Don’t You Just Love AFC?

Happy Monday everyone.

There will be no food post today as I haven’t sorted out my pictures yet… Will do that tonight and hopefully, can put up a post by tomorrow. I went back to Ipoh last Friday night and spent my free time at home, watching Asian Food Channel on Astro (Channel 703). And I love the programmes a lot, I think I’m addicted to it.

I remembered I start off with Dosanko Cooking, the longest Hokkaido cooking show on air in Japan, then moved on to Restaurant Makeover where the show is to challenge two restaurant professionals, one designer and one chef, to overhaul a struggling restaurant with a very limited budget and time. See the result of the “makeover” they did on AfterMath Cafe here.

Although I’m not very fond of baking, I found Sugar, hosted by chef Anna Olson’s interesting, simple and nice. I also like Chef at Home by Michael Smith and Excellent Chef Series – Ah Jiao.

Don’t you just love AFC? šŸ˜›

19 thoughts on “Don’t You Just Love AFC?

  1. Well, I don’t really watch AFC but my friend Nisa swears by it. It’s on her TV 24/7 apparently. Non-stop Makan Channel (NMC) might be a better name, no?

    As for the Aftermath cafe, it is a tad, uhm, red, isn’t it? Have to be in a very passionate and fiery mood, methinks, to dine there… šŸ˜†

  2. Kenny: LOL, NMC is a great name. šŸ˜›
    Well, the AfterMath cafe is designed according to the proprietor’s requirement; a place which is sophisticated, cosy and sexy.

  3. love that channel! but will unsubscribe soon cos need to add money…sianz…my faves are f-word, chef at home, charlie trotter and cook like a chef…too bad nigella lawson is not there cos i think she’s HOT! haha!

  4. Ai Wei: Try to check online. Not sure whether the time is same as ours though.

    Ekeng: High5^!

    Jackson, Mei Yen, Jian: It’s my favourite channel already!

    Nic: Aww… that’s too bad. Yeah, wonder why Nigella’s not on eh?

    Celine: I like Restaurant Makeover. The designers so funny but really came up with good work.

    LotsOfCravings: Hahaha. I switch between Discovery, National Geographic and AFC.

    BBO: You must!

    Precious Pea: Yeah! Hahaha!

    Durianberry: I was sitting in fron the TV whole day last Saturday! Sugar’s nice šŸ˜›

    FoodieLianne: Hahahaha! Not the reverse? šŸ˜›

  5. i also love afc, especially the excellent chef series- ah jiao but sometimes i miss it. do you know where i can find the recipes features on that show?

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