It Ain’t Cava, It’s Cova

*Notice: Cova has since been replaced by Starbucks.

Let’ see, the last time I met up with Nigel was… December, before Christmas. That’s 3 months ago!



Anyway, the two of us and WMW met up for dinner few days ago at Mid Valley. I managed to reach earlier than WMW and so we headed to Gardens while deciding whether we should do Fong Lye or Cova. But since WMW already been to Fong Lye twice, Nigel and I decided we should go for Cova. For your information, Cova is entirely a different restaurant and has no relation with the Spanish restaurant, Cava at Bangsar.


While they just go for plain water, I picked something fancy. The Mango Maze, RM 10.50 was quite good, (ice blended mango juice) the ice were finely shaved, although it did tastes a little artificial to me.

Both of them whipped up their cameras and ready for action but before that, we have to order first! And so for starters, we chose the Cova Platter, RM 23.50 (grilled items). There’s another dish with similar name (Cova Combo Platter), so don’t mix them up ya. Coincidentally, the platter came with 3 servings for 4 type of items. The beef rolls with enoki mushrooms were nicely cooked but lack of saltiness. That’s where the accompanied sauce come to the rescue. :p

I got WMW’s share of mussel since she’s not a fan of seafood (neither do I but mussel is still acceptable). The size of the mussels were quite big, fresh but a bit cold (probably because we spent too much time photographing them, haha).

The skewered chicken was very good, not dry at all. The meat were well marinated, with a hint of smoky flavour. It would be better if the portion is slightly bigger. 🙂

And lastly, some samosas (non grilled item) with turnips as filling.

For the mains, Nigel opted for River Prawn Noodle, RM 28.50 which he enjoyed it very much. The prawns were huge, the noodle (yee mee) were cooked to the perfect texture with tasty egg gravy.

As I expected, WMW ordered the Duck Confit Vermicelli, RM 28.50 (she’s been waiting for a chance to try it!) and she was not disappointed. I took a bite of the pasta, it was wonderful. However, it can be tad oily, so do request them to cut down on the oil a bit.

My Honey Grilled Chicken sandwich, RM 16.50 was pretty good too although I do expect that they honey grilled the chicken. It came with coleslaw, brown sauce and thick fries which caused Nigel went esctatic (no idea why, you gotta ask him, 🙂 ). The chicken strips were tender, moist and flavourful. Topped with some unsweetened honey spread, I enjoyed my meal to the very last except for some fries as I’m stuffed to the brim!

The dinner itself was more like a photography class as Nigel shared his knowledge on how to use the Nikon D80 which WMW just recently bought and some tips to take a good picture with our compact digital camera. It was quite fun actually but I don’t think I’ll get any DSLR anytime soon… there’s still plenty of things for me to learn with my Lumix!

Shall drop by again for the dessert as recommended by SC. The staff were friendly and attentive too. Plus, Cova is also one of the place in Gardens that open till midnight. By the way, did I mentioned that they have an al fresco area too?


Cova Bistro & Lounge (cafe. lounge. bistro)
Lot F-226B, Level 1,
The Gardens, Mid Valley
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2287 6260
Business Hours: Wed-Sat (10am – 12am) , Sun-Tues (10am – 11pm)

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26 thoughts on “It Ain’t Cava, It’s Cova

  1. the beef rolls and mussels look goooood…. lol… do they have a good wine list ..? and the samosas look like they are wrapped in fu chok skin…!!! but can’t be rite?!

  2. Mei: The beef rolls were good! Wine… I don’t think I saw any wine in their menu. I noticed most of the patrons were going for beer though. Haha, no, not fu chok skin. It’s more like phyllo pastry.

    Neko-Hime: Hello there, thanks for dropping by. Thanks for the compliment.

    Wenching & Esiong: Alright, Fong Lye shall be my next-to-go place. No, they also have oriental items such as rice and noodle too.

    WMW: Next time, take picture with Eric!

    MamaBok: Yep, it was good and juicy.

  3. The place has a very clean look… nice! And Nigel’s River Prawns are HUGE lah… definitely looks like they are worth every penny of it…

    (This reminds me of another humungous prawn LL had when we dined with Kam Raslan… Is KL being invaded by Giant Shellfish?)

  4. SC: Hey, that’s a good idea!

    Jojo: Although it looked a bit dark, nope, it’s not burnt.

    LotsOfCravings: Nigel say “Practise!”

    Simon Seow: Hope you’ll enjoy the food there!

    Kenny: Hmmm… there’s one behind you. 😛
    Yeah, we didn’t expect the prawns to be so huge at first.

    Durianberry: They have quite a few oriental items to choose from.

    KampungBoyCityGal: SC said their dessert was good too. If you happen to be there before we go back, do let us know your discovery ya.

    Jun: O_o Hehehe…

  5. the food are appealing. always, i dare not make my step in to cova cz every time i passes by, there aren’t any customers in it. after ur review, i shud make a visit (if only i m there ^^)

  6. Ai Wei & Christine: Haha, you both are so alike, even commented on the same thing. Add in FoodieLianne and WMW’s posts, this should provide enough reason for you girls to drop by next time. 😀

  7. wow, nice photos la! makes me salivate…hehe
    must buy a camera liao, guess no flogger uses a mediocre camera phone to take pics of their food anymore?
    the mussels are GORGEOUSLY plump …..

  8. J2Kfm: Welcome back and thanks for the compliment 🙂 Em… there’s still a few floggers using camera phone (Babe_KL and Ravenous Rabbit for example).

  9. Can’t be that bad? Tried Fong Lye once, though a simple meal for 3 came to RM100, I think the quality of the food is still OK. Erm, right?

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