Sorry for the long hiatus, been busy with work, catching up with friends and also feeling uninspired to write, hence the lack of updates. But I’m slowly picking up the pace again, so there will be new posts coming up soon.

I’ve been trying to explore more of Pandan Indah area lately with Kevin, so here’s our 2nd destination, Axtivo Cafe (a rather weird name for cafe, it sounded more like a brand of a skincare product!) after Tsim Tung (“un-blogged” cos for me, it’s nothing more like another char chan teng out there). Kevin said that this cafe is opened by a Taiwanese or something like that (can’t really remember).

As you step in, you’ll be greeted “Welcome home” in Mandarin by the waiter/waitress, as would the Taiwanese do. Both of us find the interior was rather mismatched; brilliant red sofas with green walls, cement flooring. The furnitures further allowed us to see more of the floor which we think is kinda… not pleasing to the eyes. The crowd are mostly young adults.

The menu is kinda extensive but most of the item are pretty much similar to the usual char chan teng such as cheese baked rice, fried rice in different style etc. I like the pictures though, very professionally taken. I settled with Italian Fried Spaghetti, RM 7.90 which came with pork slices, cabbage and choy sum in a rather small portion. Taste wise, it’s acceptable; not too dry or greasy and the spaghetti was cooked just to the right texture.

Kevin didn’t had any mains as he ate somewhere else earlier, so he only ordered the Honey Jasmine Tea, big, RM 5.50 while I had Oreo Milkshake, RM 6.90. My milkshake came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which made the shake creamier but also very filling (people with small appetite might wanna consider to share it). It’s a tad too sweet but it’s nice to nibble on the crushed Oreo bits.

Total bill came to RM 20.30 with no service charge or government tax whatsoever. They also have prefixed set lunch and set dinner at a reasonable price, where the items served varies on different days. It’s another good place to sit down for drinks with your friends. Service is quick and quite efficient.


Axtivo Cafe
59A & 60A,
Jalan Pandan Indah 4/3,
Taman Pandan Indah,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-4297 6642
Fax: 03-4297 5642

25 thoughts on “Axtivo2U

  1. Ooooh, nice pics with new presentation style. Ok, go round and look for more places to eat, then at least when we look for you, you have a list in hand!

  2. WMW: TQ TQ. Trying, trying… 😛

    Kenny: TQ TQ. More pics on the way. 🙂

    Little Inbox: Yeah, agree. But I found several in Ipoh…. now, that’s a bit too far.

    Cumi&Ciki: It’s not bad but not really that great also… haha..

    Kent: Yep, remember to leave space in the stomach for this. 🙂

  3. yup yup…i’ve been thr too! The food is okay only…it’s a nice place for yumcha sessions, but thr is more places to yumcha around that place…

  4. and I was wondering where you’ve been in the blogosphere. hehe. aiya, and I thought of blogging bout Tsim Tung, for the pics have been sitting around for some time. now you made me think twice … =)

  5. Wenxuan: Yeah, food was just ok, nothing to shout about. Well, if one tired of Station 1 which is just few doors away, can come here. 🙂

    Mimi: Yep, sharp eyes you have!

    J2Kfm: Oh, you been to Tsim Tung? Blog la, let us see what you had. But did you experienced an extreme cold there?

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  7. haha! yeah! in fact, we were sitting right below the air-cond set and were shivering in our boots. haha …. actually i’ve been eating there since 6 yrs ago i think. better than Kim gary, least for me. 🙂

  8. Jun: Yeah, it’s also damn hot here!

    PenangTuaPui: Then order 3? 🙂

    Simon: Oh… what type of business?

    J2Kfm: 6 years! I still don’t find that CCT here are nice. Wong Kok’s quality also dropped.

    NKOTB: But very filling!

  9. BBO: Stay tuned!

    Jackson: Eh, when you’re free lo! You seem very busy lately.

    William: Yes, exactly. I find that Wong Kok is not nice anymore…

    VKeong: There’s plenty of weird stuff in KL, you need to look for them. 🙂

    Penang Tua Pui: WAH, 3 still not enough?

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