Funny Mountain aka Bukit Kelakar

Bukit Kelakar! I was laughing while I typed that out :p

I guess I need not to introduce this place as it has appeared on newspapers, food blogs, travel magazines, food guides, TV programmes and so on. Funny Mountain (aka Bukit Kelakar!) has been operating for the past 50 years, which originated from a pushcart. They have shifted from their old location, which is just opposite Foh San Dim Sum to this new location… just a bit further up the same street, on the next block. Take note of the lines of vehicles queuing in the area and you’ll know where it is.

They sells the famous soybean milk and tau foo fah and also grass jelly (which you can choose to mix with the soybean milk) and packed Ipoh white coffee. You can pack the soybean milk for take away too (in small and large bottles). The convenient part is you do not have to get down from your vehicle (like a drive-thru kiosk). The workers will come over to take your order and serve you in your car too. The soybean milk is thick and fragrant while the tau foo fah slippery smooth. Even Frankie’s parents agreed to that.

Funny Mountain Soybean Milk & Tau Foo Fah
Jalan Dato’ Tahwil Azhar
Adjacent to Foh San Dim Sum
Business hour: 10.30am – 7.30pm daily

More tau foo fah:

23 thoughts on “Funny Mountain aka Bukit Kelakar

  1. the experience of eating there standing with the crowd, or sitting in one’s car, or even sitting on one of those stools they put is priceless.

    prompt service, smooth tau fufa, at 70 cents (rite?) per bowl only. A steal …

  2. Ahh..a place we went during the Drive For Food. I tot the secret to the silky tau foo fah was the water from the mountain..and the seller told me don’t be silly, no such thing. Tap water only. *FAINT*

  3. Cumi&Ciki: It’s a must have for every Ipoh trip!

    J2Kfm: If the sun is not too hot, I don’t mind sitting at the stool provided. RM 0.70 for milk, I think the curd is RM 0.80 but still very cheap!

    Nic: You can ask the owner how they came up with the name if you happens to go there! Hahaha.

    Kenny: LOL!

    Precious Pea: HAHAHA, he really said that?? It’s true lah, where got people will collect the water straight from the mountain ^^

  4. I know I know this place!!:) I was also laughing the first time I saw the name last time:D
    The tau foo fah is really nice…I liked it…no other tau foo fah met my expectations after that:p

    However, the last time I was there a few months ago, I find it deteriorated slightly…not sure what you think:)

  5. I love the tau fu fah.. and i like the “drive thru” style too… you can drive and stop by the road side and the tau fu fah is served to your car….

    great one…. 5 thumbs up from PenangTuaPui.. hee hee

  6. Little Inbox: Apparently, tau fu fah with brown sugar is not popular in Ipoh. I wonder why.

    Jun: Haha, really??

    Christy: It was ok for me all these while. I go there once a month whenever I go back to Ipoh.

    Jackson: Thank you! Ahem… :p

    Tummythoz: Haha. Yeah, too bad can’t find the same quality ones in KL.

    YilingL: Agree!

    SC: Is it time to make a trip to the north yet? 🙂

    KampungBoyCityGal: Yeah but if you found one, let me know ya!

    Mimi: Funny sounds more catchy maybe 🙂

    Simon: Huh, really? When was that?

    Allie: Aww… never mind, more reason to go again right?

    Jian: Er… does the water come from mountain?

    BBO: Indeed.

    PenangTuaPui: Hehe, very convenient right? Pay less but 5 star service.

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