Congratulations To P n’ B

Just so you know, Pick n’ Brew finally opened their second outlet in 1 Utama on 30th March 2008 and the floggers were invited to the opening day.

While most of the floggers couldn’t make it due to studies/exams/assignments/holiday/Ching Meng (Soul’s Day), I managed to tagged along with Food-Cookies and her boyfriend Shujin. And we purposely skipped lunch for this!

Arrived around 3pm, we saw there’s a small crowd in front of the shop. Luckily we bumped into Teckiee and she signal us to proceed to the smoking area as the other tables were occupied. We met up with Ekeng where he was busy digging his muffin (500 first customers get this for free). I pointed to the Apple Crumble Cheesecake (RM 9) on the table and told Food-Cookies it’s a must have item.

While we were perusing the menu, deciding what to order, Yammylicious and her boyfriend, Mr. B joined us (nice to meet you finally!) and later, WMW and her friends arrived. With such big group, the waitress arrange for us to move to a bigger table at the non smoking area (phew).



Food-Cookies went for the Penne Carbonara (RM 18) while Mr. B ordered Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato Pasta with Grilled Chicken (RM 20) and Yammylicious had the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken (RM 21). (*corrections made, thanks to Ekeng*)

Shujin had the Grenobloise Salmon Fillet (RM 32). Both Shujin and Food-Cookies, Yammylicious and Mr. B also ordered a piece of the Apple Crumble Cheesecake to share among themselves.

I opted for something oriental, Nasi Kerabu (RM 17) which came with a piece of satay grilled chicken chop and prawn crackers. The rice was flavourful albeit a bit dry (probably because I took my own sweet time photographing it) and well seasoned with lemongrass, bunga kantan and desiccated coconut. The chicken was still moist and well marinated too, while the satay sauce was thick and fragrant. My only comment is the slightly small size of the chicken chop.

And when we’re about to finish our meal, Simon Seow popped over and joined in the crowd. He ordered the Spanish Prawn Salad (RM 19) and a Caffe Latte (RM 7).

I went to the counter and grabbed a piece of the Strawberry Cheesecake (RM 9) which is quite good but the cinnamon powder seems a bit not so match with the overall taste.

Food-Cookies, Shujin and I were supposed to get the Irish Cream Frappelicious (promotion price RM 2) but we were told it’s sold out. So we have to settle for another drink which I don’t remember the name (only charged us RM 2 as promotional item) and I can’t sleep that night (it’s a common symptom after I consumed coffee). 😛

Oh, by the way, Teckiee’s mom and sister also came to join us too (such a big group we are!)

Service was a bit messy on the opening day which we understand but we were actually too busy enjoying ourself with the food, conversations, photography lesson and laughters. Teckiee’s mom is good in telling jokes, I tell you. 😛


Pick n’ Brew
F233, First Floor Promenade,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7726 0102
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Read my previous visit to Pick n’ Brew (Shah Alam) here.

32 thoughts on “Congratulations To P n’ B

  1. Mama Bok: Hahaha, of course we did!

    Mei: Yeah, but only for one day.

    LotsOfCravings: Sorry, we were there later cos got things to do earlier. Is the frappelicious nice?

    Kenny: Yep, very “yeet lao” indeed. 🙂

    J2Kfm: Must haves include the Apple Crumble Cheesecake, Lamb Tikka, Lamb Rack, Beef Medalion etc. Ask the staff for recommendation.

    YilingL: The last picture is the olive oil and balsamic vinegar container. Cute? 🙂

  2. jason..i think u have to re-edit your post…let see..Jasmine and Mr B didn’t order Penne’s order by Serene (food cookie) and the apple crumble cheese cake are order by Jasmine to share with Mr B.

    For more information, please visit simon siew blog

    Hope to see you again soon 🙂

  3. Ekeng: Thanks for the correction!

    Alain: Nope, I don’t think my coffee has any Irish Cream in it.

    Ai Wei: Woo… nice group dinner eh? 🙂

    Aidan: Yes, it was good. Probably the favourites among the floggers.

    Jian: Don’t geram, we can go there next time you come.

    Durianberry: Yeah, too bad you’re busy that day. But no worries as it’s not running to other place :p

    NKOTB: Welcome back~ Er… at the meantime, I don’t think so…

    Teckiee: Yalah, your mom’s funny!

    BBO: Thanks alot!

    UGWUG: Eh, I thought you’re around?

    Jojo: Yes! Very fresh too.

    Wenching & Esiong: Great, waiting to read your post soon!

  4. LOL, I did msged you the other day to tell you about the “who ordered what” thingy..but I guess you didn’t get my msg…hehe

    Good that E Keng told you about it.. *clap clap*

    I did not order cake ler sudah lupa? In the end there’s only you ordering the strawberry cheese cake. 😛

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