When North Meets South

When Jian came from Penang for few days holiday, I planned to have dinner with her and Durianberry at Jalan Alor. But unbeknownst to them, I also texted a few floggers to join the dinner too.

And so I first met up with the girls at Pavilion. Then I left them at Starhill Gallery and went to Wong Ah Wah to met up with Citygal and wait for the rest to arrive. Tankiasu joined us not long after that.

As usual, we had the highly recommended barbequed chicken wings which still retain it’s quality. Smoky, slightly sticky, caramelised skin and juicy meat. I wonder what Jian think about this.You know, there might be a better one in Penang than Wong Ah Wah.

Wong Ah Wah also serves one of the better satay, it’s my must-order item whenever I come here. The chicken meat were tender, well marinated, perfectly grilled and goes well even without the accompanied peanut sauce.

As we planned to go for second round, we decided not to order too much here. So we had the roast pork noodle which is a bit oily but nevertheless, it’s quite good. The roast pork were first stir-fried with garlic and then serve on a bed of dry wantan noodle, choy sum and sprinkled with chopped spring onion. Tankiasu, however commented that it’s just mediocre.

We proceed to Tengkat Tong Shin after that, and we saw Man Sook’s stall was open, so we decided to give it a try. Man Sook as in Chinese means “slow uncle” and most of the floggers nicknamed him that because he cooks slowly. Which is true because we almost end up waited for about 45 minutes for the food to arrive.

So, while waiting, we took pictures. Just look at the fire sparks created from the high pressure stove. Took this with slow shutter speed, hence the sparks looks like red threads.

As the place we sat was really dark, our pictures became as dark as the surroundings. And we don’t feel like flashing our poor food with flashes, so Citygal helped to use his phone flashlight as light source for us (thank you~). The friend min sin although laden with prawns, sliced cabbage, bean sprouts and egg, it doesn’t have sufficient the so-called breath of wok.

Same goes for the fried kueytiaw. I personally found it tastes ok, the rest found it not salty enough and Jian said that it’s very salty. O.O Clashing of tastebuds?

Although there are some hit and misses, it’s still good to meet the girls a year later (the first time I met Jian & Durianberry was last year after the first inaugural floggers meeting at Sandias). Maybe for the third time meeting, it will be in Penang!

Restoran Wong Ah Wah
Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur

Man Sook stall
Tengkat Tong Shin, Bukit Bintang,
Opposite Ngau Kee Beef Noodle

25 thoughts on “When North Meets South

  1. You know what, no matter what people say about this place (a lot says this place is not what it used to be), I still love their BBQ pork noodle. It’s oily and salty, bad for your health and all, I still love it.

    Curse of a foodie?

  2. Hey! I still havent try the chicken wings la! can put down on your list-to-do? hehe, bring me there next time, probably coupled with nice dinner at Max! ? Your photo-taking skills are improving by leaps and bounds!

  3. wah… ipoh boy finally able to bring ppl around kl for makan, not bad, not bad! *clap clap* i love the slow shutter speed effect. have u changed into a dslr?

  4. the pic look so ‘wok’ dy stil not enuf wok a? haha..wanted to try their chicken wings..no matter is it as good as those in Penang its enuf to satisfy those craving here..haha

  5. i like that sparks pic! reminded me of a food magazine feature some time back 🙂

    45 mins? i order, go for foot reflexogy and come back makan..ngam ngam hou!

  6. Man, I miss Wong Ah Wah’s chicken wings… last time I had was when my Italian friends came down for their honeymoon last year… so long ago di…

    Btw, love that shot of the fire threads… totally cool. I mean, totally HOT. 😆

  7. I’ve never tried Wong Ah Wah and Man Sok before. So it was great finally can try for the first time, since most floggers have written about these two places. CityGal’s hp torchlight was really handy that night 😀

  8. Timothy: Same here. Maybe because we had a good meal here numerous times before, other people’s comments can’t deter us from going back there. 🙂

    J2Kfm: Can can. I think Max will be glad when he knows another flogger from Ipoh come to visit him. Thanks!

    Cumi&Ciki: Thank you girl. You can try to do it next time too.

    Jun: Aiks, malu lah, it’s just a few places I’m familiar with actually… hehe. Nope, still using the compact old camera.

    Christine: Yeah, it looks like very “wok” (hot) but don’t know why the food were not up to expectation.

    Simon: That’s what I heard too but I still find it good.

    Nic: Pakcik, you really know how to enjoy hor. :p

    Lianne, WMW: Thanks but nope, it’s still the old one.

    Kenny: That’s.. many months ago. O.O Take some time off and come over for chicken wings 🙂
    Thanks bro… yeah, HOT ^^

    Durianberry: It’s my first time to try Man sok too. It’s always good to have people with Sony handphone around!

    Mimi: That’s true but they choose to park at the paid parking lots usually. I think it’s RM3 per entry.

  9. ei i din say man sok noodles are salty la…its tankiasu… in fact i said the roast pork noodles are salty.

    haha paiseh actually I still think Penang bbq wings are better and satay too…

  10. Jian: Aiks, my memory really sucks…..

    NKOTB: Then next time when you’re down to KL, do come here to satisfy your cravings.

    Little Inbox: It’s 11pm! Go get supper. 😆

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