Teckiee’s Birthday @ Pick n’ Brew, Glenmarie, Shah Alam

Happy Belated Birthday to Teckiee once again. 🙂 (although this might be a bit too late already)

While WMW, Lyrical Lemongrass, Boolicious and Precious Pea planned to celebrate Teckiee’s birthday at Pick n’ Brew, I only got a last minute confirmation call by Teckiee herself last Wednesday, saying that she’ll come and pick me up after work and we’ll head straight to Shah Alam. We’re suppose to reach Shah Alam by 7pm but due to the traffic jam and rain, we reached there about 8pm. Read more about Pick n’ Brew here.

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We were given the VIP room (hohoho) while Jackson as our waiter cum barista for the night. When we read the menu, we just couldn’t believe our eyes. There’s an extensive selection of coffee beans categorized into three groups, while their appetizers, main dishes and desserts were so reasonably priced. If it’s located somewhere which is more accessible (for people who don’t drive, like me), I don’t mind to come here every week.

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We were served with organic rose tea which they serve to their important guests only. According to Jackson, they bought the rose buds from Austria. Light and fragrant.

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As our appetizer, soup and dessert have been pre-ordered, we just need to choose our main dish. For appetizer, we had the Salmon Gravlax with Scallion Cream and Parmesan Tuille. Gravlax refers to the salmon which is cured with salt, pepper and dill. If you don’t know, scallion is another name for spring onion. The salmon fillets were nicely done and very fresh, paired perfectly with the cream dressing. The Tuille, filled with salsa was created by deep frying grated Parmesan cheese, although a bit hard, but full with cheesy taste.

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The chef also prepared the Sun-dried Tomatos and Spinach Gnochi in Chicken Consomme, a clear, oil and MSG free soup. Flavourful, but the gnochi itself were a bit slimey and tastes bland, we don’t quite like them. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Birthday girl went for the Grenobloise Salmon Fillet (RM 30.00) which was is recommended by Jackson. Served with boiled potatoes, light but fragrant capers lemon butter and roasted vegetables, the fish itself was very fresh and big portion too.
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Both Boolicious and Lyrical Lemongrass ordered the Seafood Galore on Feta Spinach which is only available on their Christmas menu. A medley of prawn thermidor, spinach baked mussels and grill fish in olive oil and sun-dried tomatoes. I took a bite of the prawn from Boo’s portion and I must say, eventhough I don’t take prawn, the prawn is succulent and fresh. And Lyrical Lemongrass whom seated beside me constantly utter the sentence, “This is so lovely… this is so lovely”. 😛
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Splashie Boy had the Chicken Chamicangas (RM 19.00), deep-fried tortilla stuffed with diced chicken and tomatoes that came in big portion. I took a bite and I like it. He commented that this is one of the best tortilla wrap he ever had.
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Jackson’s dinner… the Angel Hair Marinara (RM 22.00) was cooked in traditional tomato sauce and hides a generous amount of squids, mussels and prawns. Good choice for those who like tomato dishes.

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Precious Pea’s Herb Crusted Rack Of Lamb with apple mint yogurt, potatoes, brussel sprouts and brinjals (RM 33.00). The herb enveloped lamb was very good, flavourful and succulent. But I think she prefer the brussel sprouts as she love the sourish taste.

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This Grilled Medalion Of Beef was ordered by WMW, served along with coffee bean mustard, baby carrots, brussel sprouts, grilled brinjals and infused oil (RM 35.00). I rarely eat medium rare beef but it’s tastes superb; juicy and tender.

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And lastly, I had the Lamb Tikka with Pilaf Rice (RM 17.00). It’s marinated spice lamb patties, shaped in elongated shape and served along with crackers, tangy salad, fresh cream and flavoured rice. I love the colour combination alot. The lamb were a bit salty but the rice helps to reduce the saltiness and I like the salad too. There’s also a few cubes of yellowish stuff below it which I suspect were cheese but I forgotten to ask Jackson about it. *knock head*

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As most of you knew that our Apple Crumble Team submitted a video on apple crumble before and won them RM 100. Inspired by the event, Jackson came up with the idea to sell this Apple Crumble Cheesecake at Pick n’ Brew and guess what, it’s a hot stuff and sold off very fast. They purposely reserved this cake for Teckiee as her birthday cake! Everyone loved it very much; the fragrant flaky crust goes perfectly with the cheese and apple chunks, it really make us went orgasmic with every bite.

Since all the staffs left already, we had the whole cafe to ourselves! It’s time to learn some latte art.

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The trick to provide a space for the “drawing” is the thick foam on top the coffee. Squeeze the chocolate sauce (brown) on top of it (either circles or straight lines) and start “drawing” it using a long, thin object and taa-da! You get the flower shape latte art.

The others joined in the fun too. Abstract art by Lyrical Lemongrass. Not bad for a beginner isn’t it? (For your info, green colour stripe is kiwi sauce while red is raspberry).Photobucket
When designing this, Precious Pea thought of her “sons” and hubby, thus she created the multiple heart-chain latte art. That’s so sweet of her. 🙂
Snowman by Teckiee.

Flower shape by WMW. Although a bit sad when we “destroy” the masterpieces, but we had a great evening that night. All thanks go to Jackson for the effort to do the preparations and allow us to loiter around in the cafe like no other’s business. And hope that Teckiee enjoyed herself too. Photobucket

Pick n’ Brew
Wisma CNI,
No. 2, Jalan U1/17,
Seksyen U1,
Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park,
40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel: 03-5569 1216
Business Hours:
Monday – Friday : 8am – 8pm.
Sunday : 8am – 3pm
Close on Saturday and public holidays.
Click here and scroll down for map.

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Don’t You Just Love AFC?

Happy Monday everyone.

There will be no food post today as I haven’t sorted out my pictures yet… Will do that tonight and hopefully, can put up a post by tomorrow. I went back to Ipoh last Friday night and spent my free time at home, watching Asian Food Channel on Astro (Channel 703). And I love the programmes a lot, I think I’m addicted to it.

I remembered I start off with Dosanko Cooking, the longest Hokkaido cooking show on air in Japan, then moved on to Restaurant Makeover where the show is to challenge two restaurant professionals, one designer and one chef, to overhaul a struggling restaurant with a very limited budget and time. See the result of the “makeover” they did on AfterMath Cafe here.

Although I’m not very fond of baking, I found Sugar, hosted by chef Anna Olson’s interesting, simple and nice. I also like Chef at Home by Michael Smith and Excellent Chef Series – Ah Jiao.

Don’t you just love AFC? 😛