month, it doesn’t need a reason for the non-Muslims to not join in the flair. Instead of the usual buffet promotions offered from the hotels and restaurants, how about having it the banquet style?

Oriental Spoon is having the “Buka Puasa With A Feast” affair throughout the month of September where diners can choose from the four banquet packages offered, which are available at both Oriental Spoon and its sister restaurant, Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant. A good way to ‘buka puasa’ with your Muslim and non-Muslim friends together as Oriental Spoon is halal certified.

*The following dishes are excerpt from the Royal Package, out from the four offered meal packages:

Each package consists of one entrée, six main dishes and two desserts. We had the Royal Package and plus two more extra dishes from the Imperial Package and Emperor Package.

The Chef’s Special Appetizer came with four types of entrées, stir-fried prawns, deep fried sausage rolls with seaweed, turmeric glass noodle in fu chook rolls and cold sliced abalone with tangy onion, cili padi and garlic.

Often found in wedding banquets, Shark’s Fin Soup came with abundance of shredded chicken, mushroom and shark’s fin but minus the egg.

While many restaurants would prepare chicken with oat or Nestum, Oriental Spoon prepared their Crisp Roasted Chicken with biscuit crumbs. The lovely roasted chicken elevated with biscuit crumb, giving it a pleasant aroma and teases the palate for more.

The Steamed Sea Garoupa with Lime and Thai Soya Sauce arrived in all its glory, being fresh, free of any muddy or fishy smell, steamed just to the right texture and the tangy lime sauce complement the fish nicely.

We were visually attracted to the Chinese Marrow Rings Stuffed with Prawns. The chef carefully slit half of the prawns before stuffed it into the hollowed gourd and steam with special sauce. It looked like a bunch of prawns doing synchronized swimming!

For vegetables, we had the Chinese Cabbage Wrapped Vegetables and Mushroom that looks rather plain. Poke the soft cabbage to reveal the treasures inside such as gingko nuts, lily bulbs, mushrooms, snow fungus and garnish with chopped red capsicum which contrast to the overall dish.

Another interesting dish, which is also the final dish, Fried Pearl Rice With Spinach Juice. As we normally see rice in white, brown or blue colour, we were surprised by the chef’s creativity to use spinach juice to dye the rice into green, just like how they dye their porcupine-shaped Sesame Paste Bun. Stir-fried with vegetables and century eggs, the rice was neither clumpy nor greasy and has a delicate flavour.


Desserts include the refreshing Chilled Lin Chee Kang that came with plenty of lotus seeds, longan, snow fungus, lily bulbs and barley, water chestnut pudding and also Chinese Pastries Combination. The pastries are made of deep fried sweet potatoes dough, encasing the warm lotus paste filling and shaped like cute mini carrots!


As mentioned earlier, we had another two extra dishes; first one is from the Imperial package while second one is from the Emperor package.

From Imperial package: Another fish dish but instead of the whole block of fillet, the cod fish is cut into smaller individual cubes and steamed with Chinese herbs such as cordyceps (tongkwai) and spinach. The fish has a fresh, firm flesh but the herbs flavour is a little too mild.

From Emperor Package: We love the prawns that cooked in two styles; in hot and spicy sauce and pumpkin sauce. The prawns cooked with hot and spicy sauce were very appetizing, while the one cooked in pumpkin sauce were crispy and has a creamy flavour, thanks to the smooth pumpkin paste.

Buka Puasa With A Feast Promotion

Noble Package, RM 488+
Royal Package, RM 588+
Imperial Package, RM 688+
Emperor Package, RM 988+

  • All packages came with one appetizer, six main dishes and two desserts. Cater up to ten people per table.
  • Available at both Oriental Spoon and Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurants.
  • All packages will be available till the end of the year but there will be slightly some minor changes on the dishes after September.
  • All packages can also be ordered during lunch hour (advance booking required).
  • Receive dining vouchers worth RM100 when you book any one of the four packages at either Oriental Spoon or Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant.
  • As Oriental Spoon normally opens till 8pm, give them a call if you’ll be coming late and they will extend their business hour for you.

Click HERE for more information.


Oriental Spoon
1-2, 1st Floor,
Sooka Sentral,
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5,
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2261 3222
Fax: 03-2780 2055
Business Hour: 10.00am – 8.00pm, closed on Sunday

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant
One Bangsar,
No. 63, Jalan Ara,
Bangsar Baru, 59100
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2282 2555
Fax: 03-2284 4827
Web: http://www.bangsar-seafood.com

More pictures are available at HeartPatrick.com.

14 thoughts on “Oriental Spoon Ramadhan Feast

  1. Awww…such luxurious dining…you’re spoilt!!:p
    Cod fish, prawns, and the desserts…gosh, so so tempting…
    Those mini cute carrots are so adorable!!!
    Celebrity blogger yea….lots of makan makan invitations:p

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  3. whoops, for once I tot this was the Pick and Brew buffet. =P

    then come the photos of the fish and all. hehe …
    delicious. I’d be honoured for another round of food review session ok? hehe

  4. BBO: Yep.

    SC: Haha, pretty much. :p

    Allie: Imagine we need to take picture before digging in. Poor my friends. :p

    Christy: Eh, me not celebrity lah. Those “carrots” were cute, right? 🙂

    Ai Wei: Chinese-style, haha.

    Cutie: So the Imperial and Emperor package will be more lavish.

    Cumi&Ciki: Hi, welcome back. 😉

    Lotsofcravings: Haha, no lah. I haven’t get a discount card like PP yet. 😛

    FP: Thanks.

    J2Kfm: Hey, buffet doesn’t served like that right? 🙂

    CK Lam: Yeah, we love the mini carrots much.

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