When Motormouth Invaded Cheras

It seems that Motormouth aka J2Kfm travels a lot lately; for example, he was in KL last month for work and the trip doesn’t seem to be complete without a small gathering with the other floggers.

So, I took the helm again and buzzed those who stayed nearby Cheras for dinner as J2Kfm was staying at his aunt’s house in Pandan Indah, Cheras and since he’s not driving, we opted to have it in Cheras too. My boss packed some stuff from this place for lunch before (which we really liked), so I chose this place. At first, they thought this is a restaurant for some Western/French food!

The menu is quite colourful and it seems like they serve mostly simple Chinese and Teochew dishes with a twist (although we didn’t really get the Teochew feel, but never mind that). We like the Thai Style Fish Fillet (RM 13) which was lightly battered, deep fried and tossed with tangy spicy Thai sauce, onion and cucumber.

My boss and I had their Salted Egg Fried Rice (RM 6) before which was a good one, so I ordered it again but this time, it failed to impress us. The orangey salted egg yolk was almost not visible although we can taste a mild hint of salted egg white and by the time we dug in it, it was a little cold. But that might be due to the prolonged exposure to the “hungry” cameras. :p

But luckily, these Money Bags (RM 10) were still as good as the previous ones. They uses seasoned minced fish paste with some chopped spring onions and wolfberries; all wrapped with thin wantan skin, deep fried and served on a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce and wolfberries. The fish paste was smooth in texture and not coarse with a mild hint of Chinese herb, tongkwai.

They have been introducing some new item to the menu and we decided to give them a try by ordering this Lemongrass Chicken Pan Mee (RM 12). It sort of giving me the feel that I’m having pan mee, Vietnamese style. The pan mee was done dry version and “hand-torn type”, with delicious chunks of tender chicken infused with lemongrass fragrance, onion, spring onion and crushed peanuts in a sticky, dark sauce.

Crabmeat Pan Mee (or Seafood Pan Mee, RM 15) was also the “hand-torn type” style, cooked in a broth thicken with cornflour (resembling shark’s fin soup), egg, prawns, fish fillets, crabmeat sticks, spring onions, parsley and fish roe (?) but somehow, it failed to impress us. It was quite bland to my palate and the broth was too thick to my liking.



As the name of the restaurant implies, crushed ice desserts are available here so I settled with my old favourite Ais Kacang with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, J2Kfm opted for Icy Mango Milk (RM 4.50), Tummythoz ordered the Ice Blended Soursop, Phitoy only had two scoops of ice creams and lastly, Food Cookies had her Mint Chocolate Milk Shake (RM 4). A cool ending to the dinner for that night. Total bill came to RM 77.50 (no service charge whatsoever) for the five of us – reasonable!

*Thanks to you guys for coming as I’m a bad planner. Hope you had fun. 🙂

Eiffel Restaurant & Dessert House
159, Jalan Lancang,
Taman Seri Bahtera, Cheras,
56100 KL.
(If you’re coming from Jalan Cheras/Loke Yew, turn left after you passed Old Town White Coffee opposite Taman Midah)

Tel : 03-9130 4234
Business Hour: Not specified but closes around 9pm.

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22 thoughts on “When Motormouth Invaded Cheras

  1. Haha! Finally someone post before me. Need a bit of reference of the dishes we had. =P

    Real sorry I was no help in the Ampang eating scene. Actually got 1 or 2 ‘taichow’ that I frequent but don’t know how to give directions.

  2. Cumi&Ciki: Yeah, no extra charges. 🙂

    LotsOfCravings: If he’s gonna stay overnight again, will buzz you guys!

    Precious Pea: They have more and we just had two types!

    Mimi: Actually it’s not burnt, it’s something that they use to “tie” the opening… something like seaweed.

    Tummythoz: No problem ^^ For reference, can see J2Kfm’s post also.

  3. Wah, J2KFM got blogger kakis in KL to bring around; impressed.

    Jason, nice food u introduced but hardly the Teochew cooking style; more Thai right but they looks yummilicious.

  4. WMW: I think so. Can’t really remember.

    JenCooks: Hello there. Yeah, hardly the Teochew style of cooking but that’s what they claimed themselves to be.

    Ai Wei: And cheap!

    Little Inbox: I think that’s a lot of mango for RM 4.50.

    KampungBoyCityGal: Maybe the owner visited Eiffel Tower before and love the place so he/she open the restaurant with same name! Haha… what a theory!

  5. geez, a post dedicated to me?
    so nice of you la … sorry this time around takde jumpa, cz I also felt mouyisi disturb Jason the ever-reliable planner. 😉
    sure dunwan to disturb your wkend plans. dun worry, will be down KL quite often.
    this time a bit rush though …

  6. when i first see yr first pic, the first thing dat came up my mine was… this jason sure order ice-kacang one 😛 hahaha

    anyway, fancy cooking some noodles for this year’s Merdeka Virtual Open House? This year’s theme is Mee and My Malaysia.

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