More More Vegan

*Notice: More More Vegan has relocated to their new premise at 10 Boulevard, Kayu Ara, just before the Damansara toll towards NKVE. You can find the new address at the comment section.

Vegetarian dishes never failed to attract my attention (most of the time) because this is when I can eat whatever I want without worries (uncleaned intestines, weird tasting meat, not fresh and fishy seafood… you get the idea).

Scott brought me to the unknown territory of Old Klang Road one night as he claimed that a particular shop here serves decent vegetarian food. It’s smacked in the middle of a shophouses area next to a shopping mall (couldn’t remember the name though) which I think it’s rather dodgy with plenty of ah-longs stickers everywhere and poor road/garbage conditions.

Can you see the stickers all over the public telephone booth?

Anyway, we’re here to relieve our hunger pangs. Their menu is rather extensive with some dishes and drinks bearing the name of popular artiste or movies such as Stephen Chow (?) and Andy Lau (??). While Scott ordered Lychee Rose Tea (RM 3.80), I chose Finding Nemo (RM 4.80) which is made using fresh yoghurt and real mango cubes (no artificial flavour detected). A nice start.

Some light snacks to perk up our appetite; The Golden Tofu (RM 6.60) is cooked using soft white tofu, coated with breadcrumbs and deep-fried to golden yellow, served with a unique chilli sauce. The chilli sauce has a stronger gingerly taste compare to the usual garlicky ones.

We both like the Chuka Wakame (RM 5.60). Seasoned seaweed, julienned carrots and cucumbers with sprinkle of sesame seeds makes an addictive snack.

His Ramen King (RM 8.80) looks like the “hand-torn” pan mee with button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, carrots and Chinese cabbage, topped with shredded deep-fried fu chok as substitute to fried shallots.

Pasta with mock meat. My Anna and The King (RM 10.80) consists of a piece of thick, deep-fried mock fish meat with spaghetti cooked with loads of cubes tomatoes, capsicum in pesto sauce. The fish is a little hard and dry in texture but the pasta was good nonetheless. My only comment on the pasta – it’s a little oily though.

Six items costs us total RM 40.40 with no service charge.
p/s: Thanks Scottie for the recommendation!


More More Vegan House
91, Jalan Mega Mendung,
Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-7987 3318

Ipoh Mali In Sunday Metro

“Congrats! You got featured yesterday in Sunday Star 🙂 ”

For a while, I was blinking my eyes while reading the SMS sent by WMW yesterday… I thought she was joking. I dismissed it and continue with my work which are piling up on my desk….

Only few hours later, I realised I haven’t reply her SMS. :S

“Eh, really ar?”
“No one inform you about that? I’m the first one to inform you?”

I quickly logon to The Star Online website, search for my nickname and found it! They featured my post about Eiffel Restaurant which I went to with J2Kfm, Tummythoz, Phitoy and Food Cookies last month.


Read the article by Renita Che Wan here.

I never expect my blog to be featured on the newspaper as I always think that my grammars are crappy and if compared to Masak-Masak or A Whiff of Lemongrass, I’m just another humble food blogger on the food blogging community. Thanks to WMW for the SMS, Janvier for keeping the newspaper cutout for me and Renita Che Wan for submitting my post to The Star!

My Second Japanese Post

It’s not that I don’t like Japanese food but more often, I found that the pricing here in KL are exorbitant. I seldom patronise sushi chains eventhough I have yet to try out Genki and Sakae because I see them as some expensive fast food joints. Japanese buffet doesn’t work for me too as I feel it lack the sense of authenticity. So, to cut it short, I haven’t been to Jogoya, Fukuya, Kampachi, Yo! Sushi, Shogun, Umai-ya, Ninja Jones and so on…

So hard please hor? Then where does my second post came from?


No no, stop flipping the Yellow Pages, you won’t find it there. I came across this popular Japanese food joint in Bangkok last month on my second night in Siam Paragon. This was my third Bangkok trip and this time, we spent less time on the streets and explored the eateries in the malls instead. This particular outlet was 100% occupied when we arrived and we had to waited about 20 minutes to get a table while perusing the menu.

If I could, I would have just keep one set of their menu and bring it back. It’s so attractive! Every item were arranged nicely with gorgeous pictures (first reason to make you salivate), details and pricing. We had a hard time deciding on what to order, seriously (even with the extra 20 minutes waiting time + “deciding time” was not enough). We finally settled for Alaska Salmon Roll (190 Baht). Very fresh and everything were rolled up nicely, plus no clumpy gohan.

The Gyoza Ramen Set (150 Baht) doesn’t look appetising (my fault) but it’s good actually. The soup was very flavourful and ramen were cooked al dente. The gyozas were also nicely pan fried, with not so thick wrapping skin so you can still get the crispy sensation and juicy pork filling.

Janvier found that his Sukiju Pork Set (140 Baht) a little weird for him as it’s a rice and noodle combo with braised pork, tofu, vegetables, onions and ramen in miso based broth.

For bento set, you can choose either sashimi or tempura and I chose the latter. Fuji Bento Tempura Set (230 Baht) comes with grilled salmon, poached pork fillets (very tender!), nigiri, rice, tempura (prawns, squid, lady’s fingers, brinjal, yam and pumpkin) and salad. I practically swept everything and left no remnants.

The Salmon Tekka Don (260 Baht) arrived in its glorious form, beautifully arranged with zucchini, pickled ginger, wasabi and a dollop of ikura (salmon roe), covering the rice underneath. The serving was huge where Frankie ended up eating all the salmon sashimis but couldn’t finish the rice.

All the above item plus a chawan mushi, one coffee, one orange juice, one lemon juice and one Fujicha (tea) costs the four of us 1,311 Baht. That’s about 327.75 Baht (approximately RM 32.80) per person.


Fuji Japanese Restaurant
Same level as the food court with big aquariums
Business hour: Mon – Fri: 10.30am – 10.00pm, Sat – Sun: 10.00am – 10.00pm
(Outlets also located in Central World, MBK Centre, Silom Complex and The Emporium)

More pictures here: