She Say Fatty Is Good

Cheryl said that, if you wanna know who. 🙂

It was early February and we were out for CNY shopping at Bangsar and 1 Utama before we finally went back to Bangsar to take a short break at David’s working place. Since it was near the shop closing time and we were still not very hungry, we decided to wait for him and go for dinner together. And she said that Fatty is good.

I don’t know why, but I had this impression that such name must be related to bak kut teh and I was right. But according to her, there’s something else better than bak kut teh.


Alright, we did have bak kut teh, single person portion. It was quite normal for me, nothing much to rave about. Herbal taste was not very strong and the broth was not too watery either, just the right consistency. The fried crullers were also just okay to me.

The good thing was this soy sauce steamed fish head. The fish head was really meaty and fresh and I guessed that it must be quite a big fish although I have no idea what type of fish it was other than it was a freshwater variety. It was drenched with soy sauce (it’s not very salty though), chopped cili padi, fried shallots, ginger and a sprinkle of scallions. We practically cleaned the fish till the bones.

And finally, some blanched yau mak with fried shallots and garlic oil to balance our carnivorous meal.

I don’t remember how much we spend on the meal but I’m sure it’s not an expensive one. Thanks to Cheryl for the recommendation and bringing us here. 🙂

Fatty Bak Kut Teh
No A-5, Batu 4 ¼,
Jalan Klang Lama,
58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-366 0035 / 012-289 2322

Who else been to Fatty?

26 thoughts on “She Say Fatty Is Good

  1. looks good.. may check it out this weekend… do you have rough directions (landmark) to this place.. as in where in klang lama? cheers:)

  2. Wenching & Esiong: Yes, Jalan Klang Lama. If you’re coming from KL, you need to make a U turn at the Taman Desa traffic light junction (if I’m not mistaken).

    Jian: That’s half of the fish actually. 🙂 Why your friends don’t like dai chow?


    Mei: Hello there, welcome to my blog. Sorry, I’m not very familiar with Old Klang Road area… if I’m not mistaken, if you’re coming from KL, you need to make a U turn at Taman Desa traffic light junction and the shop will be on your left. Maybe you can check Very Sedap’s blog for more info.

    LotsOfCravings: It’s not very oily lah!

  3. Not so into the BKT but the fish sounds great the way you described it! 🙂

    I guess this depends on the day and luck when one visits a restaurant, rite? Sometimes good stock of fish and produce, sometimes not so fresh… 😛

  4. Interesting, selling fish in a bak kut teh shop..

    I think all bak kut teh in KL area is good, but the best one would be in Klang loh.. cincai find one also very nice leh

    BTW, what is food crawl ar? haha

  5. I’m not a big fans of fresh water fish. Usually most of the restaurant will have stronger flovour like deep fried or special sauce kind of thing nia…Anyway, this one really looks yummy ler.

  6. Kenny: My friend came here quite frequently and she say that the fish were fresh all the time… I should have asked whether they keep living or frozen one. *knocks head*

    vKeong: Did you notice the shop is open 24 hours too? 🙂

    I only been to Klang twice but didn’t stay for meal. 😦
    Food crawl ah… means food hunting!

    Precious Pea: Ooo… you made me drool!

    CityGal: Yeah, it would be good if can get someone who stays in Old Klang Road.

    Simon: Did you see the web? It’s just pictures. 😛

    Celine: I don’t quite like fish too… lazy to pick out the bones.

    WMW: Hahaha! Wanna try? 😛

  7. Jian: LOL

    Nic: Oh ya hor, now I remember Fatty lok lok. 😛
    The fish is almost every good quality you can get: fresh, steamed to perfection, big size, reasonable price bla bla…

  8. Open 24 hours? That’ll be very convenient on Weekends when my eating schedule go topsy turvy. U know-lar, sleep late wake up late rush housework rush Canto series …

  9. Tonixe & Jackson: YES! Agree!

    Durianberry: This is my first time seeing this too. Thanks to my friend who brought me here.

    Cookies_cream: Next time can consider to come here!

    Tummythoz: LOL… never know your weekend schedule is soo interesting.

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