The Road To Silk

*Notice: Silk Road is no longer in business, replaced by another Chinese restaurant. Not sure of the name though.

Sorry for the hiatus, it’s been a busy week at work for me. So, I did went back hometown to cast my first vote for the 12th General Election last Saturday… it was quite an interesting experience for me.

I think I wanna post this today….


Heh.. yeah, this was taken last month, that was still in the CNY celebration week. Friends suggested to do yee sang dinner at Silk Road, Pavilion cos of an interesting stuff…. Salmon yee sang, RM 68.00.

The interesting stuff…. is actually a guy with elongated tea kettle nozzle (minus the kungfu). I’m sure you can see this type of “performance” almost in all big restaurants in mainland China.

The nine of us had the Eight Treasure Tea, RM 5.00 which consists of 8 types of Chinese herbs such as wolfberries and red dates. It’s quite refreshing with a distinct taste of Chinese herbs.

Jacky, the guy who has been working in Beijing for the past few months was in charge of the ordering. They have quite a wide range of dishes and desserts, focus mainly on typical Chinese cuisine from different part of China. We had the Smoked Duck Camphor with Carrot, RM 38.00. I don’t quite like it as the meat were a bit tough to chew. And for a thirty ringgit dish, it’s tastes quite bland for my tastebud.

Stir Fry Baby Kailan, RM 22.00 was pretty good, redolent with wok hei, fresh and crisp in texture.

The Diced Chicken with Peppercorns and Dried Chillies, RM 48.00 was just okay to me but I felt that the chef was over-generous with the red chillies and peppercorns (means that there’s not much chicken given).

There should be another two dishes, Spicy Sauce Sliced Beef and Hunan Style Pork but unfortunately, the pictures turned out unsatisfactory. 😦 Well, let’s hop to dessert, this is Sweet Hot Glutinous Rice Ball, RM 6.00. I like this as they uses black sesame for the filling and it’s not overly sweet. Very fragrant too but beware of the hot filling which might scorch your tongue.

The bill came up to RM377 for 9 of us. Quite a decent price but not so decent food. I don’t mind to come back for the dessert though. 🙂 Anyone interested to join me?

Silk Road
Lot 6.38 (6th Floor),
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2141 1717
Fax: 03-2141 6928

22 thoughts on “The Road To Silk

  1. Durianberry: Not really “tarik”, just pour. Except that the kettle is unique.

    Mei: So you’re in SG now?

    Nic: Yeah, much spicy food. I wanna go there again for the dessert!

    BBO: If you’re there, do try them out.

    WMW: Haha, change the order of the name!

    MamaBok: I think it’s easy to replicate but I have no idea what are the other 6 Chinese herbs though.

  2. Kettle was unique and when he pours, the long spout meant that the hot water shot out at high speeds. If you noticed he aimed at the side of the cup so that the hot water will also stir the tea.

  3. I think the waiter train a LOOOooong time for pouring out the water from the super long spout without spilling it all over the table.HAha~

  4. Alain: Yeah, that’s true. Requires certain amount of skill to do that actually.

    Wenching & Esiong: Only by ordering certain type of teas, you’ll get to see him perform that.

    LotsOfCravings: Yep, free refills for the tea. The tong yuen is nice, I love it.

    Jojo: Hahaha, he sometimes hold the cup with one hand and the kettle with another. That’s more interesting!

    Kenny: Hahaha! Where are you looking at!

    vKeong: Classy place… can’t complaint much. 🙂

  5. Tummythoz: Most of the dishes doesn’t impress me much except the dessert.

    Christine: Haha, he got another style. Hold the cup with one hand and kettle with another.

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