Kedai Makanan Wan Fatt @ Kajang, Selangor

My first time exploring Kajang. Thanks to Kevin again, I stepped my foot here last month after he watched 8TV Ho Chak and then dragged me to this place to try their Preserved Radish Steamed Fish. Finding this place could be a pain in the ass especially for us who does not hailed from Kajang but fear not as he is totally prepared with map, road names and landmarks in his head beforehand.

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Wan Fatt is a small backlane “dai chao” located at the Sungai Langat riverbank. When we reached, the place was fully occupied and we have to wait for about 10 minutes to be seated. Apparently, I noticed many patrons came here for the fish too as I can heard the waitress yell “Choy pou yu!” to the kitchen… the power of TV, huh? 😛

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Since there’s only two of us, we decided for three dishes. One greens, so we opted for Stir Fry Belacan Kangkung which is a bit soggy and got this mild chlorine smell.

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The waitress recommend this, Salted Egg Yolk Pork Ribs which was a bit small in servings but the meat enveloped in salted egg with a hint of curry leaves were quite nice and not tough. Just that I feel the servings was kinda small.

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The supposingly star of the night, Preserved Radish Steamed Fish Choy Pou Yu) was a bit let down. Firstly, the chef sauté some garlic, ginger, shallot, minced bird’s eye chillies with chilli oil. The “choy pou” were then added to the mixture, stir till the mixture turned golden brown and then strained to get rid of the excess oil. Fish is steamed and the “choy pou” mixture is added on it with some garlic oil. The “choy pou” were finely chopped, thus maybe because of this, we can’t really taste them on the fish. Eventhough the fish was not that fantastic, but it’s still worth a try.

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Kedai Makanan Wan Fatt
4, Gerai Penjaja Lorong Belakang,
Jalan Mendaling, Kajang, Selangor.
(Before Sg. Langat)
Tel: 012-656 6553

Directions: From Satay Haji Samuri, turn right at the traffic light and go straight. You’ll come to a bridge eventually and just before the bridge, look at your left and find Jalan Mendaling. Turn in (it’s a backlane of a row of shoplots) and you’ll see Wan Fatt on your right.
View the video here. (Courtesy of 8TV HoChak).

21 thoughts on “Kedai Makanan Wan Fatt @ Kajang, Selangor

  1. I love how your photos are blurred darkly at the edges… as if I’m looking through a peephole and eavesdropping on a quiet family meal… 🙂

    Of the lot, the Salted Egg Yolk Pork Ribs definitely sounds the most interesting, but then again, anything with salted eggs definitely makes me happy. 😀

  2. eh.. Kajang! 🙂 I’ve been here too, but I don’t really like the food here. Like what u said about the fish: can’t really taste them.
    There’s a noodle stall just beside this restaurant. The pan mee there is nice! 🙂

  3. Kenny: Now that you mentioned it… It does look like I’m peeping! LOL! Yep, the salted egg pork ribs is the best dish for that night. You should try King Crab’s salted egg sotong.

    Christine: I read about the noodle. Maybe should make a 2nd visit here. 🙂

  4. oh i remember this episode also…hahaha The 8TV host did say it feels like eating fried garlic bits. lolz…never trust entirely 8TV’s ho chiak. Obeserve their reaction, cuz you will notice their reaction will be entirely different if the food is really tasty.

  5. Teckiee: Aww… poor girl. Have to stay back even on weekends?

    Jian: Hahaha… that was my first time trying a eatery from TV programme. The fish is not bad, just can’t taste any choy pou.

    Nic: You’re most welcome. 😉

    Tummythoz: Agree with you.

    BBO: Actually it’s my first time to see a fish to be steamed in this position.

    Yammylicious: Next time when you go to any tai chow, do ask whether they do salted egg pork ribs. 🙂

  6. wah salted egg dah lah high cholestrol, pork rib samo >< fuh yoh…didn’t know u left some comments : P i forgot comments have to go thru moderation process XD susah la blogger. Only recently it became similar to xanga.

  7. Jian: But it’s good 😛 You can off the comment moderation option in Blogger actually.

    CityGal: Correct correct… haha.

    Jackson: Whenever you’re free of course 🙂

    LotsOfCravings: Hahaha.. power of blog.

  8. oh hahaha…okok thanx…went to kim gary today…and finally tasted the French Toast everyone was raving about. Very menjelakkan la : P Probably I have no apetite. Oh yeah if you want a good deal of nissin noodle, shud try Kim Gary’s. They have nissin noodle set. It comes with ham,sausage,fried egg,chicken wing + vege + tea/coffee. RM8.90 hmm sounds ok don’t you think?

  9. I went there on the same day soon after TV8 “Ho Chak” on air. I ordered all 3 dishes as in photos. Taste good but I don really like the hygiene condition. I didn’t go again after the first visit.

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