Launch of Red Velvet @ Just Heavenly Pleasures, Plaza Damansara, KL

I think I know what’s my resolution for the year. Clear all my backdated posts! >_<

I followed WMW to Bukit Damansara last month as Just Heavenly Pleasures officially launched their new product, the Red Velvet and some Christmas goodies.

The first item to greet us was the Panettone (pan-ne-tonne-neh), on of the item that available for the month of Christmas. The texture was soft, there’s raisins in it and doused with lemon icing coating.

Teckiee came after that and joined in the photography fun. It’s our first time see and try how does a German Stöllen tastes like. It’s like a fruity cake with chopped dried fruits (raisins, peach etc) and I also detected some walnuts. The difference is it’s a bit sour due to the lemon icing on top of it. Generally, nice.

Snowman Shortbread.

I just realised I haven’t put the main actor here…. ops 😛

The Red Velvet is easily noticable for its striking red colour but yet, so delicate and yummy on the tongue. The cream cheese topping was light and not very sweet, make you screaming for another piece. Well, I DID went for a second helpings. 😛

And also some of the usual goodies you can get on normal days such as…

Sticky Butterscotch.

Banana Cream Pie with a flaky, nice crust. Just look at the amount of the banana slices!

Butter Buttercup.

And also the highly recommended Rum Ball! Chocolate-filled balls with a hint of rum are so irresistible. No wonder Teckiee love this so much. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Launch of Red Velvet @ Just Heavenly Pleasures, Plaza Damansara, KL

  1. LotsOfCravings: Yep, the rum balls are to die for! Erm… how about a call and check?

    NKOTB: Hahaha!

    Cutie: Thanks for the compliment! Happy New Year to you too!

    Ekeng: Thanks dude 🙂

    Jun: Durian Chocolate! Yes, I had that before and yes, you must go and try it!

  2. Hi Jason, thanks for dropping by my blog. It’s 12.30am here in NYC and for some reasons I’m having trouble sleeping. Seeing a picture of the red velvet cupcake here is not helping since it’s my one of my favorite cakes! lol *hungry! anyways, nice website you have here. I’ll need to check your recommendations for my upcoming M’sia trip.

  3. Wahh… I can feel the calories filling me up, seeing all these delicious creations everywhere… from one year to the next! Hehe…

  4. Tummythoz: The header picture’s not Ipoh 🙂 There’s no where Ipoh is near to the seaside.

    Christy: Happy New Year!

    Ai Wei: Thanks 🙂 Here’s a recommendation: Try to get a cake from them for birthday.

    Sarah & Gan: Hi there Sarah & Gan. I’m having mild insomnia too lately. lol. Hope that my blog helps when you come to Malaysia.

    Kenny: Hehe… they’re small.. so less calories 😛

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