Gen-Y Tarts

*Notice: I didn’t see John King’s kiosk at the Pavilion’s Food Republic anymore, suspecting that they’ve been closed down.

Was walking aimlessly at lower ground level in Pavilion two Saturdays ago with friends after lunch and some window shopping when my eyes spotted a small crowd in front the kiosk of John King. Egg tarts!

I quickly dashed over, leaving the guys behind and joined in the crowd. And when I saw the Green Tea Tarts, I remember Boo_licious mentioned this before. Luckily we went down to the lower ground area, else I would have missed it. They let us sample the tarts before buying which I think is a good marketing strategy. Who would resist free food, correct?

The tart was good; not overly strong tea taste, smooth texture (as if it’s a bit runny too) but the cookie crust was too light, it crumbles easily.

This picture was taken after the staff replenishes the item. I guess the Durian Tart was a popular hit among the patrons. Too bad I couldn’t get the Teh Tarik Tart as they’re already sold out by the time I reached and they’re still baking the next batch.


However, I managed to get the cookie crust Egg White Tart which in my opinion, tastes much better than their original pastry crust egg tart. Smooth texture of the filling and more fragrant than the original egg tart, but same like the green tea, the crust crumbles easily.

Need to break away from the usual egg tarts? Try the Gen-Y tarts at John King. 😉


John King @ Food Republic
Lower Ground Floor,
Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL
*Available at new outlet in 1Utama as well.

What the others think about Gen-Y tarts?

34 thoughts on “Gen-Y Tarts

  1. tried this both times i went KL. the 1st time i din even know it was popular. cz they have free samples ma…hehe…stood there and sample everything. the durian got me hooked, and now i am a believer.

  2. ..waa..looks good bt is the taste good as well?~i tried those in newcastle ..not nice at all while those in london so so oni o..i cnt wait to cm back m’sia d…miss home..whenever i miss home i sure visit ur blog..thnks ya

  3. wei jason your pics very nice la, use DSLR or consumer level cam? paiseh compare my pics taken with 5610 only.
    btw, u seldom back Ipoh is it? if back let’s go makan around ok? susah la, takde makan partner …. 😦

  4. i have yet to try this and they are real tempting from the pc here! durian is not for me but i would try the others!!! Yum~

    but seems a little pricey if i wan to try all… >.<

  5. Jian: When are you coming for holiday? 🙂

    Mei: I think normally are the whole egg (white and yolk).

    LotsOfCravings: Try the green tea. The coffee flavour is a letdown though.

    Jojo: How come no egg tarts?

    Mimid3vils: Hello. Don’t hesitate, go try them. 🙂

    J2Kfm: Wah, did you pack and bring back to Ipoh? I was tempted to try all too especially the red bean. Thanks for your compliment! I’m just using compact digital camera 5MP. No $$ to buy DSLR. I think nowadays digital camera are quite cheap, RM600 can get a decent one. I back Ipoh once a month. I’ll let you know the date. 🙂

    Anonymous: It look and taste good. Hope that you’ll come back soon and get a hand on them.

    Little Inbox: Hi there, where is Adventist Bakery?

    WMW: Not an egg tart fan?

    VKeong: The nearest branch to you should be the one in 1U.

    Bernsy: You mean you haven’t step into Pavilion yet? There’s many new places to try out there.

    Mama Bok: Yeah, wait when you come back. Is there any nice tarts over there?

    Ai Wei: If you buy 6, you get one free. So maybe you can ajak Christine or your friends to get 3 pieces each.

    Simon: Hey, pleasure to meet you too! I’m not familiar with 1U but I think it’s at the old wing, lower ground floor.

  6. Egg white tart? That’s a first! Hmm, I’d rather line up for a box of mixed egg tarts than mixed donuts anytime! 😛

  7. john king in 1 U d?! that’s great too.

    emmm… if i ajak them to buy, the ‘free one’ dunno how to divide ler… each person one bite? haha.

    anyhow, i will try it out ^^

  8. Wenching & Esiong: The egg white tastes better than the original. Well, at least for me. :p

    BBO: Pies? I didn’t spot any pies there though…

    KampungBoyCityGal: Shucks~ That’s too bad… which flavour you tried?

    Kenny: Hahaha, is it because you’re tired of donuts?

    Ai Wei: Yes, it’s at lower ground in 1U if I’m no mistaken. Em… divide by two? Heh.

    Jian: Then keep us informed lah.

    Jackson: Canton-I is not so convenient for me T_T

    FBB: I think it’s lard-free…

    Christine: Hahaha.. wai sik!

  9. my mom told me the egg tarts were nice when i was still in adelaide last yr, but when i went home, there were so many things to eat that i forgot to give these a try. muz remind myself when i go back in june 🙂

  10. Egg tart? my goodness….. i dun kow if my fatty cub friends will gone crazy to see this page..

    OMG…. especially Fei Fei… he will get mad on this…. desert .. he is an expert….

    i think better let him see this page :P.. let me drooling………. hee hee hee

    those egg tarts are waving at me…. I can’t hold myself anymore….

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