And So, We Had Hakka… Mee

*Updates: Yin Yau Kui moved just across the street and has been renamed to Restoran Paris.

Nowadays, when I go back to Ipoh, I tried to make an effort to visit at least one eatery which I never posted before previously. Luckily Frankie and Lee Sha joined me in my quest and probably, J2Kfm too, on my next visit.


While Frankie wanna have dim sum, I suggested we have nasi lemak instead. After a few rounds of ideas exchanging, we decided to have Hakka noodle at Yin Yau Kui.


Although it’s Saturday and unlike KL, most of the businesses remain open on Saturday. But it sure unable to deter the crowds from coming here for breakfast. The three of us practically stood there, waited for about 10 minutes to get ourselves a vacant table. This place is just a stone throw away from Foh San, Lou Wong, Onn Kee and Funny Mountain Soya Milk.

A single noodle (small) costs RM 1.80, one and 1/2 (medium) RM 2.40 and double portion noodle (large) RM 3.00. A bit different from the one we get in KL as they’re mixed with dark soy sauce, hence gave the noodle a slightly darker colour. But don’t let the colour fooled you, as the noodle itself was quite bland. Here’s where the minced pork topping came to the rescue. Eaten alone, the pork were very salty but when mixed with the noodle, they complete each other perfectly. However, I would be happier if they give more minced pork, though.

You simply can’t miss their mixed liu as well. I love the pork balls with smoked cuttlefish bits and the minced squid balls, while the beancurd have a burnt smell. Almost forgot the fish ball too; fresh, tender and not-to-bouncy. All items costs RM 0.50 per piece. If you don’t know what or how many pieces to order, just tell the worker to mix them for you.

Wash the meal down with a glass of iced Old Town white coffee. Pure bliss for coffee aficionados.



Restoran Yin Yau Kui
153, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street),
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Business hour: 7.30am till 11.00am

More reviews and slurpilicious photos at:

40 thoughts on “And So, We Had Hakka… Mee

  1. its never easy to find nice hakka noodle back at my urs really tempt me..and i think its cheap..i think the next destination for my food hunting will be that time, shall ask u to give me some good recommendation..

  2. OH! go eat Hakka mee without asking me! =(
    hehe … Personally I though the place is slightly over-rated la. The hakka mee is superb, but the balls (no dirty thoughts, pls) and tauhu just did not cut it for me.

  3. I have not tried Hakka Mee as my Hakka Hubby kept telling me tat it’s not nice at all. Well, i guess i must try to judge it myself. Huge crowd….aii..when is our Ipoh trip leh?

  4. AhBong: Kolo mee! Why no people sell them here!?

    Christine: I believe there’s better ones out there but this place is considered quite good for Ipoh standard. 🙂

    Mei: Ooh… long holiday?

    J2Kfm: LOL, I came here before I met you the other day. It’s hard to find nice meatballs here you know… some with strong porky taste :S

    Precious Pea: Hahaha, maybe he had Hakka mee too much previously till he’s sick of it? Em… I’m fine and free anytime, just that you guys need to plan your leave. 🙂

    VKeong: Kajang where???

  5. hakka mee! i like!! haha…for a moment i thought it was that famous seremban favourites stall…the mince pork reminds me of ngau kee’s…nice!

    must ask you where to eat when i go to ipoh next time…

  6. Mimi: Hahaha, “mountain ppl mountain sea”!

    KampungBoyCityGal: You miss Ipoh aren’t you.

    Nic: Famous Seremban Favourites is better actually. 🙂 Can can, no problem.

  7. it’s a Full House! this place is so crowded.
    as for the hakka mee in KL, mayb can try out the one in pandan indah call Chong Ka. very yummy 1

    • I totally agree. This Hakka noodle in Pandan Indah is very delicious. They originate from Kuala Lipis, Pahang. I an from JB but whenever I am in KL, will try to drop by to eat it. Infact, looking for a recipe to make the noodle itself but can’t get. Very disappointed.

  8. I’m a big fan of Hakka Mee, but I never realised you can have “one half mee” before! For me, I think I will have “two half mee”, please. 😉

  9. There’s another one hor nearby the Pasar Puteh Polis Station there, same row as Mun Cheong. That wan aitelyu…wanna eat must line up wan & must go bloody early some more

  10. OMG that stall I had frequented since i was seven! And now i’m 21, so u can say i’m an old customer…lol…

    U can request for extra mince pork u know, i always do that, and add a dash of fish sauce and huge scoops of garlic with some of the chilli…it’s a heavenly combo that i can’t find anywhere else…try it ^^

    The noodles was previously made by the eldest of the three brothers, but he passed away and the other took over. I still recall the youngest one loves to dry the chopsticks en-masse with a loud sound and it’s kinda interesting to me. My sister even did a documentary on their place for her final assignment about the great food in ipoh.

