That Big Portion

Sorry for the lack of update, was busy with tasks on hand recently. I was digging through my archive and found a folder of pictures I haven’t blog about yet… dated last year’s November!

A friend of mine came to Cheras to look for me for dinner but since I’m always clueless where to dine (floggers always suffered from this problem actually), we decided to take a few rounds first and passed by Woh Kei in Taman Connaught. Attracted by the crowds outside the establishment, we decided to give it a try.

Salted peanuts were served first (rather normal stuff but I don’t mind to have this since I love peanuts) which costs RM 1.50.

Did you see the serving size? There’s only two of us but the portion can actually feed 4 person! The Thai Style Chicken were lightly battered, deep fried and then tossed with onions, chopped bird’s eye chilli, bunga kantan and complete with a dash fresh lime juice. Very appetising I must say and not very greasy. In case you’re wondering, the liquid below was lime juice, not oil. 🙂

My first time trying the Fut Thew Cheong aka Buddha Jump Over The Wall (which might not be the authentic version) for two person which came with fish maw, dried scallops, Chinese mushrooms, dried mussels and some unidentified ingredients in special broth. Although quite flavourful where the broth absorbs the essence from the ingredients, I personally feel it tastes weird.

Again, another big portion dish – Stir Fry Potato Leaves redolent with wok hei but tad too oily.

And finally, Hotplate Japanese Beancurd which was pretty good especially when we drenched our rice with the gravy. I like to dig the bottom for the egg. :p

Total bill came up to RM 53.20, including two glasses of chrysanthemum tea and we were literally stuffed to the brim. If I am to drop by again, I shall get another makan kaki first!

Kedai Makanan Woh Kei
No. 98, Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught,
56100 Cheras, KL.
(same row as KFC, on your left if you’re coming from Leisure Mall. Facing the pedestrian overhead bridge)
Tel: 03-9100 1996
Business Hour: 12pm – 3pm & 5pm – 2am.

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25 thoughts on “That Big Portion

  1. that’s quite a lot for 2 person eh? soup tastes weird? maybe the ingredients were not fresh/ prepared properly gwa..such a waste though 😦

  2. i think its bad dat the restaurant dunno how to adjust the portion size for the number of patrons served. looks delish though and i always wonder why its packed :p

  3. Eh, aren’t the peanuts supposed to be complimentary? Now must pay ar? Gosh, everything’s got a price these days…

  4. Mama Bok: When when!

    Mei: Haha.. that’s how most Chinese restaurant translate it!

    SC: The soup was ordered at last. No idea, maybe because I don’t like it.

    Babe_KL: Yes… imagine all the food went to trash bin if can’t finish.

    Aidan: How come? Cos it’s not as smooth as other type of veggies?

    LotsofCravings: Usually 4 dishes no problem for us but the portions BIG really big lar.

  5. Wah cheap cheap cheap! lolz….

    I think the fut tiu cheong got dried scallop, fish maw, far gao (white colour piece of unidentified ingredient but has bouncy texture), wu gai (black chicken) and herbs.

    aih last time my dad place also serve mini yat pan wor that can feed 2 person. RM23 i think. Now reduce size ady lo…

    I can sapu the chicken myself hahaha!

    Taman Connaught a lot of good food hor…

  6. I seriously must stop visiting all you floggers blogs prior to my exam la. Making me drool and whin infront of my computer =(
    Deprive of food here… *sobz*
    But so much food 2 of u can finish ke? Send some over la *hint hint*

  7. wow…. the food is waving hand at me liao….

    am I too hungry?…. yum yum…..

    I need to get my fatty club for some “chu cha” today…….

    btw….. some photo editing on the vege photo might help to make it better… more greeny

  8. Jian: Actually what is far gao? Don’t remember got chicken though. When item price raise, it’s either they raise the price too but maintain the serving or maintain price but reduce the size. Taman Connaught ah… still need to explore further. 🙂

    UGWUG: Yeah, next time!

    J2Kfm: Haha… we ordered the dishes first then only came across the soup. We didn’t expect the servings to be so big though.

    Team BSG: Yeah, I heard that “Buddha soup” is costly. Eh… how come I didn’t see it?

    Jojo: Ack, don’t lah. *puppy eye-d*
    Haha, we managed to wallop all. 😛

    Squall_czk, vKeong: Yes!

    KampungBoyCityGal: I was a bit surprised that we managed to finish all too. Okay, shall give you a buzz next time. 😉

    Precious Pea: Nice food. Luckily they’re nice, else don’t know how to finish them.

    Nic: If not mistaken, I think it’s RM18.

    Penang Tua Pui: Hungry ah? 😛 Yeah, that pic was slightly overexposed.

  9. Fah gao is another type of fish maw, not the spongy type that soaks up the soup. The one i am talking about is the whitish colour piece of thing and a bit chewy.

    I want to makan also la…hehe

  10. You know what, buddy? I laughed when you mentioned about us floggers having mind-blocks when it comes to suggestions on food venues. I get mocked often for being like that .. it’s like …. what are we??? Walking food directories? We eat, we write and we have fun and forgets. Ok, at least that’s how I am !!!!

    Anyway, I’ve been away from everyone so long … it’s good to be back. Nice article by the way ….. your nuts look good. Hahahaha.

  11. Ai Wei: Is it? Will try next time!

    Jian: Ooo… you’re coming right? But I guess you’ll be busy eating at the pasar malam instead. 🙂

    Timothy: High 5! Actually, we’re the same. 🙂 Everytime when it’s meal time, they’ll say “What to eat, flogger?”

    Hahaha.. thanks!

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