Once Upon A Day In November, Part 2

After the not so satisfying lunch, we decided to hop over to Times Square and catch a movie. Both of us still haven’t watch Stardust but unfortunately, they’re no longer showing that. So we loitered around Times Square while thinking where to go next.

*25 November 2007. 4.30pm, Times Square.

Frankie: I know! Let’s go pass these items to David at Bangsar. Then go to Delicious for dinner!
Me: Wah, good idea! But is he working today?
Frankie: Yep, noon shift.
Me: Alrite.


It was still too early for dinner, so we came up with the “Slow-motion” idea; purposely took a longer route to Bangsar and then walked from the LRT station to Jalan Telawi. Call us crazy but we just love to walk. 😛

After passed the stuff to David, it was just about time for early dinner.

I remembered Jackson mentioned that he likes the interior design here. The tables however, were a bit too small to serve four person comfortably. Service was a bit slow and I noticed the waitresses sometimes brought the wrong order to the wrong table.

He claimed that he’s still full so he just went for dessert. Initially, he wanted to order the Chocolate Brownie but it’s sold out! So he just settled himself with the Blackberry Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream, RM 9.90. At first glance, it looked like a huge muffin but don’t let the appearance fool ya. The muffin top look-alike tastes like good old rich English butter cookie and quite thick too, so there’s some digging work to do. The bottom part; apple, cinnamon and sourness of the blackberries were just lovely. Its not as sinful as its chocolate counterparts but sure is a gastronomic experience for a dessert.

Me on the other hand, had the Homemade Pesto Spaghettini with added Chargrilled Chicken, RM 19.80. The spaghetti were cooked al dente and every strands were well coated with their delicious homemade pesto sauce, with roughly crushed parmesan flakes. The chargrilled chicken were a bit letdown though, as they were quite dry and hard.

Frankie: *Sigh* I thought I can have their Chocolate Brownie again. But never mind, this is quite good though. Want a bite?
Me: *steals a bite*
Frankie: I like the crust. Taste like those old style English butter cookies.
Me: We can come again next time for the brownie.

I did come again last night but not with him…. hehehe. With another gang of friends. And then we took the picture of the desserts and MMS it to him.

Frankie: You guys eating that without me!? That is soooo not fair!

The four of us shared the Mango Cheesecake with Lemongrass infused Mango Chutney, RM 11.90. The cheese taste were quite mild while the crust was a bit on the bland side. And the mango chutney… I think I tasted ginger instead of lemongrass.

Probably the all time favourites, (I know Precious Pea love this) Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce, RM 10.90. Good thing about the brownie: not too dry and bursting with rich chocolate flavour and nuts, goes very well with the ice cream. But my friends mentioned that the portion seem to be smaller than the usual size.


GF-1, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Village II
Tel: 03-2287 1554
Business Hour:
Monday – Friday (11.00am – 1.00am)
Sat, Sun and Public Holiday (9.00am – 1.00am)
Web: http://www.delicious.com.my

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19 thoughts on “Once Upon A Day In November, Part 2

  1. Oohhh. Did you just post about Chocolate Brownies? I could just have that and have it be my only Major Food Group for the rest of my life… it’s that good. Mmm…

  2. aiyer!! I want that Blackberry Apple Crumble with ice cream!!!! Love anything with butter 🙂 *slurp slurp*

    Why everyone selling Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream nowadays…I wonder if we make our own is possible…just buy brownie and put ice cream on top + drizzle with choc sauce, we will save a lot…lolz

  3. Happy Belated Bday to Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong! 🙂

    Oh my…the apple crumble and pasta looked sooo darn delicious!!! I wanna try! 😛

    Nice layout…and beautiful salivating pics you had there! 😉 Have a good weekend ya..will find you out for lunch one day =)

  4. ooh… the brownie looks tempting, but the cheesecake flavour is quite, erm, “unusual” i muz say… dunno if i wud order it or not if i come across it ;p

  5. Kenny Mah: What!? Chocolate Brownie as major food?? Nooo…. *shake shake* Wake up. 😛

    Ekeng: Will wait for your photos. 🙂

    Christine: Try to go on weekday cos I heard that the Brownie sold out fast on weekend.

    Galadmin: If there’s any chance, do try it and let us know if you like it.

    Jian: It doesn’t have a strong butter flavour actually 🙂 Oooh… ya hor. Provided if you have a microwave oven la.

    Ai Wei: The Brownie reminds me about Chilli’s chocolate molten cake.

    Cookies-Cream: Thank you for the wishes! Sure, just drop me a call before you come 🙂

    Wenching & Esiong: So far, I only tried one of their main dish; the pasta. I’m feeling like going back for their oriental dish.

    Jun: The mango cheesecake was decided at last minute (didn’t read the menu properly, hence didn’t know it served with lemongrass mango chutney) but it’s good to try though. 😛

    Jackson: The pasta is quite ok to me.. It is too healthy for you again? 😀

    LotsOfCravings: That’s two different visits. I had the main. Well, I think they can do better on the chicken.

  6. You guys will love the U.S. for you will find all the rich dessert here everywhere. There are frozen doughs and cake mixes that you can easily bake too.
    I crave for local hawker food instead. How about trading place?

  7. Hey try their Berrylicious Chocolate Pavlova … nice.. but a bit sweet…
    and Peach n Banana Crumble was nice too…same vanilla ice cream n cookie crust (?) but underneath is warm peach and banana …yummy ….

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