Foong Jie Lok Lok @ Yulek, Cheras

OMG, another old post. Can’t believe that the food below were eaten and digested 2 months back. 😛

Thanks to Tankiasu, a few of us gathered and invaded the lok lok shop at Yulek on Friday night despite it drizzled earlier but that didn’t deter us (the infamous gluttons comprises of Food Cookies, Shujin, Tankiasu, Joe, Tummythoz and Phitoy) from sitting al fresco style.

Trays of seafood, veggies and meats, nicely arranged on the ice blocks, waiting to be picked.

While most lok lok place uses boiling broth for you to cook your food, here they uses only boiling water. You’re also given three types of sauces to go with your food.

Here’s some of the item we had that night:

Raw cockles, pork meat balls. The pork meat balls are quite good, fresh, no porky smell and contains some minced cuttlefish.

More pork meat balls, the red brownish are ham balls (is that how to call it?), some foo chuk (beancurd sheet) and fresh vegetables.

This is how the ham balls looked like. Chinese called it foh tui yun and I like it. When I was still in Ipoh, mom will packed this from the dim sum stall at night market and serve them with kon loh noodle the next day.

Nicely wrapped veggie, fish balls (the common stuff), seafood tofu, squid and pig intestines.


They also have deep fried item such as deep fried ham, frankfurters, something like the pandan chicken which tastes sour somehow, wan tan, bacon and siew yoke. Yes, you heard me right. Siew yoke.

Deep fried siew yoke which is tad too tough and dry… And another thing that I don’t like about it was… the frying oil is black in colour. :s If I should come back here again, I won’t want to order the fried ones.

Don’t quite remember the name of this but it’s meat ball, encasing some minced pork in the middle.

Usual lok lok place charge according to the number of sticks you consumed. Here, they charge according to the number of sticks and colour code.

My own bill that night costs me around RM20++. Not cheap hawker food, I’ll say.


Direction: If you’re coming from Jalan Loke Yew or Jalan Cheras (via Maluri), keep on your left after Taman Midah. Go down to the roundabout, turn left and turn right at the traffic light. Go straight to another traffic light and BHP petrol station will be on your left. Go straight and turn right at the first turning, go straight and turn right again. Foong Jie Lok Lok is located at the same row of shops as Hau Kee Restaurant on your left. Also a short distance walk to Yulek Wai Sik Kai.

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12 thoughts on “Foong Jie Lok Lok @ Yulek, Cheras

  1. Ai Wei: Yeah, not a cheap meal. We can do foodcrawl again next time.

    LotsOfCravings: Hahaha! How’s the diet plan going?

    Mama Bok: Hi Mama Bok! You miss Malaysia’s food don’t you? When are you coming back?

    Nic: Yeah, this one can fry but it’ll be better if they don’t recycle the oil. 😦

  2. I used to love lok lok when I was younger. Somehow, living abroad has dulled my fondness for this delicacy, mostly due to the contrasting (perceived) hygiene conditions between eating in the west compared to the east. However, looking at your pics has made me long for it again… maybe when I am next in M’sia, I would eat it again… I remember it being so addictive… you initially plan to eat 4 or 5 sticks.. end up eating 10!

  3. Christy: Quite popular eh? Maybe cos we haven’t found out any other shops yet.

    Christine: Yep, too bad you can’t make it that night. Shall plan to go again. 🙂

    Hazza: Hello there, welcome to my blog. Yes, once you started, it’s hard to stop. ^^

  4. Hi, nice to know your blog, I am addicted to your photos! That’s why all visitors drool after viewing your review.

    May I know what camera are u using and where in Cheras r u staying?
    I am from Yulek and love makan :p, but I’ve nvr tried this lok lok, hahaha

    You can tag me at and cya

  5. Qixin: Hello there, thanks for popping by and thanks for the compliment.

    I’m currently using Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2 with 5.0megapixel and 6x optical zoom.

    Me stays at Desa Aman, very near to Yulek. 🙂

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