CNY Reunion Dinner

The first thing I saw when reach home on Chinese New Year Eve was the LCD TV dad got from MBF. He finally decided to install it and put aside the old TV. As I mentioned earlier, the traffic on highway was smooth while we’re on the way back. But then Ipoh’s weather was freaking warm and hot! Same goes for Kuala Kangsar.

Reunion dinner is a common practice for my family; everyone (the five of us) will gather for dinner every year. Dad will go to the market to get one whole roast chicken and siew yoke as he know which place has the best one.

The stir-fry cucumber was a favourite among us. Mom don’t cook it till it became soft and mushy though. As cucumber is edible raw, she just stir fry the veggie with chopped garlic, chicken, chopped red chillies and sliced fish cake. She then add in some lime juice and there you go, a slightly spicy and tangy dish.

The roast chicken is a good one, even the breast meat is still juicy and not dry. Best to dip it with the accompanied plum sauce or chilli sauce.

The simple stir-fry garlic prawns.

Boiled with chicken, wolfberries, dried longans and some Chinese herbs, the chicken herbal soup is superb. Very flavourful and I had 2 bowls.

The siew yoke skin was still crispy and quite good too.

And lastly, braised mushroom with sea cucumber, carrot, scallops and chicken feet.

The next morning, we had fried vegetarian meehoon as we usually do vegetarian meal on the first day of Chinese New Year. No picture on that, though.

I didn’t have this on the first day! I just take the picture of the box. You believe me, right? *glittering eyes*


Can’t resist myself to attack the cookies (well, some of them) such as the peanut cookie, pineapple tarts and chicken floss roll. I just realised the chicken floss roll is not vegetarian after I ate them. 😛 The pineapple tart was not really good, the filling was not sufficient.

And a glass of lotus seeds dessert with dried longan, red dates and lily bulbs. 🙂

19 thoughts on “CNY Reunion Dinner

  1. I so so miss such reunion dinner. I used to look forward to reunion dinner as my mum would cooked a feast although only for 3 of us. But now…aiiii…never mind, tell you the story when i see you.

  2. The stir-fry cucumber looks real good leh… Secret Family Recipe, is it? Your mom can teach or not? Or only to her future daughter-in-laws? 😛

    Gung hei, gung hei…

  3. Don’t you just miss all those lovely Chinese New Year dishes and cookies. hehe… I’m getting fat d. Hopefully you are not. But doubt it coz you are so skinny. hehe… Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  4. Christine: Me too!

    WMW: It’s all about food. Haha!

    Precious Pea: *Hugs* You feel better now?

    Nic: Ehh… believe me! >_<

    BBO: Festive season is mean to celebrate and eat!

    Kenny: Em… not secret recipe lah. I’ll ask here and let you know 😛

    Cutie: I miss the cookies more especially cashew nuts. Aha… luckily I didn’t put on weight! Happy CNY!

    Jackson: I guess so too. One of my favourite veggie. 🙂

  5. Vkeong: Busy lah, so the post was delayed. 🙂 Thanks dude!

    NKOTB: Happy Chap Goh Mei lo! Yes, vegetarian day on 1st day.

    Wenching & Esiong: Mom says thanks for the praises. 🙂

  6. i love those chinese goodies! i can simply feed myself with those goodies n cookies!… i think every of my relatives must hav hate me cz will finish half the box of goodies. kekeke

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