    Now since i’m studying overseas, i really miss the food back there. Seriously, this is one of ipoh finest.

  11. Ai Wei: It’s always a full house. Chong Ka? Which part of Pandan Indah?

    Kenny: Two half mee! You’re not kidding?

    NKOTB: Yep, you mentioned that before. 🙂

    Christine: If you found it, do let us know ya.

    Takemoto: Hello, thanks for dropping by!

    You’re indeed a very “old” customer! I will try to request for more minced pork next time. And for the garlic, I can’t take too much of it cos I’m worried about the smell.. hehe. Your sister did a documentary on them? That’s great! Good food place should be pass on to other people.

    When you’re back, do remember to visit them again. 🙂

  12. Unkaleong: Yeah, I know that one but I feel that it’s not so nice compare to this one. And they’re closed on Wednesday. When did you went there?

  13. Hakka mee is still one of my favourite noodle as it is usually handmade. I have not tried thick ones like this though, but I can imagine it to be really good. Price was reasonable too .. just like PJ price 10 years ago .. haiii

  14. This hakka mee and the liu seems very tasty! I would definitely go try out if I ever pass by Ipoh to back to hometown.

  15. Jun: Then remember to drop by here on your next trip. 🙂

    Durianberry: Hope you’ll like the food then. 🙂

    Lianne: Yeah, when I saw the pricing, I suddenly feel that it’s very cheap!

    Ethan: Ha… go and have that for breakfast!

    Joy: Hope you’ll like the food here if you got the chance to try it.

    LotsofCravings: Triple mee!? Can finish that? Oh, they’re sold out when we reach that morning. 😦

  16. errr… i dunno how to describe where. it’s around the kin kin pan mee and the lap peh beef noodles. arghhh… i dunno how to describe ar

  17. hihi…been following ur blog since last yr…actually u can ask for additional mince meat from them…and did you put d fish oil? yummy stuff! I ate this since i was small! and now i’m 23…hohoo…

  18. btw…takemoto is my brother…i DID do some shooting for my assignment there…so now you know we are ‘old’ customers! If you are stumped when you come back to ipoh, just ask us ok? My email is

  19. WenXuan: Hello there, fellow Ipohan! Thanks for your support all these time. Alright, I got it, shall ask for more minced pork when I visit them again. You and your brother are really ‘old customers’! Too bad my parents never brought us here when small, only discovered this place few years back with friends. Thanks for the email as well, do drop by again for more articles. 🙂

  20. hiya jason, u can try out the curry mee just adjacent to the hakka mee. I believe it’s called Xin Quan’s different from the Sun Seng Fatt in Old Town…more sour than them…hope you like assam curry…

    btw…citygal is actually my ex-schoolmate…We AMC girls do like to eat! haha…

  21. agree ^^

    i recall the stall has a system similiar to nando’s, where u can order the degree of spiciness for the curry XD

    Usually the old customers go for the full blast, not that it’s very hot though.

    The special point is that they could seperate the curry noodles and the fillings like roast pork, chicken and etc in another bowl…so it’s like having assorted meat accompanied by the noodles >0< took my friends there and they all loved it! Don’t understand why the publicity isn’t as great as the hakka mee’s but it’s something worth trying out.

    WX: ST boys also like to eat la!! XD Though Ipoh Parade is always a more convienient option for us since it’s just directly opposite it…

    I want to go back Ipoh soon!!!

  22. Ya, rated one of the best in Ipoh beside the Ipoh Garden East Restoran.

    Remember to eat hakka mee together with fish sauce and not soya sauce! The fish sauce will provide a very different taste to the bland hakka mee.

  23. WenXuan: Yeah, I heard of Xin Quan Fang many many times but I always missed it cos I don’t know the exact location. OMG, Citygal is your ex-schoolmate!? Such small world!

    Takemoto: Sounds really delicious. I had few times, curry mee with separated served siew yuk and chicken in a shop opposite Courts Mammoth Pasir Putih which is quite okay-lah.

    Haha, Sam Tet and AMC students. ACS here!

    Seteck: Yeah, the fish sauce definitely add some kick to the noodle. When I visit Bangkok, they uses fish sauce instead of soy sauce… nice.

  24. Firewire,
    Hi, you should be able to see it when you search for Yin Yau Kui in Google Earth. But just to inform you that they moved to the opposite shop called Paris now.

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