Wang Café @ Tesco Extra, Cheras

Make yourself at home.

That sentence greeted me as I walked into this small cafe in Tesco Extra, Cheras last Saturday. I have no date or anything to do on that particular day, so I decided to explore the newly opened hypermart which is just nearby to my house for brunch. But getting there is no easy task as I’m not driving, so I have to cross a few super busy main roads under the sun. All the sake for food.

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There’s not much choice here. Big Apple Donuts is facing the main entrance, you won’t miss it. There’s food court on the left. The second row of tenant shops consist of Chicken Rice Shop, a few snacks counters, a waffle kiosk, a western restaurant (something grill which I don’t remember).

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Unlike the usual kopitiam, you have to place your order at the counter and they’ll send your food to your table later. On the menu, however, does not have much to choose from. They have the usual half-boiled eggs, toasts, white coffee, milk tea. Main course are limited to nasi lemak with chicken, curry laksa, assam laksa and another stuff which I forgotten. 😛 Oh by the way, this is my Ice Blended Horlicks, RM3.00++ if I’m not mistaken.

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I opt for their nasi lemak with chicken rendang, RM7.00. I get the usual condiments; peanuts, fried anchovies, cucumber slices, sambal and two pieces of chicken but no egg! And I only realised that when I almost wipe the plate clean cos busy experimenting on my camera how to get a good shot in low lighting condition. The sambal is sweet and spicy where I thought it’ll be better if spicier but my mistake. The more I have it, the spicier it gets and before long, sets my tongue and lips on fire. The chicken rendang is pretty good too, very tender but not the fall-off-the-bones type.

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Food were pretty ok, but I must compliment them on the service. From the moment I approach the counter, Samantha, the waitress gave me a very pleasant smile, wait patiently while I’m thinking what to eat and gracefully request me to take my seat while waiting for my orders to arrive. As I busy myself with my camera, I notice another customer, a lady requested to change the half-boiled eggs as they’re over-boiled, more like hard-boiled than half-boiled. Samantha apologise for the mistake and immediately have it changed for her. This is what I call “service”.

11 thoughts on “Wang Café @ Tesco Extra, Cheras

  1. ARGH!! How could you!!! How could you come to Tesco Extra Cheras and yet didn’t ask for me when I’m staying in front of Tesco??? LOL…never try ice blended horlicks before…nice ka? hehe

  2. Precious Pea, Ai Wei: I like it lo but I think some people don’t like malt drinks.

    Jackson: There’s nothing much to eat there, really. Maybe try other cafe there.

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