Mun Wah Hokkien Mee

I think that I got the “take-a-break-from-blogging” virus lately… Doesn’t feel motivated to type anything. I’m sorry… this will be a short and quick post.

Usually when Kevin came to look for me for dinner, I’m always clueless on where and what to have. The other night when he came, suddenly this place popped up in my mind. He’s up for the game as he himself also haven’t try this place before.

It was drizzling that night, so all the patrons are forced to sit at the shop corridor and inside the shop. Unaware of what other choices we can opt for, both of us ordered the same fried Hokkien mee (dai look meen. Just to clarify because Penang floggers told me that Hokkien mee is actually Prawn mee… so, this is just to avoid confusion 🙂 ). Only after that, we found out that they also serve some simple dishes like kung pou frogs, kung pou mantis prawns, squid rings etc but since there are only two of us, we dismissed the idea of ordering more food.

The sambal belacan chilli is a must have when having fried Hokkien mee but garlic? O.O”

The fried Hokkien mee overall is acceptable but lack of wok hei as we saw the uncle fried the noodle in batches, not one-by-one. It’s loaded with crispy lard, sliced cabbage, pork slices and livers, all well coated in the dark-sticky sauce. It doesn’t really appeal to me though. Anyone know where to find a good fried Hokkien mee in Klang Valley? (preferably not too far since I’m not driving 🙂 )

Mun Wah Hokkien Mee
55, Jalan Maharajalela,
50150 KL

More info at:

44 thoughts on “Mun Wah Hokkien Mee

  1. Mei & Little Inbox: Looks can be deceiving sometimes ^^.

    Kenny Mah & LotsofCravings: Really ar? Ok ok, shall try with garlic next time.

    J2Kfm: Cos you don’t like yellow noodle? 🙂

    SC: Same same. How about I exchange your lard with my liver? 😛 (sounds so salah)

    Lianne: LOL! How did you know I went for Tiesto? Facebook? No lar, I came here few weeks back before Tiesto. 🙂

  2. wahahaha yeah its hokkien mee XD

    aiyah who spread you the virus? But sometimes does food blogger enjoy the food 100%? All I know is everytime makan, the food will be cold after picture taking :S

    Sometimes, I just tutup mata and makan without taking pictures hahahaha!

    Happy resting~

  3. WMW: You must be really sick of Egyptian food. :p

    Jian: Cold food is okay lah… maybe I got the virus from bloghopping. Thanks ^^

    XLB: Hahaha… me think so too. You have a good break as well ya.

  4. Hokkien me huh. Ok, I think I’ll have to go back to my favourite Hokkien mee stall in Sentul. My whole family from my grandpa to my cousin ate it from 20++ years ago. Still find it’s the best.

  5. mimi: Jalan Ipoh? Nope, not yet, where is the exact location?

    Simon: Sentul! Sentul where? I have friend stays there, maybe he knows.

    SC: Ahh.. why not?? ^^
    Eh, you’re going in July too? Me on 12th – 15th, how about you?

  6. ya lor! which part of sentul??? tell me, tell me! i know that place very well…hehehe…

    i almost made it to mun wah last sat, but ended up at ngau kee again..hehe

  7. oh! that one ar?? has been around since the 80’s! thanks for the tip, mimi! 🙂 the last time i makan was like 25 years ago! never been back there since…hehe

    i miss the one at the pekeliling flat..they used to call them sap chat lau (17 storeys) no more d..sigh…

    sorry ar, jason…turned yr comment box into a hokkien mee forum d…hehe

  8. If landed there again, order their ‘Kon-chow-hor’ aka fried flat rice noodles dry style. Add a raw egg to fold in the hot noodles. Yummy guaranteed.

  9. After having basically tasteless and bland food for the past few days, your plate of Hokkien Noodles loooks really appetizing. But am coughing my lungs out at the moment and am very sure Hubby will ban this from my diet at the moment 😦

  10. Oh, I know what you mean by no mood in writing. I also have that problem. Anyway, i notice there are not many good hokkien mee around already. That’s so sad.

  11. Nic: Eh, how come ended up in Ngau Kee again? LOL, no problem! Er… I donno where is KLPac leh. Yalor, I heard those at pekeliling flat area demolished liao 😦

    Tummythoz: Sounds like “moon kuey tiau”!

    Precious Pea: Poor thing… *hugs* hope you recover fast. Then you can eat whatever you want.

    Cutie: It’s a common “epidemic” among bloggers hahaha… yeah, I haven’t found a really nice hokkien mee in KL yet.

  12. i dunno whr u stay, but thr’s a nice one in PJ. aiya, can’t remember the name of the place all of a sudden– i think it’s paramount gardens? or, thr’s another one in subang new village. as usual, i’m bad at names, but i know how to get thr *pai seh* next time bring u lar 😀

  13. Penang folks hokkien mee different with the KL one…

    we call this “tai lok min”…..

    but look so yummy.. even though it look a bit like worm la..

    for us.. dun care how it looks.. as long as it taste nice will do… 😛

  14. we have noticed the entry of many new & fresh food blogs of late ( which is a good progressive sign ) and also noted a slowdown of sorts in some sweet original pioneering bloggers we know. The time consuming inspiration virus is real coz to maintain a constant flow is not easy. We would love dearly reviews of more diversified scope of multi cuisines but surely that is not easy. To try something new and blog everyday is near impossible ( pocket and waistline and time ) ! but keep it up nevertheless !

  15. Is this the wan by DBP ah? Hokkien Mee. *Sigh* There used to be a very good one near an RHB Bank downtown (sorry am bad with road names in KL, oni know how to get there). It was opposite a stall selling really good prawn mee as well. Sad to say all that’s left now is the Chee Chap Chok stall. Innards anyone?

  16. JeromeFo: You stay nearby there? 🙂

    NKOTB: Haha, don’t worry. 🙂

    Ai Wei: Awww.. hope you’ll get back on your feet soon.

    Durianberry: Not very oily, maybe because of the sauce that makes you think it’s oily?

    Kent: Agree!

    Mama Bok: How does SG’s hokkien mee look like?

  17. Stumbled across your blog today and I must say the name gave me a great laugh. I haven’t lived in Malaysia for more than 12 years (in Bangkok now), but reading your blog really makes me miss the place.

    My blog is more about cooking, but you may find some of it interesting.


  18. Hi Jason,

    Yes, Bangkok is great for both. If you love food, there is plenty to make you go crazy. Even after 12 years, I still thrill to the taste of the BBQ seafood and dipping sauce.

    Early rainy season now, so its cooler than April.

  19. Mun Wah quality control a bit hard to predict, sometimes is really good, sometimes is not. Recently I have revisited Hokkien Mee near Kota Raya, and the other one at Jalan Pudu, but still… Mun Wah far better than them. Let me know if you tried some better shop.

  20. David: I love Thai food but whenever I’m in Bangkok, I’m a bit skeptical to eat by the roadside (due to hygiene reason) so we’ll usually choose to eat in those coffee shops.

    Tekko: Thanks for sharing. Will post a new one if I ever found any better ones.

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