Farewell For KL People KL Food

KL People KL Food is going down south.

Xiu Long Bao will be leaving us to pursue a more rewarding career in Singapore soon, so farewell dinner is a must. But instead of a usual farewell dinner, we came up with a farewell foodcrawl for her. Initial plan was to have barbequed chicken wings at Wong Ah Wah but it was closed due to water shortage in the area. So after meeting up with XLB, Christine & Chris, WMW and Ekeng, we ended up at Restoran Muar.

The four Heavenly Kings the floggers love the most; cendol that costs RM 1.00, deep fried butter kailan, RM 10.00, deep fried egg, drizzled with soy sauce (which we refer as cha dan (bomb!) ), RM 7.00 and seafood Japanese beancurd, RM 16.00. Unfortunately, we had to wait for almost 45 minutes for the dishes to arrive as the restaurant was packed that night… and Ekeng fainted because of hunger! Poor Ekeng. 😛


After dinner, the night is still young and we decided to hunt for more food. The nearest area would be Jalan Alor itself although some eateries were closed due to water shortage.

And we stopped by Meng Kee for grilled fish. *thanks to WMW for taking this shot for me*

First to arrive was the grilled stingray, RM 15.00. It was okay, slightly charred outside which made it crispy and juicy inside but I feel the marinade was insufficient. I prefer the grilled fish at Wong Ah Wah.

Ekeng ordered something different from our usual pick, escargot-alike shellfish, RM 20.00. I didn’t take it as I wanna refrain myself from overdose of spicy food. The rest said it’s slighty chewy but very garlicky.

Grilled squid at RM 15.00. I took a few bites and yes, it’s spicy!

Still rather reluctant to part ways, we decided to have dessert. We walked over to Lot 10 and spotted waffle but it’s closed. So we went the other way and after some discussion, we found ourselves in Haagen Dazs.


Despite being a fan of ice cream and she’s the one who suggested Haagen Dazs, the princess did not order anything!

While we were busy gazing the menu, Ekeng walked around the ice cream counter, taste almost all the flavours and got his Vanilla Pecan and another unidentified flavour. He happily slurps up his dessert while we waiting for ours to arrive.

Christine and Chris opted for Cookie Crunch, RM 22.90 which was 2 scoops of Cookie n’ Cream ice cream served with chunks of cookies chocolate sauce and whipped cream in a tall dessert glass.

WMW went for the Macadamia Nut Crunch, RM 26.90. The scoops of Macadamia Nut, Cookie n’ Cream and Cookie n’ Chocolate ice cream served along with soft baked cookies and almond nibs.

Me being a little greedy (I’m always greedy when it came to ice cream!) ordered the Flower Blossom, RM 29.90, consists of six flavours but in smaller portion, decorated with strawberries, whipped cream and some passionfruit sauce on a crispy waffle bowl. I would like to choose my flavours next time as they gave me sorbet, which were a bit sour to my liking.

And coincidently, WMW and Chris wore the same Hard Rock shirt that night with same colour and pattern except that hers was bought at Madrid and Chris got his from Surfers Paradise, Australia. Can you guess who is who? 😛

And we finally call it off at around 1.30am. Thanks to WMW for the lift home!

To Xiu Long Bao: The floggers gonna miss you here. Take care in Singapore, eat more, post more pretty pictures and all the best in your future endeavours. Remember to let us know when you’re coming back for break, we can go makan again!

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19 thoughts on “Farewell For KL People KL Food

  1. Crunchasaurus Rex: Hi there. Sure but do let us know early when you’re coming back. 🙂

    ImbiNItchy: Let’s go again together someday.

    Team BSG: Hahaha! They gotta chase them to take them off!

    vKeong: Some indulgence is necessary… hehe. But yeah, they’re expensive. Can’t have that every week.

    Christine: 🙂

    NKOTB, Celine: Yeah, it’s certainly a sad gathering but we just hide our emotions. 🙂

    Jian: Ehh.. wave over at her blog lah ^^

    WMW: Thanks sister. 🙂 But the kailan pictures were too dark…

  2. Nic: Ice cream was after dinner. Hehe.

    Yammylisious: You like ice cream too eh?

    Ekeng: Haha.. the girls posted, so I saved mine lah.

    XLB: Hope you enjoy the food there!

    Tummythoz: LOL

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