Merdeka Open House: Mee and My Malaysia

Malaysia will be celebrating the 51 Independence Day celebration in another 5 days and every year, Babe will never fail to organise the Merdeka Open House event where floggers will blog about a particular genre of food based on the selected theme.

This year’s theme is Mee and My Malaysia (as suggested by Jo from Saucing Around, Jo’s Deli).

I told Babe that I’ll come up with something “Ipoh”, hence during my trip back to Ipoh last weekend, I requested mom to cook the tom yam hor fun. She used to prepare this simple dish for lunch as she’s lazy to cook so much dishes which will get cold by dinner time (reheat them back doesn’t taste as good as freshly cooked ones).


The agak-agak recipe:

300 grams anchovies (halved, head and internal removed, cleaned)
1 litre water
250 grams Ipoh kuey tiau aka hor fun, blanched with hot water
250 grams cabbage, Chinese cabbage or choy sum
Assorted yong tau foo or yeong liu
Tom yam paste
Some cooking oil

  1. 1. Heat up 1 tablespoon of oil in a deep pot and fry the anchovies till they turn slightly brown. Add in one litre of water and bring it to boil.
  2. Meanwhile, heat up another 1 tablespoon of oil in frying pan and pan fried the assorted yong tau foo. You can deep fried them too if you prefer or buy those which are freshly fried. I personally like to pan fried them especially the fu chok with fish paste roll.
  3. Put blanched hor fun in serving bowl. When the stock is boiling, lower heat and season with salt. Add in Chinese cabbage or cabbage and stir till the veggies soften.
  4. Scoop the stock with veggies over the noodle. Top with tom yam paste, give it a good stir till the paste dissolves and garnish with chopped spring onion and yong tau foo. You can add bean sprout and onion too if desired. Serve hot.

Thanks mom for the lunch! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Merdeka Open House: Mee and My Malaysia

  1. HA? come back cook tomyum hor fun also not even ONE single,solitary,pitiful,waste-not-want-not strand of rice noodle for me ah?!!!!! *_*

    hehe … whoops, I meant the bowl of noodles look deliciously simple.

  2. Kenny: Slurpilicious indeed!

    Cutie: Thanks! You can make this for Doink too.

    Cumi&Ciki: Try to pack the hor fun from stall then add the tom yam paste yourself at home!

    J2Kfm: Ahem… you were in Taiping lah, dear.

  3. Little Inbox: Of course you can. Then you can tweak it a little on your second attempt.

    Babe: Can get any good hor fun in KL? Else you can cook it yourself.

    Nic: Mom always uses anchovies for stock, so it’s MSG free. 🙂

    Jackson: Aww… next year maybe?
    Durianberry: Yeah, can find in Serdang? Actually, I was thinking to substitute that with wantan mee :p

    Mark: Eh… why ah? your gf don’t like tom yam?

    Lianne: *pass tissue paper.

    Email2Me: Yeah, maybe next time use laksa broth!

    Jin Hooi: Hello there! No Ipoh hor fun in Melbourne, how about some local Melbourne hor fun as replacement? Hehe.

    Hazza: I think it’s the Peace brand (with a dove on the label).

    SC: Hahaha, I think I was still sleeping that time :p

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