And So, We Had Hakka… Mee

*Updates: Yin Yau Kui moved just across the street and has been renamed to Restoran Paris.

Nowadays, when I go back to Ipoh, I tried to make an effort to visit at least one eatery which I never posted before previously. Luckily Frankie and Lee Sha joined me in my quest and probably, J2Kfm too, on my next visit.


While Frankie wanna have dim sum, I suggested we have nasi lemak instead. After a few rounds of ideas exchanging, we decided to have Hakka noodle at Yin Yau Kui.


Although it’s Saturday and unlike KL, most of the businesses remain open on Saturday. But it sure unable to deter the crowds from coming here for breakfast. The three of us practically stood there, waited for about 10 minutes to get ourselves a vacant table. This place is just a stone throw away from Foh San, Lou Wong, Onn Kee and Funny Mountain Soya Milk.

A single noodle (small) costs RM 1.80, one and 1/2 (medium) RM 2.40 and double portion noodle (large) RM 3.00. A bit different from the one we get in KL as they’re mixed with dark soy sauce, hence gave the noodle a slightly darker colour. But don’t let the colour fooled you, as the noodle itself was quite bland. Here’s where the minced pork topping came to the rescue. Eaten alone, the pork were very salty but when mixed with the noodle, they complete each other perfectly. However, I would be happier if they give more minced pork, though.

You simply can’t miss their mixed liu as well. I love the pork balls with smoked cuttlefish bits and the minced squid balls, while the beancurd have a burnt smell. Almost forgot the fish ball too; fresh, tender and not-to-bouncy. All items costs RM 0.50 per piece. If you don’t know what or how many pieces to order, just tell the worker to mix them for you.

Wash the meal down with a glass of iced Old Town white coffee. Pure bliss for coffee aficionados.



Restoran Yin Yau Kui
153, Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street),
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Business hour: 7.30am till 11.00am

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Delicious, The Malay Way

*Took me some time to write this in a formal way, hence the lack of updates. Hehe.*

Tucked away behind Luk Yu Tea House on the Feast Floor of Starhill Gallery is a warm, cosy restaurant specialise in traditional Malay cuisine. Named as Enak (the Malay word for “delicious”), the place is decorated to a beige palette and furnished with tikar accentuated tables, chairs, red batik cloths, rustic bamboo blinds and oil lamps, the setup is a nice balance of charming kampung-style and modern Malay. The moment you step in, your ears will be treated to the rendition of some popular Malay oldies.

Perhaps the best recognition for Enak was last year, where they clinched the award of being one of the Best Halal Malay Restaurant 2007/2008 and was the first Malay restaurant invited to participate in Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2007. Enak also received the Merit Award Best Restaurant 2005/2006 (under Malay restaurant category) from Malaysia Tourism.

Enak Appetiser

For starters, go for their Enak Appetiser which is grilled prawns and tangy fruit salad, a blend of diced young papaya, young mango and sengkuang in tamarind juice and a dash of chilli padi (bird’s eye chilli), served together with emping melinjo, a type of cracker imported from Indonesia and sambal belacan. Their Pergedel is equally good too, with a perfect balance of potatoes and grounded beef with a mild hint of local spices.


Sambal Tumis Udang

If you fancy something spicy, try the signature dishes, Sambal Tumis Udang and Daging Hitam. The Sambal Tumis Udang is very fragrant; the prawns are stir-fry with chilli, onion, tamarind juice and layered with daun kadok (betel leaves). The Daging Hitam, basically is a beef dish where the beef were first marinaded in dry red chillies and then slowly cooked in thick gravy of grounded spices for about three hours, resulting a very tender and flavourful beef pieces. Do inform the waiter if you wish to reduce the spiciness.

Daging Hitam

Tauhu Telur

The visually appealing Tauhu Telur (Indonesian-style Egg Beancurd) and Kerabu Asparagus has our votes as well; the firm, yet smooth egg beancurd is deep fried with medium heat and then garnished with cucumber strips, shredded carrot and red onion, and drizzled with kicap manis. The aparagus on the other hand, were cooked with prawns in grounded red chilli, lime juice, onion and roasted desiccated coconut. The chef at Enak actually took the effort to create this impressive presentation by painstakingly arrange the ingredients layer by layer!

Kerabu Asparagus


While you’re here, you might also want to check out the Botok-Botok, a classic Johor dish made from steamed fish mixed with spices and other ingredients and wrapped with 9 types of leaves and also the Otak-Otak which is made of salmon instead of cod fish.

Manisan Kelapa Muda Enak

For dessert, Manisan Kelapa Muda Enak is highly recommended (subject to availability) – sweet, warm but refreshing coconut dessert made with young coconut juice and flesh, complete with feather-like meringue on top. Simply irresistible. Also top the list is the Tapai, Pisang Karamel and Serikaya Labu, a delicious chilled pumpkin and gula melaka pudding served with sunflower seeds.

Serikaya Labu

Tapai with vanilla ice cream

Price is slightly on the high side (it’s Starhill anyway) but the food are great. I don’t mind to come again provided someone can fork the bill. :p


Enak KL
LG2, Feast Floor, Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Tel: 03-2141 8973
Fax: 03-2148 9549
Business Hour: 12pm – 1am (Last order: 11.45pm)
(Pork free)

I Like CCF Too!

When I first moved to Cheras, I found that the CCF (chee cheong fun or rice rolls) here are kinda special; they sell in on a cart and you get to pick your preferred side accompaniments such as fish balls, ham balls, fu chok (beancurd sheet), crabmeat sticks, stuffed tofu, fried wantan, seafood tofu etc etc. The boss will then add on the gravy of your choice (either curry or thick brown sweet gravy).


But I want my CCF with mushroom gravy, pickled green chillies and plenty of sesame seeds sprinkling. Where are they???

How silly of me to think that CCF in KL are only available in one type (the type I mentioned above) 😛 Kevin brought me to this place in Pudu end of last month for CCF called Yap Hup Kee. I might end up lost if you ask me to come here again. Good thing was they serve yong tau foo here too to go with your noodles. You can choose from CCF (curry or gravy) or dry lou shi fun. We choose the curry CCF which was very smooth and delicious! Topped with some fried dried prawns, it’s extremely addictive but too bad, the serving here was quite small.

Kevin’s choice of yong tau foo, the usual fu chok, fried wantan and also some deep fried pig intestines which was quite chewy. I don’t really like it.

Stuff that is worth to mention was the fried wantan because it’s no ordinary fried wantan. Inside the crunchy wantan skin parcel is the fish paste with salted egg yolk. Yes, you read it correctly, salted egg yolk. It’s not overly salty and did not overpower the overall taste of the wantan. Love this a lot!

They also serves claypot lou she fun, claypot prawn dumpling soup and also steamboat here. Too bad we were there quite late, else there will be more choices of yong tau foo to choose from. Shall drop by again!

Restoran Yap Hup Kee
45, Jalan Brunei Barat,
off Jalan Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2148 9220
Business Hour: 9am – 5pm & 5.30pm – 11pm
(Closed on every two weeks’ Tuesday)

(Damansara Utama’s branch)
31, Jalan SS21/56B,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7710 8131
Business Hour: 10am – 9pm

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