Restoran Clan @ Sri Petaling, KL

Hi, I’m back from Chinese New Year celebration. Was back to Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar on 6th noon for 4 days Chinese New Year break. Traffic fortunately was smooth on New Year Eve but my friends and I were stucked in jam on highway on the fourth day when we were on the way back and it took us 4 hours to reach KL. How about you?


Before I write about the happenings at home, I shall put this up first. Was at Sri Petaling one Sunday morning with two friends for breakfast before heading to Mid Valley for bargain-hunt (aka shopping) as they say they wanna eat Kai Woh Pao.

So, this is the Kai Woh Pao. Slightly smaller than tai pao and lighter too but at first sight, we thought of one thing; lor mai kai wrapped in pau! Well, at least it looks like that and tastes similar too. There’s sliced Chinese sausage, caramelised onion, mushroom and diced chicken meat. Taste wise, it’s a bit bland and the lor mai (pulut) was a bit hard.

Here’s some pan fried fish cake which were pretty normal, with some spring onion and chopped red chillies but quite pricey. If not mistaken, it costs us RM 5.50.

The common item to have on every table (Jackson loves this) – siew mai. The siew mai were quite good with sufficient amount of pork and fish paste and the skin was not too thick or dry.

We also like their wu kok (yam puff) which were still crispy when it arrived to our table. The yam casing was fluffy and light but the barbeque pork filling was a letdown as it’s not fragrant.

I’m not a prawn fan so I did not have the har gao but I took a bite on the skin though and it’s quite thick. You may wanna avoid this if you’re here.

We were surprised that they serve the mini “fatt putt” (yam basket) here with sweet and sour pork in the middle, similar with the one Joe had in Sri Kembangan. The yam casing were similar to the yam puff, fine texture, fluffy and light but I find the sweet and sour pork a bit hard to chew.

The chee cheong fun (rice roll) was quite okay for me and the chilli paste was good but my friends dont like it though. My only comment is the lack of saltiness in the dish.

And lastly, we wanna have char siew bao (barbeque pork bun) but the waitress brought us the wrong item. Instead of char siew bao, she brought us the black pepper chicken pao. We don’t know about it till we bite in it and realised it’s not what we ordered. At first, my friend wanna ask them to change it but after all the earlier food, we were quite stuffed and decided not to do that. The spiciness was a mild one and there’s just chicken and onions in it. Taste wise, still acceptable.

Overall, it’s not a fantastic place for dim sum and the price were quite high too. The meal costs RM60+ for the three of us. But if you’re looking for something new, you may want try the kai woh pao.


Restoran Clan
140, Jalan Radin Anum
Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 019-382 5455
Map: See the link below.

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23 thoughts on “Restoran Clan @ Sri Petaling, KL

  1. the pau-loh mai kai looks like the one featured in Ho Chiak. Is it the same restaurant? how come they make it sound utter delicious in the show? sigh, such misrepresentations..haha..welcome back!

  2. WMW: Wanna go and try it yourself? 🙂

    myCoffee: Hello there. Happy CNY to you too!

    LotsOfCravings: It’s been ages since I had dim sum. Maybe the pricing has gone up?

    SC: Is it? I didn’t watch Ho Chiak though… If it’s true, then this is my second time to follow Ho Chiak’s guide! The first one was also a disappointment…. bleh. Thanks by the way!

  3. talk about traffic! my bus back to singapore was delayed for 2 hours! had to take another half day leave bcos of that…sianz…

    tried Kai Woh Pao at Hong Kee…it’s actually lor mai kai with a white t-shirt lor..hehe…i dont remember having the sauce on the pao at hong kee leh…welcome back, jason!

  4. Ai Wei: Poor thing… busy with exam?

    Nic: Wah… so ‘kua jeong’! Ahaha.. never see kai woh pao b4 so we thought it’s something interesting and new. Thanks Nic!

  5. yeah saw it in tv…but the one featured in ho chiak not this wet wan wor…next time if u want to noe whether ho chiak’s been there before just look for the sticker (ho chiak logo)

    siu mai got use fish paste wan ar? I always tot they mix pork with prawn paste.

    syiok lo ur sis work at rasa sayang. then ma can stay at their worker’s hostel lo?

  6. Tummythoz: Welcome back. It was crowded that day too. Not really a fantastic place for dim sum. Maybe you could find a better one at your neighbourhood. 🙂

    Wenching & Esiong: Do let us know your comments yah.

    Jian: Actually we don’t know Ho Chiak featured kai wo pao (none of us watched that) around there. Just happen that after the meal, someone told me that Ho Chiak featured the same thing.

    The siu mai – I tasted fish in it.

    Haha… supposed to be. But I think she’s looking for a room to rent.

    Teckiee: Happy Chinese New Year! Eh, really? But how do you know they uses the same flour?

  7. Gong Hei Fatt Choy Jason,

    Hope my wish to you is not too late. In Ipoh now? Back in home sweet home huh .. nice, nice … wishing you a great year this year, with great opportunity at work, have abundances of love around you lah, and good company and friends, more makan and gathering, good health and everything else in abundance. Gong Hei, Gong Hei …

  8. ImbiNithcy: Happy Chinese New Year Lianne! Nope, I’m back to KL now, started work since last Monday. Thanks and I wish you stay pretty always, more wealth and good health!

    BBO: Did you have dim sum during CNY?

  9. Vkeong: Erm… this is my first time having dim sum in KL (sad to say) so I can’t do any comparison yet.

    Simon: Hi, welcome to Ipoh Mali. The pau was divided among three of us, so it’s not really filling.

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  11. Just a piece of advice:

    Wake-up all of you that have nothing much to discuss!!

    If you really want to hav a good dim sum – fly to Hong Kong or Taiwan and there’s many choice where it came from.

    KL dim sum is just about msg and fast profit making for the coffee shop!

  12. AL: The idea to just fly over to have dim sum is kinda too much, doesn’t it? Of course we definitely would try the dim sum there but since the technology is still not as good to email or transfer the food from there to here, we just have to stick with what we have.

    Julian: Happy New Year to you!

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