Puchong Yong Tau Foo

This particular place was sitting in my wishlist for some time now. When Cheryl said “I’ll bring you to Puchong for yong tau foo” last month, it didn’t even crossed my mind that it is the place I’ve been wanting to go all these time. A few left, right turns and “go straight” instructions (we passed by Tractors, pasar malam and an ugly-ly designed condo, I remembered that) and we arrived in front of the Han Ming Chinese School. The place is just opposite the school and we saw cars of all sizes parked haphazardly at the roadside.

Now, it would be advised that you come with 2 or more friends; one party to grab a table (especially during dinner peak hour) and another party to pick the fresh vegetables – red chillies, bitter gourd, brinjals, okras, tofu puffs, tofu and foo chook from the baskets and hand them over to the lady workers. They will stuff them with fish paste and cook them immediately.

While waiting for the yong tau foo to be served, David got himself a parcel of the paper-wrapped chicken which according to him, was just so so. Nothing fantastic to rave about. We also spotted a stall selling pan mee here. Pan mee with yong tau foo… sounds not bad eh?

Now, here was the part where my photo taking task came to the rescue. The big bowl of the vegetables stuffed with fish paste came first and as usual, I started my job. While I was busy taking pictures, Cheryl was busy staring and looking at the items in the bowl when she said “I remembered I picked more YTF than this portion. This bowl of YTF looked too little than what I picked.” Just when she said that, another worker came to our table with a bigger bowl and when she saw the YTF which arrived earlier, she started to yell to the other staff in Indo-language I assumed, saying that someone must have made a mistake to deliver that small bowl of YTF to us. She then checked the small paper attached with the bowl which has our table’s number written on it and asked another staff to take that away. We would have eaten the smaller portion of YTF if it’s not because of me! *cheeky grin*

We like both the stuffed vegetables and deep fried items. The stuffed vegetables came with soup made from ikan bilis stock and sayur manis leaves. The deep fried items were very crispy and fresh since they arrive straight from the wok – just the way we like them to be.

Each pieces costs RM1 (slightly pricier than other places). I really can’t remember how to get here again unless I have the directions or I should drag Cheryl along (?) but here are the address.

Puchong Yong Tau Foo
Lot 105, Batu 14,
Jalan Besar, Kampung Baru Puchong.
Business hour: 11am – 9.30pm.
Close on Mondays.

Those who also been here before (possible candidate for directions? 🙂 ):

28 thoughts on “Puchong Yong Tau Foo

  1. A lot of people eat here during meal times.

    But the yong tau foo here is generally too oily for my liking.

    The dry pan meen is not bad though.

  2. OMG.. i loved this place, used to go there once a week when i was in Malaysia !! They serve assam fish and rendanf chicken too … awww.. i miss all the food back in Malaysia

  3. Kenny: Can can… so paiseh lah :p

    Cumi&Ciki: Right!

    mimi: Erm… meaning?

    Timothy: I been to the Ampang homeland in Subang before. So so only.

    Bayi: Nope, we haven’t try the rendang chicken here yet. Maybe on next visit.

    Chin: You remember the name of the place?

    Jin Hooi: We heard that the rendang chicken was nice.

    Simon: Haha, go go!

    Little Inbox: Nope, not Ampang. Yeah, RM1 is slightly high but worth it.

  4. Lianne: Such lovely sigh isn’t it! Haha :p

    Tummythoz: Ehh… paiseh lah, that it’s based on my personal tastebud. 🙂

    WMW: Yeah but too bad it’s quite far.. and I can’t remember the route!

  5. i try before but i feel the next shop is better…more traditional..homemade and boss who is the cook….yo…ur can have a try..

  6. o i totally agreed with quennie comment…cos the shop namecalled Yong Tau Fu xiao shi dian also crowded and the shop only open monday to saturday…”sunday closed”and then 4.30 only open… got chances i post some photo shared with ur guys…

  7. The shop i mentions is just a few steps from the shop you went. I really like their yong tao fu, rendang chicken and curry mee with pan mee (hard to find at other places). Their barley with fu zuk are very nice too. It is very smooth and “rich” compare to wattery barley water at other places. But they are closing at Sunday.

  8. o…only few step..u walk from the first shop…
    “ipohwav3” u from where?? hehe me and my family normally will order the mee and chicken rendang while waiting they serve YTF..hehe and take away some for tomolo..dishes o yummy..they practice first come first serve..so immmediately some ppl find for table…and some go choose the YTF stuff…

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