Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Leisure Mall, Cheras

For those who have been following my blog, remember my review on Kizuna? Last week, while chatting with my friend in Ipoh through MSN, he told me that my review reached to the reporters at Sin Chew Daily.

TaiLokJer: You remember, the review you do on Kizuna? The uncle say thanks to you when we revisit the place.
Me: For what?
TaiLokJer: He say your review caught the attention of reporters at Sin Chew. They paid him a visit and then did a newspaper review on the restaurant.
Me: Wah… is it? That’s good to hear!

Remember Mei Chi Xuan? Few weeks after the floggers went for a dinner there, Big Boys Oven sent me a SMS saying that our review helped a lot in their business. Chef Steven was very happy and he invited us for another dinner meal but too bad, I couldn’t make it.

That should be enough to make my day. Happy that my blog helped my readers to scout for food and the entrepreneurs for the efforts in preparing good food.

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Another Hong Kong-styled café post for today. Came here with Kevin on the same day I got my TV and had a nice nasi lemak at Wang Café, Tesco Cheras. I called Kevin for help after I get the TV (on impulse!) as it’s impossible for me to carry it back home, crossing those scary roads. So after we settled with the TV and he haven’t take his lunch, we came here for lunch. It’s located opposite Fitness First and Vietnamese Kitchen.

Wong Kok is one of the districts of Hong Kong, covering the areas of Wong Kok and Tai Kok Tsui in Kowloon. With one of the highest population density in the world, the name “Wong Kok” in Chinese means “flourishing/busy corner”.

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While Kevin had the usual Iced “Yin Yeong (coffee + tea), I went for orange juice.

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He got himself noodle and an extra order of this item called King Boxer Luncheon Meat Man Tao. Sliced cucumbers and luncheon meat were sandwiched in between man tao (buns), then drizzled with sweet mayo dressing. I like the dressing which is slightly tangy in flavour (mango scent detected) but I don’t quite like the luncheon meat to be steamed.

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His Chan Dan Meen which means luncheon meat and egg noodle turned out to be pretty ordinary. But can see that the ingredients given fares better than Old Town Kopitiam.

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Although I’ve taken my lunch but that didn’t deter me to order some snacks (glutton speaking here!) so I ordered this item cos of the interesting dipping sauce effect. I don’t remember the name but it has something to do with “web” and “star”. Maybe “WebStar” or “Website Star”. Anyway, it’s a deep fried breaded pastry thingy with mashed potato and minced ham (I think so) as filling. It’s very soft at the inside and nice to bite on. Tastes better when dipped with the black pepper and mayo dressing.

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Basically, I don’t mind coming here again to try out the other items they have. At least there’s more options to choose from other than Kim Gary and Old Town Kopitiam.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng
For list of outlets, click here.
For contact, click here.

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28 thoughts on “Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Leisure Mall, Cheras

  1. For a Char Chan Teng standard, I find Mongkok is one of the better ones. Their Baked Shanghainese Pork Chop with rice and Macau Pork Chop Burger are quite good. For comparison, i ordered the same from Kimgary and super disappointed.

    • Hello, Precious Pea!
      I dont think so……………..
      Yesterday I just pay a visit,what the hell Macau Pork Chop Burger.
      The Pork Chop only half and can see clear is been cutter.
      The knife that their provide the knife cant even cut the bun wah!!!!!!!!!!
      Wah happen!!!!!!!
      Last time I really like to go there but now very worse liao!!!
      I have photo to prove it.

  2. Wong Kok! I love their “lat jiu yau” aka Hong Kong style chili oil sauce. I used to order their white corn sauce with fried chicken cubes rice, their chocolate iced drink is really thick and chocolate-y..also their black pepper chick/pork chop rice is very pappery. 🙂

    The black pepper sauce deco on the webstar thingy really looks good! And, ya luncheon meat tastes much more better when they’re fried right… =)

  3. Precious Pea: I think so too. That’s why I never think of Kim Gary when we’re searching for food.

    Tonixe: Hahaha. Well, the first impression of the food is based on smell and sight, correct?

    Nic: Wah, you’re still awake at 1.00am?? Em, what is koroke?

    Cookies_cream: Seems like you’re a big fan of their food! Yeah, I still prefer my luncheon meat to be fried than steamed.

  4. eeeks…steam luncheon meat >< kenot accept la wei. Looks good. How much is the orange juice? So huge glass and seems a lot of orange were used lolz. Worth la every sen you spent. Chan dan mien has so much ingredients!!! Gotta agree with the old town part. Can u believe, such a huge bowl of noodle oni gave 2 helai vege =.=

  5. i get what u mean when u realise that food blogs does help restaurants biz..it happened to my blog too, was featured once in the star, and the particular restaurant’s biz was good after that. i was very glad that i managed to help in my lil way 🙂

  6. Yammylicious: The Web-thingy is good but I don’t quite like the mantao. Maybe it’ll be better if they fried the luncheon meat.

    Lyrical Lemongrass: Hahaha… had your luncheon meat craving fixed yet?

    Jian: If not mistaken, I think the orange juice was around RM3++. Yeah la, I still like my luncheon meat to be fried. Hahaha.. that’s why I never eat chan dan meen at Old Town Kopitiam. Thanks, foodie rules!

    WMW: Eh.. where where?

    Celine: Of course. Can customize ourselves as well. Usually I’ll throw in some spring onions and mixed veggie as well.

    SC: That feeling is so good right? Not because our blog got on the media but cos our effort helped the particular eatery.

    Nic: Wah… potato, my favourite! Have to google about it.

    Christy: Is it? I just roughly went through their menu that day and I notice they have many fancy and colourful drinks.

  7. We’ve been to this place not long ago and we think that their food is quite good. Yup, agree with you that they serve a large variety of food. The fact that they open til late night is really convenient too!

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