The Charmed One

Back to my college days, Charmed was one of my favourite TV show. In case you don’t know, Charmed is about 3 witch sisters who use their powers to vanguish all sort of nightmarish creatures and demons that threaten the city of San Francisco.

Anyway, I digress.

My friends and I went to Genting Highlands for one day tour last month and we decided to have dinner in 1 Utama when we returned from the highland resort. Our initial plan was to dine at Pasta Zanmai but unfortunately for us, the place was fully occupied. Since the rest don’t want to wait, we went upstairs and came across Charms.

You can choose whether to sit inside the cafe itself or the area in front of the cafe, under these colourful lanterns, white wooden furnitures, swinging bench and chandelier.

The medley of colourful drinks (from left to right), Wheat Grass, RM 4.00, Soya Bean Milk & Grass Jelly, RM 5.50, Honey Lemon, RM 5.90 and Bandung Syrup, RM 2.50. Everything tastes pretty ordinary, nothing much to comment about.

Their selection of main course were quite limited by the way, not much variety we can choose from. I opted for the Fried Loh See Fun in Egg Omelette, RM 8.90 which was pretty good. Abundance of diced chicken meat, bean sprouts, choy sum and a few pieces of prawns can be found among the strands of noodles and topped with sprinkles of grounded peanuts.

Chief had the Pineapple Fried Rice, RM 11.90 which was served in a hollowed “pineapple bowl” with home made sambal. Another good stuff it was. You can find bits of raisins, pineapples, diced chicken meat, egg omelette and cashew nuts. The rice wasn’t soggy and was well seasoned. But much to his surprise, while he was happily enjoying his food, he spotted something moving on the “pineapple bowl”. He took a closer look and shocked to find a small, live maggot crawling on it! We complaint to the waitress, where she immediately took it back to the kitchen and came back with a freshly cooked one, minus the pineapple case this time. She explained that the worm might have come from the hollowed pineapple. So, if you’re gonna order this when you’re here, do remember to ask them to omit the hollowed pineapple.

Jason Sr.’s Fried Tom Yam Spaghetti, RM 14.90 and came with big prawns, onions and squid rings. The spaghetti was a bit soft though, but overall it was still good nonetheless.

The odd Alvin went for the Green Curry Noodle, RM 10.90. A decent bowl of green curry noodle (he chooses for rice mee hoon) with prawns, chicken meat, squid rings, bean sprouts etc. Both of us found that the broth was slightly watery though.

And finally, Alex’s Creamy Turkey Spaghetti, RM 14.90. Although the pasta was done al dente and quite flavourful, RM 14.90 seems a bit hefty to pay for a spaghetti dish with some button mushrooms and turkey ham. Well, we do expect at least some roasted turkey meat.

Charms is quite a decent place for some oriental and “modified western” meal with simple and interesting ambiance. The service was good, although our food did took some time to arrive. The waitress and waiters were quick on providing assistance and knowledgable on description of the food despite they’re Indonesians.

Charms Café

Lot S206, Phase 2A,
2nd Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 03-7722 2206
Opening hours: Monday – Friday (10am – 10pm), Saturday and Sunday (10am – 10.30pm)
Pork free

Lot G38, Ground Floor,
Asian Courtyard, The Curve,
Mutiara Damansara, PJ
Tel: 03-7728 2206

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14 thoughts on “The Charmed One

  1. eek! a worm… ! hmm.. the green curry looks gud! i want to try it but if you say the soup is watery… dunno la… maybe go for the loh shee fun om’lete..

  2. a charming place with nice looking popular dishes. believe if they do things consistent and add good service ( means not lan see ) shall be a success !

  3. Mei: I felt the curry was slightly watery. Yeah, the worm was not big but enough to freak us out.

    Kenny: How do you know it’s sweet eh? :p

    Jacelyn: Link updated. 🙂

    BBO: The one that you get to grill it yourself? I found it rather interesting too.

    Tonixe: Yeah, we were surprised by the unexpected good service too.

    Jun & Precious Pea: There’s plenty of other options to choose from in 1U, so it’s common to not notice it.

    Ai Wei: The loh shee fun is good lah. Go try them one day.

  4. Nic: And without anyone noticed, it will go down our stomach… Haha!!

    Christine: Is it? I can’t see the Charms in The Curve…. can’t seems to find it.

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