Ipoh Mali Met Ipoh Mali In Ipoh

Before I continue…

Try to read the title in 3 seconds.

Hope your tongue doesn’t get entangled by that. :p

24th May was the official date when Ipoh Mali A (yours truly) met Ipoh Mali C in Ipoh. (who is B you ask? Citygal, of course!). J2Kfm was kind enough to pick me from my house (he stays very near to my house in Ipoh actually) but both of us were clueless where to go for lunch. I understand his excitement as the same situation happened to me before when I just start food blogging and I realised there’s no other flogger around in Ipoh.

He mentioned about Left Shore which I agreed. It’s time to revisit by the way.


It was closed, unfortunately. WTH, closed on Saturdays??

So, we settled with the new place called A’Shore Restaurant nearby Left Shore (similar name…hmmm). Apparently, we’re the only customers at that time (it was around 2pm if I’m not mistaken). Colonial decor, wooden furnitures, chandeliers. The menu was pretty easy to navigate with pictures provided.

J2Kfm ordered the A’Shore Spicy Noodle, RM 6.50 which is basically noodles (looks very similar like la mian) in spicy minced meat (both of us decided it was pork), scallions, bird eye’s chillies and some fermented bean sauce and plenty of shredded lettuce leaves, in a BIG portion. He seems enjoyed the noodle except the spiciness which is a bit overwhelming for him.

When I see this, I know I had to order it. My Kong Nam Meen, RM 6.90 (very similar like kuey teow in egg gravy except that this is yee mee) came in a big portion too and loaded with squids, prawns, tender pork slices, cabbage, romaine lettuce, mushrooms, carrot, broccoli, wood ear fungus and deep fried egg noodles, all swimming happily in the egg gravy. I remember Babe KL mentioned about this dish before and I was hoping to try it one day ever since. The noodle was quite good, but a little more salt added would be better.

More customers started to flood the place while we were busy tucking away in our food. I think their price tags were quite reasonable and the ambiance was ok too. They also serve dishes in dai chow style as well but desserts were limited though.

We went to Kinta City after lunch as I need to get my latest issue of Flavours and was surprised that they revamped the food court. Ipoh finally got it first Big Apple donuts outlet here!


It was nice meeting up with you again, J2Kfm. And thanks for the lift. 😉

A’Shore Restaurant & Tea Bar
No. 5, Jalan Dato’ Yeoh Cheang Lee,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.

Business Hour: Open daily, 9.00am – 11.00pm
Tel: 05-253 3057
See map and directions here.

Read more about the outing here:

25 thoughts on “Ipoh Mali Met Ipoh Mali In Ipoh

  1. hi Jacelyn! yeah, thanks to your recommendation! 🙂
    jason, thank you, and you’re most welcomed
    (go figure … LOL). If only you heart donuts like I do, we would’ve cleaned house that day @ Big Apple’s!!! =P

  2. Wat????? Big Apple in Ipoh but not Penang????? Ini tak boleh jadi wei…unfair!!! *roll on the floor* 😛

    Hahaha Ipoh Mali A ,B and C…Hm…I am always clueless on where to eat in Penang 🙂

    Hehe J2Kfm is from USM also! *high5*

  3. Jacelyn: Hey, thanks for spreading the news around 🙂 Will update the link soon.

    Kenny: Wow, thanks a million for the compliment bro!

    J2Kfm: Relax… there’s still many places to conquer.

    Christine: More to come!

    NKOTB: It’s second meeting. He came down to KL few weeks ago and we got to met him.

    Precious Pea: LOL

    Jun: No J.Co yet. I doubt they’ll have.

    Jian: But you have Kim Gary in Penang. 🙂

    Mei: It’s in the food court. 🙂

    LotsofCravings: Yeah, you got “ais kacang” to accompany you. :p

    Mimi: Yeah, plenty of veggies.

    JeromeFo: Hope you’ll have fun exploring. 🙂

  4. me, a GAL? *_*
    erm, thanks Mdm Pea … i’ll give you ample time to clarify if we ever get to meet in KL! haha …
    jian, HIGH5 too!!! I just got back from Pg, and purposely passed by USM for the sake of old times ….
    jason, sorry, ganggu your comments board …muahahah

  5. i know a yummy halal kong nam meen in KL..at BNM’s food court (central bank). serves on friday lunchtime only, it’s well marinated chicken and mushrooms are delish!

  6. Ipoh Mali Met Ipoh Mali in Ipoh.

    Can we make it, Ipoh Mali Met Ipoh Mali And Another Ipoh Mali in Kay-El?

    I am another Ipoh Mali who constantly binges on the glorious Ipoh food each time I go home. Ipoh food rocks!!!

  7. Kent: Both are served in big portion.

    William: Agree! Starting to hate the smell.

    Little Inbox: 🙂

    Lil’ Ms Pinky: Hahaha, of course. Yeah, another Ipoh blogger!

    Nic: You can make that for potluck next time. ^^

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