Happy Chinese New Year!

New Year songs echoing from radio, TV and shopping malls.

The Curve.

Red coloured lanterns, decorative items and gold Chinese wordings adorning the shops, houses and even streets.


The Gardens.

People flocking to the malls, hunting for New Year items, mandarin oranges, foodstuffs, new clothes etc.

Mid Valley Megamall.

Bangsar Village II.


To all readers/bloggers/floggers:

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays!

Remember not to drink and drive or while sleepy. And drive extra careful on the way back home.
Shall see you again next week. 😉

26 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Happy Chinese New Year Jason!
    Hope you’ll have a great celebrations!
    CNY decos everywhere now! the atmosphere is in the air! 🙂
    Just can’t get enough of the malls ;P

  2. jason ur post of all those pics made me so emo. so sad now i wanna cry. i miss the curve midvalley n 1U all my hangout places. 😦 happy cny to u! eat more for me tooo!

  3. Jun: Yeah, will be leaving tonight. Happy CNY!

    Nickie: Hi there! Aiks… *pass tissue paper* Happy CNY to you too!

    Yammylisious: Okie, i’ll leave my contact at your email. Safe journey back Ipoh ya. Haapy CNY!

  4. Nice shots on all the shopping malls’ CNY decorations! Happy Chinese New Year to you too! Have a safe journey and remember to munch down more nice junkies and cookies and drinks ya! Hehe…

    And hope to see you soon~ 😉 Enjoy!

  5. Soooo very the agree with vkeong. Penang kenot fight la…It’s even worse than normal days :S
    some street lights also not working >.<

    15 minutes to 12 and there’s oni 1 fire cracker!

    Happy CNY!!!

  6. Wow… it looks likes you went around all the malls to do your CNY shopping leh… So rajin, hehe. Me, I wonder if still got sales on, hahaha… Malas to beli-belah, hehe.

    But yeah, Kung hei, kung hei… may Tahun Tikus bring Money, Makan and Mystery Lurve… 😀

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