Kim Gary @ Sg. Wang Plaza, KL

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Ah, sorry to put this up. I know it’s nothing special about Kim Gary. Simply pick a few people from the street and you’ll hear all sort of different comments on Kim Gary. But I haven’t got my latest photos edited yet, so do bear with me.

Before I continue, Happy Birthday to me! 😛 Thanks to Boolicious, Precious Pea and WMW for the simple celebration last night. *hugs*

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My Ipoh friends and I went to Kim Gary last September after spent few hours at the Photography Fair at Times Square. There ain’t any Kim Gary outlet in Ipoh, so maybe that explained why they wanna dine here. Lemon coke, nothing out of the ordinary.

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Whenever I stepped into Kim Gary, I’ll go for their Ice Blended Lemon Ribena. If you feel that Ribena is for small kids, reconsider as Ribena with lemon tastes not bad. Well, at least for me.

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I will also order the toast with peanut butter and condensed milk as I like peanuts very much. But maybe I’ll take the usual peanut butter toast next time as the thick version is too dry and very filling. *Note to myself: Don’t be greedy next time!*

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KK went for the set meal which consist of a soup of his choice (he chooses Borsh soup)…

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The main course, Cheese Baked Chicken Curry Rice which came with potatoes chunks as well. The curry gravy is flavourful with right amount of spiciness on its own and I think it’ll be better if minus the cheese.

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And also a pudding dessert.

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The gluttons, GG and Kai Ching ordered something that makes your eyes bulge out. A mix chop platter (chicken chop, lamb chop and pork chop) in sizzling plate, doused with red sauce and served with potato wedges, corn cob and vegetables. The second one is some fried chicken wings and fish fillets in garlic sauce, also served with the same accompaniments. I don’t like the pork chop as they’re too rubbery and tough and the garlic sauce was too strong in smell. I end up munching all the potato wedges instead (my favourite vegetable. heh).

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My Shrimp Paste Fried Rice is a bit dry and lack of shrimp paste taste. Surprisingly, the dried shrimp chilli paste that came with it is good, which I end up slathered it all over my rice. Tossed it a bit and ta-daa, spicy sambal fried rice. 😛

I won’t mind to come back for the Ribena, seriously. Service was fast but I think they don’t accept credit card payment. And I’ll recommend you to stay away from their pork chop.

Kim Gary has branches all over Klang Valley. This one is on either the 1st floor or 2nd floor of Sg. Wang Plaza, same row as Old Town Kopitiam.

Mixed reviews here:

19 thoughts on “Kim Gary @ Sg. Wang Plaza, KL

  1. Lyrical Lemongrass, NKOTB, Ashley: Thank you girls for the wishes!

    XiuLongBao: Thank you! Not all of the food are good, presentation can be deceiving. Yeah, I don’t quite like to purposely Q to eat here too.

    Babe_KL: Thank you Babe! Hahaha, Ribena is nice.

    WMW: Thanks kah jie! Nah, their quality control weren’t really good, so it’s ok. 🙂

    Tummythoz: I had twice the pork chop at 2 different outlets and I still don’t like it. Will post the foodcrawl next week as I haven’t edit them.

  2. Hi, I am leaving a comment here because I can’t find your email contact.

    I had created a food search site called Malaysia Most Wanted Food (, archiving mostly food reviews from blogger. It basically allows easy searching of yummy food around Malaysia. So I am wondering if you are interested to allow me to link to the food reviews in your blog (I shall respect the copyright of your content).

    Do contact me (Desmond) at info [at] malaysiamostwanted (dot) com. I could provide you with more information on how this is actually done.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Jason!

    I don’t know how the food varies with different Kim Gary branch but my friends like their cheese baked rice. I only ate there once though. Sg Wang’s branch seems to be packed most of the time

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