One Noodle

BigBoysOven said, “Have food will travel”. For most of the dedicated floggers, the answer is yes. But for me, it might be yes. Or might be no. So in order to prove myself, I decided to travel far away from my comfort zone on the first day of March to search for food.

Fortunately, the makan kakis already decided where to go for dinner (which is indeed far away from where I stay). I had to take the Star LRT from Maluri to Bank Negara, then change to Komuter to Kepong Sentral where the guys picked me, did a few rounds in some high end housing estates and ended at a double storey complex called Waterfront, Desa Park City. You can find Secret Recipe, Coffee Bean, Natural New Zealand ice cream and MaxValue supermarket, owned by Aeon Co. here. Our destination for the night, One Noodle.

As there are about 9 of us, we were seated in a VIP room. Although they serve mainly noodle (la mian), they also have some rich dishes and a few selection of pao.

You might find my pictures usually don’t up to standard, sometimes bright, sometimes underexposed or yellowish. Still learning how to fully master my camera…. Anyway, this is Adrien’s Thai Style Seafood La Mien, RM 14.50 which came piping hot with tom yam broth, okra, medium prawns and clams. He loved it, so I guess it’s good.

If you fancy beef, do try their Sah Wan Beef La Mien, RM 10.80. I have no idea what the Sah Wan means but the noodle came with a generous amount of beef meat slices, tripes and some baby bok choy.

Probably the best and worth-to-order dish of the night, can you spot the prawns, okra, clams and taufu pok in this Curry Seafood La Mien? The broth was spicy, very appetising and thick and only priced at RM 14.80.

The Chef’s Special Soup La Mien, RM 17.60 was the most expensive item for that night. La mien served with clams, prawns, white soft beancurd and baby bok choy in clear soup, I personally think that it’is a bit overpriced.

Another dish worth to order was the Fried Hor Fun with Beef, the basah (wet) style. Again, it’s cooked with generous amount of beef slices, carrot and baby book choy and drenched in a special gravy. Priced at RM 12.00.


My order arrived the last. This Carrot Wan Tan La Mien, RM 7.00 in clear soup was not bad. It came with some baby bok choy, preserved vegetable and four pieces of medium sized carrot and pork wan tan (quite an interesting combination). The wan tan itself was a bit hard and thick but juicy at the inside.

We also ordered some side dishes, the Shanghai Xiu Long Bao, RM 6.00…

and Crispy Seafood Roll, RM 10.00. I didn’t try both of them, so no comment here.

We left shortly after dinner to JL’s house for gaming session (Charades) and snacking on his Chinese New Year cookies. Overall, the food at One Noodle were not bad, there are few aspect which can be improved. The service was prompt and friendly although the food took some time to arrive. I noticed that some of the waitress here spoke in Mandarin. For your information, One Noodle is under the same company that manages KTZ.


One Noodle
Lot GF-03,
Water Front Park City,
No. 5, Persiaran Residen,
52000 Desa Park City,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6252 9451
*They also have branches in SS2 and Kepong.

Those who has been to the Desa Park City’s branch:

Those who has been to the SS2’s branch:

Those who has been to Kepong’s branch:

22 thoughts on “One Noodle

  1. Wow, everything is Fusion these days, huh? La mien + Thai green curry? Very the cool.

    And you guys played Charades? Me missing playing games la, any kaki? 😀

  2. would love to try out the curry and thai style la mien. seems they hav been adapt to local’s taste. i wanna know how ‘s thier xiu loong bao tastes e…

    this post is making me hunggry. time for my lunch now.~

  3. Kenny: Good thing about food is…. can basically mix up everything!

    Up for games? Maybe can ajak you next time if we’re happen to be nearby Damansara. 😉

    Ai Wei: I also wanna try their curry la mien again. Maybe we can go together next time.

    LotsOfCravings: Yeah, very far but luckily not disappointed… 😛
    Em… my camera, one year old. I still feel that the pictures lack of something. Maybe the colour and brightness.

    Christine: Yeah, they have another branch at SS2. Just hope that the standard there can match with this one.

    Paul: Ahem… Mr Bedtime Story. :p

  4. have only went pass waterfront once and dude, it’s far! wonder why it’s called waterfront though..there’s no river or lake.. erm, only big hehe. hmm, the noodles looks rather fast-foodish to me though.

  5. WMW: Really? I never been to the branch in SS2, so I’m not sure.

    SC: Yeah, very far! If someone dump me there, I’m sure I will be lost. There’s a man-made lake behind the complex actually and it’s all lit up at night. Quite nice and relaxing.

    The food looked Crystal Jade/Dragon-I alike, isn’t it?

  6. i find that only clear broth and dry (kolo) type) are suitable for la mian. the other flavourful soups tend to overpower the la mian taste..hehe

    charade??…me want! me want!

  7. Nic: Is it? I think clear soup la mian is a bit bland.
    *noted Nic in Charade kaki list

    Tummythoz: Me sucks in Charade actually… always did something that forfeit my turn… :p

  8. Wow, the Thai Style Seafood La Mien and the Curry Seafood La Mien sounds so delicious to us! And it’s quite special too, something like a fusion of Thai/Malaysian food with Chinese la mian. Wish to try this out soon!

  9. Wenching & Esiong, Durianberry: Can see that you guys heart spicy dish a lot. ^^ Eh, Durianberry, your aunty made carrot wantan before?

    KampungBoyCityGal: Increase again?? What is the new price now?

  10. one noodle(Kepong) outlasted Lim Meng Kee (Kepong) who had a La Mian Sifu pullling noodles. Lim Meng Kee was next to Kei Tak Sek… hahaha somehow one noodles, la mian tasted better than lim meng kee’s

  11. vKeong: Isn’t that good? Makan la mian here then hop next door for dessert. Hehe

    Bernsy: Wow… that’s quite an achievement!

    Simon: Yea, I think I read it in your blog sometime ago.

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