Birthday Bash Part 4: Post-Birthday Celebration. Restoran Ampang Fish Ball @ Pandan Indah, KL

Hello there, I’m back from my Bangkok trip. I would like to apologise as I didn’t update my blog for about a week – trip was tiring. Shall sort out my pictures and get them posted ASAP.

Continue with my birthday bash… don’t worry, this will be the last post of the celebration. πŸ˜›

Tankiasu came to look for me for “belated birthday breakfast” three weekends ago and after sometime pondering what to eat, we decided to venture into Pandan area. We were opposite Steven’s Corner and we saw a corner shop full with customers so we gave it a miss. We then came across a cafe, with little customers so we gave it a miss too. We finally chose to eat at Ampang Fish Ball as the sun is getting high and warmer.

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The sexy beast had Curry Wantan Mee which came with flavourful curry broth cooked with coconut milk, tofu puffs, long beans and sliced fish cakes. I know many people doesn’t like to mix wantan mee with curry but this bowl of noodle is simply satisfying, with just the right amount of spiciness and coconut milk.

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I went for the usual Dry Wantan Mee that came with sliced fish cakes, spring onions and fried shallots. Taste pretty normal and do bear in mind that the noodle does not come with the usual wantan like what you get somewhere else. You have to order them separately, which we did.

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The wantan or dumplings in clear broth did not disappoint us. (RM1.60 for 2, RM2.40 for 3 and RM4.00 for 5) Each wantan consists of fish paste mixed with chopped carrots and Chinese water chestnut, giving it a slightly crunchy sensation. They’re also slightly bigger in size compare to the normal pork version.

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Not enough with just a bowl of dumplings, we ordered another plate of deep fried Chinese crullers with mayonnaise (RM1.60 for 2, RM2.40 for 3 and RM4.00 for 5). The crullers were freshly prepared and fried and goes well with the mayonnaise.

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We also had Fried Fu Zhuk (beancurd sheet) roll (pricing same as dumplings and crullers), stuffed with chopped carrots, fish paste, celery and spring onions. The beancurd sheet were a bit loose but the filling is compact and flavourful. We like them, no complains here.

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And lastly, some homemade fishballs to complete our meal. They have the normal and fried ones, both priced at RM3.00 for 6 and RM5.00 for 10. The fishballs made from wolf herring fish meat (sai tou yu) were fresh, bouncy and smooth in texture.

Both of us were equally satisfied with the meal (thanks to Tankiasu for footing the bill!). While we were busy snapping pictures, the curious restaurant workers actually came over to our table and asked us why are we taking photographs. Tankiasu explained that we were bloggers and we intend to post the pictures on the Internet. Upon hearing this, they requested us to give them our blog name and address (we became celebrity all in a sudden!). Hahaha…

Restoran Ampang Fishball
14G, Jalan Perubatan 2,
Pandan Indah,
55100 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 012-388 5980 / 012-285 2828 / 012-388 9230
(Opposite Steven’s Corner, red colour signboard)

21 thoughts on “Birthday Bash Part 4: Post-Birthday Celebration. Restoran Ampang Fish Ball @ Pandan Indah, KL

  1. Christine: You do? I think curry wantan mee is simply better than the normal clear soup ones. πŸ™‚

    BBO: Yep, simple, nica and reasonable.

    WMW: Oh yeah, I remember you like this combo too. ^High5!

    Precious Pea: Yeah, at first I was thinking “This might be too much for 2 person!” but we managed to wallop all.

    Tummythoz: LOL, no lah. This will be the last one. πŸ™‚

    Mei Yen: Bangkok trip was tiring and not as fun as my previous one. Shall post within this week, stay tuned ya.

  2. Christy: Different people different taste. πŸ™‚

    Cutie: Not always, this is my second trip. You should g otravel sometimes too.

    Babe: It’s kinda hard to find in Ipoh though.

    Unkaleong: Yummy!

    Kelly Mahoney: Hi there. Haha… the post celebration is a sudden one.

  3. *pouts* you bday bash semua sedap sedap belaka…why the wantan noodle with curry got so much kuah? I had before this kind of combo but its much drier than ur soupy curry wantan noodle. lol And you can still see the wantan mee is still in its original colour…

    My fren terima the pendant ady…hahah…she say if the middle no diamonds would look better. Anyway thanx a lot… u terima the RM16 ady?

  4. LotsOfCravings: Maybe cos it’s soaked in the curry soup quite long… You know, we need to feed our camera first.

    NKOTB: Nop, just the right amount of coconut milk.

    Jian: Em… no idea why they gave us so much soup. Ahaha… yes, got the money already. You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

    Ai Wei: Do try them and let us know your experience.

    Teckiee: Now you mention it… Jackson also celebrated many times this year!

    CityGal: Haha.. that’s all for this year. πŸ˜›

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