Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas, PJ

It was a cloudy but warm Saturday noon as I waited for WMW to pick me at the Taman Bahagia LRT Station.

WMW: Tummythoz and SC will be joining us. πŸ™‚
Me: Yay, great.
WMW: Now, are you ready for some char siu orgasm? Hehehe!
Me: *grin*

Sounds so obscene hor? πŸ˜›

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Before this, I could only listen to all the ravings about how good the char siu served here but today, no more drooling or screen licking for me as I’m here, finally! Met up with SC for the second time (I can’t believe it’s been 8 months since the Sandias gathering!).

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The sticky, caramelised barbequed meat is simply divine with a hint of smoky flavour. We opted for the half lean half fat parts (pun fei sau) and every piece just melts in the mouth till you just have to utter “Mmmmmm~~!” Now this is what I call ‘orgasmic’! Three sizes of servings available with the smallest portion costs RM5.00.

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While you can have rice to go with the char siu, I went for their Hakka Mee instead which is served without the dark sauce, rivals those we get in Ipoh. The noodle is cooked al dente and surprisingly tasty with the seasoned minced pork. Another must-try stuff here.

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A type of food hailed from Seremban, the Sotong Mee Hoon (Cuttlefish Vermicelli) which is a bit bland. According to WMW, they do not serve it with an important ingredient… the sambal belacan.

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We had the fish balls and pork balls with cuttlefish (my favourite!). The ish balls were bouncy while the pork balls were tender and tasted good with the minced cuttlefish.

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The deep fried dumplings were good too but the skin is a bit too hard when it’s cold (floggers had cold food most of the time!).

Need more information about the place? Check out Lyrical Lemongrass’s post here, KampungBoyCityGal, WMW, Tankiasu, Bernsy’s and Masak-Masak.

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Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites
80-1 Ground Floor, Jalan PJU 1/3B,
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Closed on Tuesdays.

20 thoughts on “Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites @ Sunway Mas, PJ

  1. @.@ there is Hakka mee served in dark sauce? i tot only this kind without dark sauce? recommend u another Must-Try hakka mee in pandan indah call Chong Ka. very authentic

  2. glad to see u again jason :). wow, the pics looks awesome! since u liked the char siew so much, guess i’ll see u again? and hope uncle strikes lottery, i’ll take over the shop la..hahaha

  3. So coincidental! bernsy on fri…u on saturday…me on sunday! haha! no wonder the boss asked if i was (another) blogger when i took out my camera! haha! yes, definitely the m&m of char siew!

  4. WMW: Hehehe… *drool*

    Teckiee: Nvm la, it’s quite near to your house. Can go and get them when you’re free.

    Jian: Yep, the Hakka mee is good. Don’t be deceived by the bland look.

    Wenching & Esiong: Yeah, don’t be deceived by the look of it.

    Ai Wei: Ipoh’s version is served with dark sauce. Oh, where is this Chong Ka? Near where?

    SC: Good to see you again too. Thank you and yep, I’m thinking to go there again. Hahaha!

    Cutie: You stay nearby as well?

    Lyrical Lemongrass: It’s time for another affair. πŸ˜›

    Precious Pea: Of course. We go again together ok?

    Nic: Eh.. really?! Haha… floggers are synonyms with this place now.

    BBO: Your words just made me craving for it.

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